Kinda Gross Sorry Lol

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shay - September 2

I am 21 weeks pregnant and around 2-3 months ago i developed some "bump" type things on my va___al area..they dont really bother me, but are uncomfotable and are ugly hehe. They remind me of skin growth type things..I was tested for STD's and am negative on all of them, and my doctor saw them when i had my pap smear and peliv exam and she didnt say anything..they also occassionally itch. I was wondering if anyone knew about this or could help me out some..please.


a friend - September 2

i would suggest you get checked for herpes and human papillo virus (HPV) not many people know about hpv it is kinda like herpes but it can lay dorment in your body for years before you get any symptoms. also HPV is highly common anymore there is no real "cure" your body just has to become immune, and even after it is gone you will be a carrier, if it is hpv don't be ashamed, honestly lots of people have it and don't even ever know they have or had it it is the MOST WIDE spead std, it is estimated that 4 of every 5 people has or had hpv. some stds are undectable until you have a break out, get them checked and talk to your doctor about hpv.


teach - September 14

If the bumps you describe are white or light, small and hard, they are probably v____al warts (HPV, as the otehr respondant suggested). Although they are not bothering you, it is important to identify them, since your child may contract the human papilloma virus during a v____al delivery. Your doctor can remove warts by freezing them with nitroglycerin. This is painless and may only cause slight discomfort. However, this is a virus that stays in your body and it may recur now and then. It is worth having them treated, since they cause your skin cells to overgrow and can look like cauliflower after a while. Some strains of HPV are also a known to cause cervical cancer. If the bumps are around the vulva, it is also possible that they are just ingrown hairs or irritate hair follicles. Even if your doctor does not say anything, you should ask. Doctors are busy and yours may have thought you knew what it was already and so did not say anything (or did not notice).


vonda - September 14

Pray to God, and go to the doctor just to be sure sometimes you have to tell them what you want, it do sound like HPV, now you need to go to GOD! Meditate on him he will give you the answer, he's the same today as yesterday. GOD Bless You


anon - September 16

HPV is not at all like herpes! Get educated before you post.



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