Leaking Amniotic Fluid

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K.C. - October 14

I am 19 weeks pregnant. How do you know if you are leaking anmiotic fluid? I'm always scared that I am leaking the fluid and don't know it.


rachel - October 15

hi k.c i knew i was leaking when i was nearly 28 weeks because i was having s_x and i was on top i felt silly as i thought i peed a little bit but the next morning i woke with really bad backache so my husband rubbed my back and i need a wee but as i finished weeing water was still coming out then i went back into the kitchen to get a drink and my waters just went but my answer to you is when you are in the bathroom and you think you are leaking pull your belly up just a touch and ask your partner to see if anything is coming out below not where you wee i mean right at the bottom of your v____a hope this helps and good luck


Flo - October 16

Hi, If you are not sure just go to the doctors to get checked. I kept thinking I just had increased mucus as there was so little but in fact I was leaking for weeks before delivery. I was extremely lucky that my baby was well as my waters had become infected.


Shea4 - October 16

I am also concerned about leaking. I a, 19 weeks as well and last week I had my u/s and they told me fluids were low and asked me if I was leaking? I told them I didn't think so but now as I think about it my undies are always a little bit wet...I thought that was normal and it didn't alarm me, should it?? Does amniotic fuild have different smell?


takeabreak - October 17

I had leaked amniotic fluid with my 2nd pregnancy and wasnt aware until my belly measurements didnt add up to what dr thought they should be at that time. He ordered US to measure fluid level and sure enough it was really low and I was put on bed rest and had to do kick counts 3 times a day. He wasborn 6 weeks early and is now a healthy 7 year old. Dr usually will hospitilize you if fluid level is 5 or below and mine was at 6 for most of the 3rd trimester. If you are leaking fluid your dr would know from measurements he takes every visit. Otherwise I wouldnt be to concerned about it.


stcr1 - June 22

Hi- I have a similar question. I am just 20 weeks and I am worried I am leaking fluid. I feel like I am leaking I sense a little dampness but there is nothing on the pad it is only a little damp. I called the Dr and they just ask if it is a gush or not. I can't tell if I am leaking or not. Did you find a reliable method for this?


jen327 - June 22

If you are leaking fluid it is non stop. It is not like pee that might trickle out when the baby kicks or something. It also smells sweet (so I was told) and is clear. If you are really concerend call your OB they can check your fluid. But if you were to leak out all your fluid it would make your belly drop. If the baby is still moving around lots, you are probably fine. When the fluid levels get too low, the baby can't move. That is one reason they say to watch the kick counting.


BeccaC - June 23

I thought I was leaking, I'm almost 27wks. I went to the dr and he did 2 quick tests and both were negative for fluid. I am scared of leaking fluid, but from what I read from your answers, it seems like it is a constant leak, not just once in a while...thanks.



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