Low Fetal Heart Rate

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kkharris4 - May 21

my daughter is 27 weeks pregnant she had her second ultrasound today and the baby's heartrate was 108bpm. I was wondering if anyone knows if this is normal or not thanks concerned Grammy


CgGirl - May 25

kkharris4: I don't know if it's normal or not but I know that the h/b of a baby slows down during the pregnancy, e.g. later in the pregnancy is slower than in the first trimester. Let us know what happens.


worried_jayne - March 30

Can anyone help me???? I went for my 2nd scan today and they advised me i am 6w2d pregnant and carrying twins. They said that one of them had a very low heartbeat and the other one couldnt be detected atal and i need to go back in 9 days to have another us. I had spotting at the weekend, hence having the 2nd scan today. The nurse advised me that there is a vey high chance that i will ms. Has anyone else been in the same situation and had a positive outcome???


Shannie1217 - April 3

Jayne- so sorry you are going through this... I am too- although not twins. I have a repeat u/s next week and the wait is agony. Just curious, did your OB tell you what the HR was? Best of luck, hopefully you will have the success story I need to read!


harmony - April 8

hi shannie, how are you doing? I am 6 weeks 4 days and my 6 week u/s showed a hr of 75. What is your situation? I'm trying to be positive, but also realistic. My husband and I decided last night that everything happens for a reason so if this baby is not healthy, losing it will be part of mother nature's plan..


spritefly - April 13

hi everyone. last wk i went in for an u/s at 6wk2days and the hr was 80 and like most of you i went online to research what was happening only to scare the c___p out of myself. i havent found one positive post anywhere out there. my next u/s was sched for today, well i scared myself so much i went to the ER 2 days ago. the hr went up to the 140's and today its in the 150's. as hard as it was (an still is bc i know i'm not outta the woods yet) i kept telling myself that my baby would make it and as silly as it may sound i would rub my belly and tell him/her to stay with me, etc. ...well i hope this helps. i'll keep posting on my wee one. keep ur heart in it and dont think you'll fail. maybe it really is mind over matter, who knows. but i wish you all the best.


djsvcjas - June 3

70 beats per minute/ 7 weeks/too lw?


tommyg254 - June 12

hello everyone, I hope someone can be of some help or hope. i am 31 yo, my second pregnancy and am currently 7 wks. I went for my 1st u/c last week at 6 wks and saw my baby and a slow heart beat (87bmp) but everything else was accurate and days matched for due date. days later i bled with no pain or warning and went to the er. they found my levels were all still consistant with the dates previous, the growth in the sac was accurate now showing 7 wks with visible baby inside the sac but no heart beat. whn doin the v____ak exam dr said old blood was inside not very much but there would be no consistant bleeding. they found that my hcg levels were rising on track but found no heart beat. they told me to come bck for original scheduled next sono to see if the baby heart rate would pick up and by then they would know wht should be done. the did not suggest dc at this time because of everything else showing the pregnancy could still be viable. they warned i may be miscarrying and they would determine wht action 2 take next week, but i am so scared and dont know wht to do. my 1st pregnancy was normal and i even got my shot for rogam because i am rh neg (o neg) blood type. is there anyone who has or is going through this that could offer some words of anything...i have read the other stories and some have been similar but i am hopin there might be someone whose exact and can give me some insight. i am really scared and so wanting of this prenancy. i have a 11 yo who cant wait. please help...


tommyg254 - June 14

well i got no response thus far and since my last entry i bled pretty heavy spontenously with no pain again... a few clotts came out as the doctors said they saw in my body. later on during the day i began to cramp and still fill my pad like menstral..sunday came and it all stopped except for light bleeding again. i am convinced i lost my baby..i dont feel any of the symptoms anymore and im still bleeding, but i am just waiting till thursday for confirmation either way. i hate not knowing and there being nothing i can do abt it but wait. im so scared and want my baby so bad....anyone please.....


TrustinginHim5 - July 11

I am so sorry for all the losses that have ended out there. I also have been in this same situation as many of you with my second pregnancy. At 6 weeks an ultrasound was done and the heartrate was 103. I was told this was a little low. The baby was also measuring a week later although I was very certain of my dates. I had another ultrasound at 8 weeks and the heart had stopped. I had a d&c that same day. We are currently trying again and I should know within the next 4 days if it worked this month. I know exactly how hard losing a baby is, I had a very hard time dealing with it myself. I have a 2 year old daughter so the thought of miscarriage never crossed my mind. I am so sorry for those of you that have went through this.


KateF - July 20

I'm so sorry to everyone who has experienced miscarriages and being told that the embryo's heart rate is too low. We had our first ultrasound last week at 6 weeks, and the heart rate was 76. We were told that it was low and that there was a 50-50 chance, maybe more, of miscarrying. We went back today, and the rate was 138! The growth isn't quite consistent with our dates, but things look good for the moment. I just wanted to rea__sure moms-to-be that the low heart rate doesn't always mean miscarriage, although we know that we're still at much higher risk during the rest of the first trimester.


palegreenstar - August 19

Hi KateF, Thank you so much for sharing your good news! I provides much hope to me at a time when things can sometimes look less than hopeful. This past Mon I went in for an u/s at six weeks due to some brown spotting. A heart rate of 86 was recorded. I was happy to see a heart beat but a bit depressed because it was so low. Your story has given me hope! Best of luck to you! Please let me know how things turn out!


BigBunny - August 26

I am writing this post beacause last week I went for my first ultrasound and my baby's heart rate was 94. The doctor told me that was too low and had me worried for a whole week. I just went yesterday for my second ultrasound and it jump to 129! Try not to stress too much, he/she migh turn the corner.


juicyfruit24 - September 15

I am 13 weeks pregnant and my baby measured at 60 bpm. My doctor a__sured me this is normal range usually from 60-120 FYI


Stacys924 - November 26

I just turned 41 in Sept, found out I was pregnant on 10/23. When I was 7 wks 5 days I ended up in the emerg room because I started to bleed, nothing heavy, no clots & no cramps. The baby was still there,however,the heart rate was only 86 bpm, the er doc wasn't optimistic & said most likely it's a threatened abortion, I had my 1st u/s appt 5 days later at 8 wks 3 days & was so nervous, the baby was still there & the rate is now 108 bpm which I was estatic to hear, the problem was the baby was only measuring at 6 wks 1 day & that wasn't good, suppose to be over 8 wks, I was scheduled to come back in 2 weeks for viability, the baby was still there but no heart rate this time, I was devastatged (I m/c 6 mos ago at 5wks). The dr said the baby stop developing at 6wks, I believe the HR stopped the day b4 the appt because 2 days prior to my appt my pregnancy symptoms were as strong as ever, nausea, sore b___bs,fatigue, freguent urination...etc but the day before, not so much, I was positive the baby was progressing but I was wrong. I'm currently waiting for my body to reject the baby but if it doesn't happen naturally I'm getting a d&c next Friday.


adozenrojos - December 14

I'm hoping someone can out there can help me out. Last week I went into the emergency room because I was having severe back aches and was told I had overstimulated ovaries due to fertility drugs. But the doctors also were able to confirm that I still was pregnant (6 weeks, 4 days). The heartrate was 127 at the time. Today I went in for a follow-up U/S (7 weeks, 2 day) and the heart rate had dropped to 102. I am to wait 8 days to go back in for another U/S, but my doctor doesn't sound optimistic seeing how the heart rate is decreasing. Any advice or ideas. I am very worried about losing this pregnancy.



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