Low HCG Level At 7 Weeks

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Greg & Shannon - February 22

My wife had a ultrasound at 55 days after last period, and 37 days after conception. The ultrasound only showed a small sac, but coudln't locate a fetus, and a blood test revealed HCG level of 2200. No other signs of mis carriage at all, she does have a light brownish discharge. No Blood. We are talking to the doctor tommorrow, but the nurse seems to think maybe the baby quit growing at some point. Just curious what to expect from the doctor? can anyone offer any advice? Also she ovulated on her 19th day instead of 14th, so that could affect all this? or not?


Greg & Shannon - February 24

Anyone who read my question, I wanted to folow up on it. Our doctor claimed Shannon was gonig to miscarriage and recommended a DNC immediately. She had no symptons of miscarriage. The ultra sound at 7 weeks showed a small sack and no baby, 2 days later it showed a sack, and what he thought might be a small fetus, and no heartbeat. He then recommended a DNC to remove it, the next day I talked my wife into getting a 2nd opinion from UT Medial Center, and they found a baby, and a strong heart beat, and said there was no way she was going to have a DNC. And claimed she was only 5 weeks along. So there is some confusion about that, because we caculated the exact day she was ovulating, and had s_x the next day. Will know more on this later. So to anyone else , a doctor is wanting u to have a DNC in early stages because no fetus is found, PLEASE seek a 2nd opinion! I'm no doctor, but I know the ultra sounds are 2 deminsal and black and white, and the blood tests are preformed by humans, so there is room for ERROR.


Greg & Shannon - February 25

Yes, UT is University of Tennessee Medical Center. Come to find out, she was only 5 1/2 weeks, not 7 1/2 weeks like the original doctor said, and everthing is normal. With a strong Heart Beat. But Yet this first doctor urged her to get a DNC immedately after we told him we wernt comfortable with it, and wanted to WAIT 1 week to do another ultra sound. We got home and he called and tried to talk her into it for Monday , and then called back and eventually called and talked her into scheduling a DNC for FRIDAY morning. Which is Today. She wasn't going to get a 2nd opinion, but I urged her to, and this does not sound right, this quick decisions by the doctor this early on, where there is too much room for erra. She took the ultrasound pics back by his office, and his nurse preformed another ultrasound revealing the baby. I woudlnt let him touch her. He tried to make excuses, but eventually admited he was wrong. And my wife said the day before he was real ruff with her with the ultrasound, that is why i didn't want him to touch her, sounded like he could have had other motivies? I dunno what, unless it was a $$$ isue fo rmore office visits. Something just didnt add up to me. I think we are gonig to look into sueing if that is an option, as it was this close to aborting this pregency. Thank you for your comments.


j - February 25

HI Greg and Shannon, I had the exact same thing happen to me 9 yrs ago.My hubby and i were trying for baby for over a year feinally got that postive and we were so happy,only to go to Drs.and he told us there was no baby in sack i also had been bleeding but brown blood.So Dr. said that is it you need to do a dnc,i was so sad and so was hubby,we convinced Dr. to do bloodwork,which also came back bad.So went back to DR. week later and he is still saying to do a dnc that the baby died.We could not accept that so we said no we are going to wait and see what happens,so we had another appt in 2 weeks,mind u Dr.tryed to convince us baby was dead and no hope.So we went back for ultrasound at 8 weeks into pregnancy,and guess what?there was my little baby with a very strong heartbeat.I was so happy i did not listen to Dr.I would have killed my daughter,Later my husband told him off,and Drs.only excuse was this,i Guess the dates were off,all he said no sorry nothing..So for all you ladies please take that advice get a second opnion and wait it out alot of times Drs. are wrong.


Greg & Shannon - February 25

Thank you for your comments. I've read a few other similar stories on this forum. I can't belive how many I've read, and how the doctors are and dont seem to care even after they were proved wrong. Did you check into sueing the Doctor? My wife went thru total hell for 4 days over this. We're going to be talking to a lawer soon see what can be done.


Tom - March 10

My wife and I are going through the same thing. Thanks to this forum, we are seeking a second opinion. We think that the doctor we were seeing is a moron and is unfit to practice medicine. We went to her because my wife was spotting brown blood, she had tested positive with a home pregnancy test, and she has a history of prior miscarriage. The "Dr." ordered a Beta Hcg test. The level came back low, and she told us to wait and see if anything happened. We were confused because we thought it was routine procedure to run a subsequent test in order to see if the levels were increasing, and at what rate. After two weeks of prodding her, she ordered the second test, and the numbers came back higher, but still very low. Then we suggested she order an ultrasound. She did, but we were told that they saw nothing. No sac, no baby, no heartbeat, nothing. Now we are seeking a second opinion. I hope all goes well.


Jamie - March 10

I had a similar experience, except I ended up with a sad ending, not the happy ending you describe. My doctor found the same sac, but no heartbeat and by my calculations I should have been 8 weeks along. He waited 2 more weeks, did another ultrasound and still nothing. I wasn't sure on the dates though so I wanted to wait to have a DNC. I still hadn't had any bleeding. A week later I had another ultrasound and still nothing. The blood tests were what gave me hope because the level was very high and wasn't budging. The doctor said that although the signs weren't all there, it looked like for some reason the baby had stopped developing. So 5 office visits, 3 lab visits, and 3 ultrasounds later...and we all know that those aren't cheap...I finally started bleeding the weekend before my DNC was scheduled. If I had just waited and let nature take its course rather than let the doctors run every test they could I could have saved myself a lot of stress and money! Glad to hear things are going better for you! After the miscarriage, we waited 3 months before trying again so this month will hopefully hold a better result for me too!


Harry - March 12

Thanks for sharing your stories with us. The same thing is happening with my wife. She is 7 weeks pregnant according to doctor. There is no fetus and heartbeat in sack. There has been no bleeding, so sign of miscarriage. But doctor is very sure and said to do DNC or take pills. we are not very convienced so far. Dr. did not recommend any furthet ultrasound or tests. Now thanks to your success stories, we are also planning to have second opinion..


Tina - March 14

On Sat. went to the hospital because I spotted one time. Had two sonograms done. They said I was suppose to be 9 weeks but the baby was measuring 7 1/ 2 weeks with no heartbeat which there was a heartbeat at 6 1/2 weeks. Was suppose to have a d/c done this morning but cancelled so I can get a second opinion after reading these postings that I can across. I hope everything is fine.


Kat - March 16

Wow, you have all been through a lot. I suppose I am not in your situations - those of you whose second opinions are proving the first wrong. However, my first opinion has not included any further testing and so there is that tiny bit of hope of my pregnancy still continuing on. Here is my story: Nearly 2 weeks ago I got a faint positive on a hpt. I had spotting much of that week which led me to do the hpt, even though we were doubtful I was pregnant. (We were going to start trying for our second in April actually! Not on birth control however and so of course a pregnancy was possible). Anyway, light, brown spotting continued most days until it stopped for 2 days. Then, one night I had brown blood followed by a little red bleeding before going to bed. I awoke at 2 am with some cramping and a little more bleeding. That is the only cramping I have had. The morning brought more red bleeding which got heavier and heavier - and continuous. I had an hcg blood test that day. This lasted a total of 3 days and I had one or 2 clots along the way with a final clot which seemed to coincide with the end of the heavy bleeding. Got the results of my hcg and it was only a 6.5! Yikes. Very low. However, the blood test could have been done as early as 17 or 18 days post conception. From what I have read, it is a possibility, though not as common, that the hcg could register very low at that point in the pregnancy. However, my midwife immediately a__sumed a miscarriage in spite of what the doctor suggested (a series of hcg tests) and no other tests have been done. I accepted her diagnosis and needless to say we had one very emotional day after a very stressful previous couple of days. Now, 3 days later I get occasional light, red spotting. I haven't had any pain. The reason I am even looking up info and found my way to this forum is because I feel pregnant, especially increasingly tender b___sts. They feel more sore at night, which is just like my first pregnancy. I know you can continue to have symptoms of pregnancy after miscarriage, but ones that increase, esp after such a low hcg? Maybe it is foolish to keep wondering, but maybe, just maybe I have a subchorionic bleed or some other explanation for what has happened along with an early low level hcg? Has anyone else experienced this situation? I guess I will just hang in there and if in a few days I still think there is a poss of pregnancy, I will call a different doctor. Thanks for listening!!!


Tabatha - March 16

I am also going through the same thing. My docter even did laproscopic surgury on me to see if my baby was in the tube.She was the second dr I had and she wasn't comfortable with the D&C yet because the baby looked good on ultrasound but she wasn't sure if it was in the uterus or the tubes.The first docter I had didn't even care she wanted a d&c done right away just by looking at my hcg levels. they say my hcg levels are bad they are in the 4000 but they are only going up about 200-300 points every 2 days. They said that levels that rise slow are almost certain to fail. I am about 6 weeks now according to what she found when she went in. now the second dr keeps pushing for a d&c. I am going tomorrow to see if there is a heartbeat. I am so scared. even if there isn't I won't get a d&c because of what I have read here. you all have given me a little bit of hope back. thank you!!


Kat - March 17

Tabatha, I hope your test goes well for you. I will say a prayer that all works out. I guess it is so important to follow-up on our medical advice, esp if it doesn't seem right to us. Seems strange that they can't tell if it is in the tubes but I really don't know anything about it. I am actually curious as to why they Don't think I might have an ectopic just from looking at hcg once. That doesn't seem right either. Well, hopefully all will go well with us when all is said and done! Best to you...


Kat - March 17

Ok - for anyone who may have been out there reading my posts.... Took an hpt this morning and no lines. Not a big surprise. Sad, but good to know so I can definitely move on now. For those who find themselves in my situation, try to hang in there until the next pregnancy happens - a good, strong healthy one... It will! :)


Tabatha - March 17

well guess what? we got to see and hear our baby's heartbeat today. boy were these docters wrong again. I am so sorry the hear about your neg test Kat. I wish all the best for you in the futer. Remember Docters don't know it all. HCG levels are not everything!


Kat - March 17

Tabatha - that is awesome news!!! I am happy for you. Is this your first? Try to stay relaxed and not let the medical professionals scare you. Want to keep the positive hormones flowing and keep the stress hormones down. Ever consider a midwife? Or - even a doula as prenatal support? Whatever you do - enjoy every minute. Best to you....


shani - March 18

I am in the same situation as alot of you, I have had some slight bleeding, been to the er, and then to the dr, my hcg levels are rising, and am consistent with 4 weeks preg. but there is still a little spotting. I guess I have been reading alot about subchorionic bleeding and was curious to know what it was, so if anyone can answer me asap it would be greatly appreciated!!! gob bless and good luck to all of you and your babies!


Li Chen - March 24

I have the same story. I had my ultrasound at 63 days after last period, and the doctor said there is a small sac but no heart beat. He said there will be no boby for me for sure. I got no bleeding and no pain at all. The HCG test is still 26500.I ask the doctor to order another ultrasound for me in two weeks and I hope the miracle will happen to me as well!



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