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Kim - April 22

I just had a positive prg. blood test come back today, but the Dr. is sending me for a second one because she said the number isn't really where it should be? I haven't had any cramping or bleeding or anything like that. I'm worried & now I have to wait til' monday for teh result. I saw the number it said 1900. I concieved about 3 weeks ago. Any advice?


Christie - April 23

You are still very early in your pregnancy and from what I've been reading on other sites there is a wide range of what is "normal" for hcg levels. The biggest thing your doctor is probably looking for is that it is increasing because for the first several weeks the hcg levels will continue to increase if the pregnancy is progressing normally. Don't worry yet--there are a lot of variables to consider (including whether you ovulated when you thought you did or just when implantation occured, etc) I think I might be about as far along as you. I am pretty sure of pregnancy but I still haven't got a positive on a home test yet and the nurse I talked to said to give it another week then come in for a blood test to see where my levels are because it is possible to have somewhat lower than "normal" numbers and have a viable pregnancy. With that in mind a level of 1900 doesn't seem that far off at all. Good luck and try to relax for the next couple of days.


Michaela - April 25

Hi, I am so glad I found this site, this past weekend felt like we were so alone. My first hcg 3 weeks after conception was 255, 2 days later 299 and 2 days later 410. I am scheduled for another one on Wednesday but have no pain, no bleeding, feel great actually. The doctor is worried about ectopic or unhealthy. We have been worried sick and nervous all weekend waiting for the numbers to come back. Has anyone had ectopic diagnosed before 5 weeks when there was no bleeding? I just feel like we are waiting for the pain to start or bleeding and it may be too late tod o anything.


Evon - April 25

Michaela. Your hcg's should dbl. every 2-3 days. If they do not then your Dr. should be keeping tabs on them until they get high enough to see something on u.s. Sometimes hcg's can have a slow start. Ectopic pregnancies do not USUALLY present symptoms until #'s get higher (as I was told by my Dr. when I was going through it) so try to relax. I know exactly how hard the waiting is. You feel like your just waiting around to be in pain or start bleeding or something. In my case, the pregnancy was not viable and it resolved naturally. Still don't know for sure if it was ectopic or I just had a miscarriage. (many ectopics miscarry on their own in the early stages). My husband and I are getting ready to try again soon. Hope things turn out well for you. Keep us posted.


Michaela - April 25

Evon, thanks so much for the information and support. Its strangely comforting that there is someone out there who knows what I am going through. Its just an emotional rollercoaster. I didn't even have a chance to be happy about it when the news go bad. Sorry to hear about your m/c but am glad things are well and you are trying again. I guess if the pregnancy is not viable, the nature resolution is the best you can ask for, as opposed to surgery. Good luck to you and thanks again. Will keep you posted on any developments.


Evon - April 27

Michaela. Let us know how your appt. goes today. I've had my fingers crossed for you!!


Michaela - April 27

Well, its not good. My hCG only went up from 410 to 490 in 4 days so the dr. is convinced it is not a healthy pregnancy. The ectopic one does not rupture in such low numbers so I am at least relieved about that. Still, was hoping for much better. I am going on Friday for the last test and possible US but the dr. suggested 2 options. DNC or a drug that will take care of it, or a natural way of body taking care of it. Up to me -- if it is not ectopic I'd rather that my body takes care of it but I don't know if I can just wait around for that. Has anyone take the drug? How hard on your body is it and how quickly can you start trying again? I dont think I want to do the DNC unless absolutely necessary. Has anyone had the same options?


tris - July 13

Not sure, tooo am so confused. I have been trying for another for 3 yrs, and this past friday i had a pos pg test and went in for bld draw, it only came back at 40, then on mon it was only 45, but i am puky, b___bs are killin me and all, my question is (and doc cannt seem to answer), i took the walmart equate test on frid and sun and tues, yes alot, well that one only detects at 100 or more and all turned two pink lines within 30 seconds, so why is the bld one coming back at 45 but i can trigger the pee tests. Confused.


Amy - July 13

tris i think that the wal mart are not marked right they can detect as low as 10 if you go to peeonastick.com it will tell you i mite not have got that right


trist - July 14

thanks amy for the answer, see i have been to soooo many sites and they tell different, i have even tried calling the number on the back of the box and seriously have has both answers so i dont know what to believe, plus funny how the answer says to be at 40 and early than other tests, i can take that 5 days early and get a pos but take the euate the same day and get a negative, so if walmarts is more sensitive shouldnt it come back pos cause its at 25 like you say and answer is like at 40, see why there is confusion. thanks again for you help. tris


Katina - September 19

When I was preg with my daughter it took 4 months to get a pos test result. Thank GOD she was born with no problems. I was on the pill for all of the 4 months. Each time I tested it said Neg and they would give me more pills. It took 4 months well now I think I am preg. took a preg test neg, I am 2 months late and stilla neg test result. I pray that we are preg and 3 months ago we may have miscarried, had all the signs the implant bleeding and all, after the 2nd month I bleed BAD for 2 days. I think thats when we miscarried, so we're trying again. We really truely think we are preg. NEG results. IS my HCG just low to detect with hpt always..?? for any pregnancy of mine grrr help , email me please Faithfilled57@yahoo.com



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