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Mrs.J - December 29

Hi, just found this web site forum and what a wonderful thing. I recently miscarried after 7wks. back in Aug. I had the myo on Aug. 27th with no complications. We were trying to get pregnant for 1yr. prior to miscarriage and was happy to find that there was a reason for the unfortunate. Iam still trying to get pregnant for a second time and losing faith in a lot of things. #1 my doc. I love him and have been a trusted patient for a very long time, but feel like there is something else that he should be doing to help me get pregnant. I don't know if it is me getting discouraged or if any of you have had more active docs. Did any of you get placed on any medication after your surgery?? Mine was located on the outside of my uterus encompassing the entire back wall and coming up around the top. Any advice or words of wisdom?? Happy '08 to all of you and baby dust also:)


jademaiden - January 2

Hi Mrs. J - I had a myomectomy on Nov. 14 and my dr. didn't give me any meds beside painkillers. I have been trying to have a baby for 4 years now - have had 4 miscarriages - and I've seen 4 different doctors... unfortunately, they are pretty much all inactive unless you are paying them for fertility treatments (I did some IVF's). Although I can't offer you any success stories, I feel like I can offer tips on getting pregnant! After the fertility treatments didn't work, I got pregnant on my own 3 times and they all happened within 3 months of trying. It's vital to know when you are ovulating - you can BBT chart or use any of the ovulation predictors on the market. I had best luck with the OV Watch. It alerts you 5 days prior to ovulation, which is the most fertile time in your cycle (since sperm can live up to 5 days) We tried s_x for all 5 days, but I had success with every other day plan (more potent). ie - I ovulate on day 15 so we would do it on the 11, 13, 15 day. After some research I figured out I don't produce much quality cervical mucus during ovulation. This is the fluid that helps guide the sperm through your cervix and to the egg. My dr. said it's like putting a car on the freeway without gas. Several website talk about substiutions (like egg whites.. yuck!), but there's a sperm friendly lubricant called Preseed that actually mimcs cervical fluid and it has helped many couples get pregnant quickly! Check their website.. there's some great success stories on it. And lastly, one day I was in yoga cla__s and the instructor told us if you are menstruating, you shouldn't do "inversion" poses because it causes a "back flow"... So I thought... I can use that to my advantage! This is going to sound so ridiculous and silly... but yes, I would get myself into the "half shoulder stand" pose! Being upside down with two tubes of PreSeed... the sperm had no where to go but through my cervix, haha! The first month I tried this method, I got pregnant. And the next two times we tried I got pregnant within the first 2 months of trying using these methods! Pretty good for someone who couln't get pregnant for the first year and did another year of fertility treatments! Oh yeah - One more thing... It's so hard to have fun when you're baby-making, so to take the pressure off, I always put in a CD that makes me feel good, nostalgic to a happier time, like when I was in high school and I listened to The Cure every day! This relaxation helps your cervix relax, which is so important. I learned while having an IUI that when I am nervous my cervix tightens and nothing can get through. We are going to start trying again next month so I hope both you and I get pregnant soon! The dr's are not sure if my fibroid was causing my miscarriages (it was 2 cm)... but I am hopeful :)



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