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donna29 - May 9

Im 22 weeks pregnant and had a scan yesturday. and was told that my fluid is now 8.4cm from 10 a few weeks ago. They can not find anything wrong with the baby or the placenta, and my membranes are in tact. i have been put on sick leave for 6 weeks with another scan in 2 weeks. im really worried that i will lose my baby boy, is anyone going through this please help ?


Lynne - May 10

Hi Donna29: Have you had a repeat scan or any updates. I do believe that the fluid can replenish. I have heard that drinking lots of water can help in this regard. One lady I spoke with said she literally drank a gallon of water per day. You may want to ask your doctor if you can do anything to replenish as you said there was not a rupture in the sac.


donna29 - May 15

hi lynne. got to have a 24 week scan on the 23rd, the doctors said that drinking water would not help me. i cannot understand were the fluid is going.


Lynne - May 15

Are you seeing a high risk peri or an OBGYN? Also, what did the 24 week scan show? Maybe you should think about a second opinion? I am so sorry your pregancy is stressful.


Tillie - May 30

Donna, I'm so shocked your doctors said drinking water wouldn't help you. I've been dealing with low amniotic fluid (down to 2 cm for a period) for over two weeks, and every single person at the hospital has told me to drink until I want to throw up--at least 4 liters a day of water, plus gatorade for the electolytes. My fluid is now up to an 8, and there's no doubt it's from the hydration. There's more to low fluid than just that, certainly, but it's been proven time and again that hydrating can bring it up. Two weeks ago I was admitted to the hospital and put on an IV and the fluid climbed 4 cm in literally 8 hours! I highly recommend you start guzzling.


Lil Lady - June 4

At 19 wks I had my U/S & was told my fluid was around 3 cms which is very low. The very next day my sac ruptured, I was in the hospital for 3 days then went home. They diagnosed me with Oligohydramnios, term for low amniotic fluid & I was sent home on strict bedrest & I did for a full month! I drank fluids & literally stayed in bed & for at least 3 wks straight my fluid levels were always low or low to none! Then one week I started spotting dark red/brown blood & my fluid started to go back up to 8 cms or more! I've had tons of U/S & even an amnio & the baby looks fine. The only problem I have is the baby is measuring a week behind in growth & there is old blood in my amniotic sac, which should be clearish. I'm currently 24 wks & 4 days & still hanging in there. I totally know what you're going through although 8.4 cms is not really that low. I've had more than one Dr. tell me that the baby can still grow with 2-3 cms of fluid!! I was told to terminate at 19 wks & I said no!! I'm proof that bedrest, fluids, time & prayer works! It will be a miracle if I can make it to full-term, but nothing is impossible. Keep up a positive att_tude & always get a second or third opinion if needed!!



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