Losing Hope

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Bobbi - July 11

I had an ultrasound last week that dated me at 6 weeks when I should be around 9. I'm pretty sure about my period, give or take a week. Well, the ultrasound only showed a sack, no fetal pole or heartbeat. They did two hcg tests on me since then and they went from about 19000 to 23000. Not a huge jump. I think I have another ultrasound this week, I am so praying to see something. I've had two miscarriges before, so I feel like there is no hope. No bleeding or cramps, but who knows. I just hate talking about it until I know something.


Alexa - July 15

Hi Bobbi - I should be about 8 weeks, but my ultrasound on Monday showed only an empty sac, no fetal pole or heartbeat. The doctor thinks it is an abnormal pregnancy, and when I did my own research i found she probably means a blighted ovum - pregnant but no fetal development. I read the responses to the "7 weeks pregnant, empty sac" on this site - and there was all this great advice from many women who are going through this. Check it out. Some who ended up having the baby, some who miscarried. So far things sound positive for you, your numbers are going up, no bleeding. So give it time and get another u/s or 2nd opinion if you need to. It's so hard to be in this unknown place. Am I having a baby? Or am I about to miscarry? Not to mention the emotional and physical symptoms that are fully present. But time will tell and the right thing for your body and your baby will happen. Best of luck.


KK - July 15

Dear Bobbi - At 7 weeks, I had an ultrasound done, which indicated there was fluid, but my doctor couldn't see anything. Often, the baby is still too small before 8 weeks to appear, which is why doctors don't really want to see you until then. It's good you got the hcg tests. It shows that the blood cells are multiplying. My doc offered this to me for rea__surance, but I declined, as I had a prior healthy pregancy (son is now 2) and I wasn't worried. So he said come back in a couple of weeks. The other thing is about the heartbeat. It is WAY too early for that, usually it doesn't show up until about week 14, so try not to worry about that for now. Even though you may be really jumpy from 2 prior miscarriages (and now I know what that's like because I miscarried at 12 weeks/4 days - yesterday). Just keep doing the blood tests and the ultrasounds until everything can be confirmed one way or another. I will pray for you Bobbi. I know this is so nervewracking. I don't know if this is much comfort for you or not, I hope so. I hope the Lord will be merciful to you and help you with your pregnancy. In the meantime, try to limit your talking about it to only those whom you know truly can understand.


Jean - July 15

KK a heartbeat should be detectable once the baby is clearly visable which is long before 14 weeks. A doppler may not pick up a heartbeat until then but a scan should detect a baby's heartbeat once you can see the baby. By 8 weeks a baby is usually seen and a heartbeat read if there is one. I'm sorry but 14 weeks is not the earliest you see a baby or heartbeat I don't know who told you that hun but they were not giving you accurate info. Sorry, I really hope next time your baby will be ok and I'm sorry for your loss.


Bobbi - July 15

I just had another ultrasound and there is no fetal pole or heartbeat. The sack is growing, but that is it. They think it might be a blighted ovum. I should find out today what my numbers are doing. I am having some brown on the tp when I wipe now too. Thanks for your support.


Jean - July 15

Im so sorry to hear this. I had brown discharge when I had a blighted ovum. My numbers barely changed either. I am very sorry I wish so much I could say something to make it better for you. If you have had 2 losses already I would make sure they start some tests etc to help find if there is a reason. Ive seen a few women on this website you have had repeated miscarriage and they have been getting tests into possible causes. Don't give up hope yet sweetie-I know it must seem hopeless just now but it's not. I will pray for you. I am so so sorry, you poor love. I wish I knew what to say.



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