Low Amniotic Fluid

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Sana - September 12

I am 39 yrs and 21 weeks pregnant, this is my first pregnancy. Everything was ok up till 3 days ago when I did my detailed U/S where they found that I have low Amniotic Fluid volume. Dr said that Baby is still fine and can move, but I need to rest and Drink a lot of water. I am very scared and can't wait for my next U/S in 2 weeks. Did anyone of you had the same problem but things went alright after while?


Megon - September 13

I am 22 yrs and 29 weeks pregnant, this is my second pregnancy... I have too much Amniotic Fluid, well I am 95% tile... which if you reserch on the net alittle you'll find out lots of facts that are great and not so great. I did find out today that my son looks great so maybe I'll never find out what caused this but who knows... 60% of women never find out what happened, they just know there fine and so is the baby... which is fine with me. If my son and I are both fine I don't care why I have to much... I guess you'll know more with your u/s and I am sure every thing will work out for you. Keep your head up and don't worry... its not good for you or your child. Sorry, I know I am not the person you wanted to really hear from but I thought you should know having to much isn't good either.


Sana - September 14

Thanks Megon for your reply


Holly - September 15

I am 18 weeks now and at 16 weeks I had my ultrasound and the fluid is low. I don't know what it means either. Just wanted to wish you luck.


Xavier - September 17

Hi, my wife is 33 weeks pregnant and her fluid is at level 6 from a 5 -12 average normal level. The baby has slowed down its movement that the Dr thinks its related to the low fluid. Were supposed to go back in a couple of days to recheck the level. If the level has dropped they may induce the labor or may have to have a C section. We just pray the ababy is healthy. Good luck and God bless.


Erin - September 20

Hello, I had oligohyraminous or low fluid my first pregnancy, but mine wasnt found until 38 weeks and I was emergency induced. My son came out perfectly healthy and the just monitored my second and third pregnancy very careful. If it gets to the point to where you cant feel your baby moving like I did call your dr asap!!!! They say you should do kick counts every few hours to make sure baby is moving.



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