Low Fetal Heartbeat At 6w Then Improvement

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Matthew - May 8

Last week my wife had her first u/s of this, her second pregnancy (first ended in miscarriage at 6w3d). My wife's periods are fairly irregular, and based on the last period date the doctor estimated the fetus would be 7w5d, but when he did the first u/s it measured as if the baby was 6w0d. The heartbeat was "low" at 95. We were both pretty nervous and did a lot of searching online and on message boards like this one. It's so frustrating when all you can do it wait. The doctor offered to have her come back in two days for a follow up u/s, but my wife chose to wait 1 week and we just got back from the second u/s today. Fetus measured as 6w5d, not quite where it should be even using last week's measurements as a starting point, and 2 weeks behind the calculated LMP age. But the hearbeat was up to 128 and we were told that was a good sign of improvement. We still have far to go, but I wanted to post this message in case any other prospective mothers (or fathers) are wondering about a low heartbeat and/or a baby that seems to be behind schedule. I'll update this post as we find out more news. Good luck to you all!


mcatherine - May 9

When I found out I was pregnant in January, I was told that I should have been 9.5 weeks according to my lmp. My hcg levels were low, so they did an ultrasound and dated me at 5 weeks 1 day with the heartbeat at 144. Since the dates were so far off from the lmp age, the doctors seemed really concerned that the baby wasn't growing as it should and I was very worried. I also suffer from irregular periods (non-existant most of the time) and as it turned out - I just suffered from delayed ovulation - a possibility that was not mentioned to me in the beginning. I am currently 23 weeks, with a healthy baby boy growing inside. Good luck to you, your wife and you little one!


Matthew - May 9

Thanks mcatherine - that must have been scary to hear that you were so far behind the LMP date, but I am so glad to hear things are going well for you. Good luck and congrats!



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