Losing Weight Cant Eat Meat Or Much Else 8wks4days Worried

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Ruth - May 19

Im 8wks 3dys pg and i have now lost 5kg in weight.I had spotting at 6wks and again heavy bleeding at 7 weeks.Had u/s and all seemed ok strong heart beat seen ect. I am still feeling sick all the time and i just cant bring myself to eat much.I have also had pains in my stomach and saw the Dr on tues and i have urine infection.I am just so worried that im going to lose this baby.I keep thinking will the poor little thing survive on so little food and now antibiotics. Anyone ever had the same.Please just to put my mind at rest.


Justine - May 19

Ruth - I had bleeding at week 6 and week 7, a blood clot at week 8 which doubled by week 9 to 2 inches and then started to reduce. I had a urine infection at week 8 and had to take antibiotics. I wasn't sick and have been eating like a horse but have bled 10 times so far including heavily at week 12 but the baby is still there and I'm 15 weeks now - last scan at 13 weeks baby was very healthy and trying to do headstands. It's stressful but the baby is fine - infact he has growth spurts when I bleed (its Dracula!). I hope you are OK - try not to worry too much.


Ruth - May 19

Thanks Justine,That puts my mind at rest a little.The bleeding has stopped now and I have had none for a week or more.You are right they are nothing but a big worrie from the start.thanks again.Did you lose any weight during these times?That is my main worry at the moment


Justine - May 20

Ruth - No I didn't lose any weight because I didn't have morning sickness much. Infact I've been eating about twice as much as normal but I started off a little underweight so it's probably no bad thing. A lot of women do lose weight in the first trimester though due to morning sickness so it should be fine. I think plain things like dry bread or crackers you may find easier to eat. Also ginger is supposed to help morning sickness. It normally peaks around week 10 then improves and goes around week 12 so its not forever. Hope you are feeling better soon.



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