Leaking While Pregnant

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Sonya - August 26

I am only 16 years old,and i am 8 months pregnant...i just recently starting leaking...Is this normal,or should i go to the hospital?


al - July 26

Leaking what???Im am only just 9 weeks pregnant and have a milky discharge,But when i askedd the dr if it was normal he said that this discharge surrounds your baby to stop any infection.I reall doubt that its a sign of any sort....but if your that worried you can allways call the dr.Good luck with the birth.xx


leanne - August 19

i dont now im leaking and am 33 weeks pregnant i am trying to find any one who can give me a bit of advice im really worried


kelly - August 22

most leaking is ok as long as its not got a off color like green or yellow or an oder if any of those do occor call your dr ASAP thats a possible infection and could harm the baby other then that thou if its white no order an is kinda creamy its normal some women jus have alot more then others duren pregnancy


Missy - August 26

leaking is NOT ok you need to call your Dr or go to labor and delivery! Your water might be leaking and it is usaully clear, Kelly doesn't know what she is talking about, if that is your water leaking they will more than likely deliver!! So go to the hospital......


jenny - November 1

is it possible to get pregnant after having s_x the day before your next period


:) - November 2

Jenny-It is possible to get pregnant at any time, but 2 wks after your last period is usually when you are ovulating and this is the easiest time to get pregnant. But like I said you can get pregnant a anytime.


beckyjms - December 31

hi i am havin this problem so i went to the hospital a found out i had a puncture in my water sack i am comin up 36 weeks but because my waters had not gone completely they would not delivery the baby they just gave me antibiotics to prevent infection so thats all u need to do go to hospital and get the antibiotics and dont worry its very common!!! :)



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