Kidney Stones During Pregnancy

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n - May 24

HI Ashley! I am so sorry for your pain but am very glad you pa__sed the stone on your own. Now that the stone is in your bladder you may get a sensation that you need to pee or that the stone might put pressure on you when it's ready to come out, but for all 3 of my stone attacks, pa__sing the stone from the bladder was painless! It was actually the best- most releiving part of the whole thing to know it's over. Keep drinking your water and avoid caffeine, salt and other stone forming foods since you could be prone to another stone especially if you have some left in your kidneys! I have some in my kidneys which makes me feel like a walking time bomb!!!! Good Luck to you and your baby!!!


Sheila - May 25

Yes, had an attack while delivering. The pain stopped when the stone was below where my epidural was. I don't believe there is a relation to the s_x of the baby and stones. I have a boy and a girl, and had stones with both. Also, all of the meds I was on did not effect my children-they are just fine. Being induced is fine too. Get those babies out! I had aminos done to check the lungs, and then was induced. I am 20 weeks now and feeling that pain again in my right side. The ultrasound did not show stones, but my doctor said they are sometimes hard to see. I am going again to my doctor today to ask about the cranberry pills. I am a walking time bomb, too. It does seem like 1905! I told my husband that it is his turn to go to the urologist - to get fixed! Hope everyone is coping - just one day at at time. Happy Memorial day!


Bethany - May 26

Help!! I started having pain on Tues. Went to the doc wasn't there so the CNP checked me, there was blood in my urine and pain on my left side and back. Guess is Kidney stones, yesterday I saw my doc who sent me to radiology for an ultrasound. By the way I'm 34 weeks pregnant. They saw two stones in my right side, nothing on the left which is where I have all the pain. It's not even so much as pain as it is just extremely tender. Does this make sense? Why would I be in pain on the left side? How long after diagnosis untill they typically pa__s? Please anything at all will help me, I'm so scared.


Barbara - May 26

Please update as to whether the cranberry pills are safe. I am also at 34 weeks and counting them down hoping nothing else happens. They think I probably have more stones but are waiting for delivery to do CAT scan. There is always blood in my urine. Urologist says he doesn't think I'm infected but the ob gave me antibiotics and they seem to help my bladder pain. I don't understand why they would help if I'm not infected. If you have stones, are you infected. I'm so tired of being in pain. I cannot not wait until this pregnancy is over. I hope June goes quickly.


Stephanie - May 27

I am 24 weeks pregnant with twins, this is my first pregnancy.I went to the doc. the other day, cause of the frequent urge to pee, she said I had a uti, cause there was blood in the urine and put me on amoxicillian. Later that night I woke up with awful back pain in my right side, I went to the bathroom and I had pa__sed a stone. I'm hoping that it's the end of it. Can you pa__s just one stone, or are there more on the way????


Rachel - May 28

To help answer some questions :) Yes, cranberry pills are safe. Take them! Take a good brand. Unfortunately stones usually come in groups. Although I had just one big one (about half an inch long, pa__sed without pain) and no others - but from what they say thats not normal. The antibiotics are necessary to stomp out any infection that may start brewing at the stone moves around. This is important - I got very sick with a fever when mine moved to my bladder. It was really scary. BUT BEWARE you need to be careful of having a yeast infection and then pa__sing that on to your baby and him getting thrush. This happened to me and it was awful for 8 mos. Take lots of live, refridgerated acidopholus!!!!!!!! have to run!


Melissa C - June 1

Wow! I can't believe how many of us there are out there! Let me introduce myself, and tell you my story. My name is Melissa, and I am mom to a 7 year old little girl, and a 2 week old little girl. While I was around 20 weeks pregnant with my second I awoke with pain that went from my lower right abdomen all the way around to my lower back. Thinking it might be a kidney infection, I called my GYN and she had me come in to give a urine sample so they could run a culture. She called me later that day and told me it looked like the beginning of a kidney infection, so she prescribed me an antibiotic. She said I should start to feel better soon. Instead, the pain grew worse to the point I couldn't walk without screaming and crying the pain was so bad. My husband brought me to the ER where they diagnosed me with a 'blockage' in my right uretor, presumed to be a stone. Apparently, because urine could not get to my bladder through the ureter, my kidney ruptured, and my urine was leaking all out through my body, causing the pain. The hospital's urologist put in a stent that evening, and I was released from the hospital a few days later with a prescription for Percoset. The pain did not go away, and after fighting with my urologist for a month he finally took it out, well ripped it out I should say. Then I had a nephrostomy tube put in, which was heaven compared to the pain I had with the stent (which had become blocked anyway!) So, for the rest of my pregnancy I had my tube replaced every two weeks. I gave birth to my beautiful healthy daughter (whom I swore was going to be addicted to Percoset!) two weeks ago, and I have since been to another urologist who has ordered a nephrostogram and ureterogram for me to have done on Friday. Then depending on the results a plan will be formed to get rid of this blockage, that they couldn't do while I was pregnant. And then away with my nephrostomy tube! Good luck, ladies. At least we know we aren't the only ones out there going through this. We really SHOULD start a support group for people in our situation! Most doctors I have met have never seen my condition before!


Kristina - June 1

I had my first kidney stone attack at 26 weeks and went into preterm labor from it. I was rushed in an ambulence to a bigger hospital where I eventually had surgery to remove the stone because it wouldn't pa__s and I kept going into labor. I had a stent put in for a few days and then it was removed. I was able to go home after about a week in the hospital but I had to remain on bed rest until I was 36 weeks. My husband and I are hoping to get pregnant again soon but we are also very scared.


elizabeth - June 2

well i had my stent replaced on may 16th, since then i have felt sooooo much better, while the pain is slowly coming back i feel grateful that i was pain free for 3 weeks. the urologist i have is a wonder, before my surgury he told me that he was not going to remove the stent, however when he got in there he said the stone had grown to a size that he had hardly ever seen before so he removed half of it, on top of that the original stent had also calcified in my stent. I really have to give praise to all of you who have managed your daily activities. also when i had surgury they had an unsuccesful attempt at a spinal which has left me with back pain, does anyone know a drug free way to deal with that pain? I would like to stay off pain meds as long as i possibly can.


Nicole - June 2

I just just got out of the hospital for kidney stones and I am 35 weeks pregnant there was nothing they could do for me other than pain meds because i am still pregnant ...i just have to wait with pain until after the baby is born.


Paula - June 4

I have had stones 4 times in my life - at 6 mos and 9 mos of my first pregnancy, at 6 mos during my second pregnancy (in hospital 4 days, not that they helped much), and just yesterday, at 6 mos during my 3rd pregnancy. I was lucky enough that if I remained upright, the pain was manageable, and only turned to a real "attack" if I lied down. You sound like your experience was much worse. I definitely think that there is a link between pregnancy and stones, but that the statistics just haven't been collected to prove it. All they could do was say to stay upright and put a hot water bottle on it, drink cranberry juice and tons of water, and hope it pa__ses. While in hospital they gave me Tramadol, which is supposed to be fairly strong, but it did nothing for kidney attack pain. They just kept me admitted in case the shock initiated early labour. I was lucky, and after a few days it just went away. The doc said that if it was really bad they could put a stent in while pregnant and remove the stone. It's a risk you really have to consider. I've never had a stone except while pregnant, but have had stones every pregnancy..


Kelly - June 7

I had had kidney stones about 8 years ago and swore it was alot worse than labor, and last week at 31 weeks I woke up with an extreme pain in my right side and back and could hardly stand up. They checked me right into the hospital and hooked me up to an IV and did xrays. The one on the right side didnt show up but they say I have one in my left kidney. Luckily I pa__sed the one on the right the morning they sent me home, but I pray that the one on the left doesnt move until after I have my baby. This is my third child and I have never had them during pregnancy before. I wouldn't wish this kind of pain on my worse enemy. Good luck to anyone else who has to suffer through these horrible attacks.


Rachel - June 8

As my OB/GYN calls me I am the Queen of Kidney Stones... I am 36 and 3 days Pregnant with my second child... I wake up every day (if i go to sleep) wondering what kind of pain I will be in today? I live with kidney stones as a part of everyday life.. Not just during my pregnancy.. With my first Pregnancy I was hospitalized and but on moriphine to deal with the pain.. Never did pa__s it until my son was born. I lived with the pain from 18 weeks pregnante until 37 weeks. This time around i have had them from the begining of the pregancy just my luck they cause my discomfort for about a day or so then I just pa__s them right out.. Dont get me wrong I feel for every single one who has every had a kidney stone and being pregnant makes it all that much worse.. But I pa__sed two or three a week.... like clock work.. I have seen experts on this and the only thing they tell me is THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO FO ME! I am just prone to getting them and i am awaitng the day when my kidneys cant take it no more and begin to shut down.. the best of luck to all of you.. p.s there is not cure nor no amount of water/ diet will help! Sorry for the bad news.


jamie - June 9

i thaught there were only a few pregnant woman had stones! wow i have 2 children i had 3 stones with my son 1 the size of a pea.and had 4 with my daughter smaller ones that time. now pregnant again not looking forward to them tried everything lots of water, cranberry juice, no caffeine, and only folic acid no prenate vitamins, i never had them befor or after just during always pa__sed them, had tests done after i had my daughter kidneys were fine no stones nothing, its crazy honestly i think nothing can keep anyone from getting them water and cranberry juice just help to dissolve to pa__s them. they say its common yet they cant find what acctually causes them. but all in all the pain from those made labor seeem easy! but i think it might also be hereditary my mom my sister my grandmother and great all had them, im just the only one who got them while pregnant, im glad and thankful im not the only one. but i do hope everyone finds some releif. wether with meds or a peircing hot shower beating on your back helped me. hope everyone gets through it.


De Anna - June 9

I havent Had anything like that but Im 32 weeks pregnant right now and just a week ago i awoke at 3am with Severe pain , a__suming it was just pain from the uterus growing and maybe the position of the baby i was wrong i was rushed to the Er. and after tests i was told it was a kidney stone , to to be honest ( i didnt even know what it was ) so i was freaked out , scared that maybe it could affect my baby. No one told me anything they sent me out of there with a strainer and some pain Meds . they didnt tell me the size of the stone ... and they had no answers to my questions.. now im pretty Pist off , cuz its been a week and i still have severe pain, and i called my doctor and all she can say is "give it time". she still never answered my questions , so im hoping maybe someone on here can ... my main concern is , if it does not pa__s on its own will it cause me to have to deliver premature? and if its still in there come time to deliver ... will it affect having a v____al birth?


De Anna - June 9

I have one more question .. is there anything other then Water i can possibly drink to pa__s this thing , cuz to be honest i seriously cant tolerate water i dont know what it is I have been like that since i was a little Kid .. it just makes me gag , i think cuz there is no taste . but if anyone can please give me some helpful advice or anything i would really appreciate it. thankyou. and good luck to all who are suffering with me i have to say this pain is inhumane. and i wish everyone and myself luck with this.



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