Low Fetal Heart Rate Among Other Things

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MaW - September 30

I went in 9/27/07 for 1st u/s. According to lmp, should have been 8wks 6days, but measured at 6wks 1 day. Also, the fetal heart rate was only 60-65 bpm. My doc said this is "not normal, but not uncommon and that it should resolve itself by my next ultrasound" which she has scheduled for 10/11/07 (2wks). Everything I have read has lead me to believe my situation seems dim--anyone had any experiences like this? will i most likely miscarry? I'm scared!


april baby - October 4

Maw - I am sorry you are going through this. I know this is the hardest thing to hear but you will need to wait until your next scheduled u/s. The waiting game is the hardest to play. I just miscarried about a week ago and at about 5w6d I went in for an ultrasound and they told me that the baby had a faint heart beat. I was so upset they had done no measurment of the heart beat but said it was faint. The next a week later ultrasound the heart beat was 124 a week later 138 and 4 days later 152 and another week later 170. Always very strong. I had other issues such as the gestational sac was irregular shaped. I also had some spotting and bleeding. Do you have any spotting? Please let me know how your next u/s goes. I am sure things will be fine. next u/s you will be 8 weeks along I would say that if your baby's heart rate is between 120 - 170 you are go to go.


HeavenisMine - October 4

It doesn't sound promising, but a lot of women I know had u/s that seemed absolutely hopeless and ended up keeping their pregnancies. Do not say it is over unless it ends, keep holding on there, and let us know how it goes. You could have just ovulated later than you thought, and most babies at 6w1d are still just getting their hbs. The heartbeats start out slow usually but speed up as time goes on.


MaW - October 5

Thank you both for your responses. No, I have not had any spotting, but I have lost pretty much what pregnancy symptoms I had. It seemed like that happened right after my first u/s. I guess that is something else to worry about! But thanks again for the words of encouragement...and if anybody else has any experience with this...please share!!!


HOPEFUL79 - October 6

Hi Maw, Please let us know the outcome of your next dr. visit. I too am going through a similat situation. I had my first US last week, which measured me at 5 wks 5 days, I should be closer to 8 wks. The fetal heart rate was 98, which the dr. said was low, should have been in the range of 120-150. Please let me know how your visit turns out...I have been searching for some positive in all of this! Best wishes to you!


MaW - October 7

I will definitely let you all know how things go...4 more days (after today). I only hope I can wait that long!


HOPEFUL79 - October 11

Hi Maw, just wondering how your Dr. Appt. went today? I hope all went well...


april baby - October 11

Hopeful79 and Maw - I hope all is going well with both of you. Hopeful79, how are you doing today? Have you had another u/s? Are feeling ok? Are you spotting at all? I know how difficult it is to wait. Let me know how you are feeling. It always feels good to talk about what is going on, at least it has helped me. Take care-


HOPEFUL79 - October 11

April Baby, My most sincere condolences go out to you. It sounds like everything was looking good for you prior to the miscarriage. How far along were you when you miscarried? I have just been taking one day at a time until my next US scheduled for next Wednesday. I'm still having pregnancy symptoms & I havent had any spotting, so I'm hoping for the best. One of my biggest concerns is the gestational age, which would put me finding out that I was pregnant at only two (2) weeks (I didnt think that was possible). This is my first pregnancy & the waiting game has been beyond stressful! This website has been my only peace of mind...Thank you for your response & you are in my prayers!


april baby - October 12

Hopeful79, I was about 10w3d. The miscarriage was pretty painful. I actually had contractions and labor pains. It wouldn’t have been so bad if at the end I would have had a baby. I feel really good today. I went to see my doctor and she said everything looks really good and we can start trying again. I know that most doctors want there patients to wait one or three or even 6 months before trying again. I asked my doctor if it would be ok for me to get pregnant before I have my first cycle and she said YES. So hopefully I will be pregnant in the next couple of months. I got pregnant the first time I tried I couldn’t believe it. So I am hoping for the same results. I hope everything goes well next wed. How far along will you be at that time? I know that you had mentioned that you thing that you were further along. I know that with my pregnancy the baby was a week off from what I thought it should be to. I think it is all very complicated. I think that I found out that I was pregnant at 2 weeks also because of what they were measuring the baby. I thought that you need to be 3 weeks in order to find out if you are pregnant. Anyway, take care. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep me updated.


HOPEFUL79 - October 14

April Baby, thanks again for your kind response. Do they know what caused your miscarriage? It seems like at over 10 weeks you were almost out of the clear! Again, Im so sorry for your loss. I will be close to eight weeks when I go for my next US so I'm praying that everything turns out okay. I just have so many concerns & I dont think I will be able to have a clear head until I can make it through the first trimester. DId you experience pregnancy symptoms up until the time that you miscarried? This is all so very complicated. I wish you the best with your next pregnancy. Talk soon :)


april baby - October 14

Hi Hopeful79 – The gestational sac was irregular shaped so that could have been part of the reason but the tissue from the m/c was sent to the lab and came back normal so not sure what the reason was. Part of the reason why they think the gestational sac was irregular was because they thought there might have been a twin that bumped into this baby. I have a heart shaped uterus so on one side there was a gestational sac with the baby in it and on the other side there was blood. They don’t know for sure if there was twin but it was something that mentioned. I just had my first doctors appointment after the m/c on Friday and everything went well the doctor told me that I could start trying right away so I am so excited that I don’t have to wait for a cycle. I know that most doctors want you to wait at least one cycle before trying and I asked her if I needed to and she said no. So my husband and I are trying now I hope I will be pregnant by the end of the month. It only took us one try with this last pregnancy. I know that it may take a few months with this one but it would be pretty cool if we didn’t have to wait. Anyway, I hope and pray that your u/s goes well. I really think it will go well, I know that the last time you had the u/s you were only 6w1d according to them and that is when the heart beat starts and it usually starts off slow and then goes faster. I asked my doctor if I could have an early u/s with the next pregnancy just because of all of the things that I went through and she said yes at about week 7 or 8 because of the heartbeat starting and being slow in the beginning. Take care and keep me update.


MaW - October 16

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't had time to write. I went back to the doctor on the 11th (last thursday) and the baby had not grown and no heartbeat was detected. I had a d&c today. I was extrememly nervous about the procedure, but it was not bad at all, physically. (emotionally was a different story). But I feel a lot better tonight. I wish the rest of you the best of luck!


HOPEFUL79 - October 16

Hi Maw, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, I have been praying for you & hoping for the best. Did you ever have any signs of miscarraige leading up to your US? I go back tomorrow for my US, so I'm praying for a positive outcome, however, from everything that I have read makes it hard! Best wishes to you & keep in touch with all of us.


MaW - October 16

HOPEFUL79: Stay positive...I know it is hard. All I did was worry for 2 weeks. No, I had no signs/symptoms of miscarriage. I had a bad feeling after all the research I did on low fetal heart rate and small meaurement. I was glad I had in the back of my mind the idea that something could be wrong. I know it sounds bad, but it makes things easier if you do get bad news rather than thinking everything is going to be perfectly fine. I know that is something you do not want to hear right now, and I hope you don' t have to go through the same thing I did! BEST OF LUCK today and let us know how things go!


april baby - October 16

MaW - I am so sorry. I know how hard it can be to go through this. Are you planning on trying again or are you going to wait a little while. I wasn't sure if I want to try again right after everything happened but with in a week I was ready. Take care of your self. Hopeful79 - I hope you are feeling well today and I am praying that everything will be fine tomorrow. talk to you then.


april baby - October 17

Hopeful79 - I hope you are doing well today. Please update us on how you are feeling and how the u/s went today. I am not sure what time your u/s is at but I am think of you. talk to you soon.



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