Light Red Bleeding

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scaredmommy - February 5

okay here is my question .... im 16 and just found out im pregnant and need help today i ahd a lil bit of red blood so my mom told me to putin a pad to monitor my blood but it wa s a small one na d i ahvent had to change it do you think since my blodo was red it menas im gonna losse the kid becasue i dont wannaloose it but my mom wont take me to the doctor to see becasue she wnats e to lose it what do i do


Mindy - February 5

Go to a doctor as soon as possible. If you are miscarrying and you still have tissue in your uterus, an infection may set in and you could lose your fertility. See about free pregnancy clinics.


AshleyB - February 5

Get educated on it and check it out on the internet, maybe print out some stuff for your mom to read, show her that this could affect your future pregnancies and I'm sure she'll take you to the doc. If not, you need to go to a doc yourself. Check out the health dept.


kimberly - February 6

Scaredmommy, I must ask how far along do you think you are? Or how many weeks since your last period? Early pregnancy bleeding can happen for many reasons, it doesn't mean that you will for sure loss the baby. Do you have a health clinic or Planned Parenthood Clinic in your town? If you do they will help you without your mother interfering. This is your life, you decide what you want to do with it. Any bleeding early on should be reported to a Dr., the risk of not telling a Dr. could cost you your fertility or even your life. A pregnancy that is no longer alive can cause life threatening infections if the baby doesn't pa__s on its own. The only way to know if it is pa__sing is to have an ultrasound to see if anything is left behind. Also if it is a problem with the placenta making you bleed, the bleeding can become very heavy and this can also be very dangerous. There are lots of options for you if the baby is ok. A Health Clinic or any kind of Clinic like this can guide you in a decision that is right for you and your mom. Good luck and do seek some kind of help, Please!



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