Low HCG Level At 7 Weeks

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Li Chen - March 24

I have the same story. I had my ultrasound at 63 days after last period, and the doctor said there is a small sac but no heart beat. He said there will be no boby for me for sure. I got no bleeding and no pain at all. The HCG test is still 26500.I ask the doctor to order another ultrasound for me in two weeks and I hope the miracle will happen to me as well!


Lyndea - April 2

Kat - you would not register on a HPT test with a level lower than probably 40 - check out this website: http://www.fertilityplus.org/faq/hpt.html The blood tersts at the doctors office can do anything above a 5. Here is my story. Found out Tuesday that I was pregnant, HcG 75, Progestorone 27.2. Thursday HcG only went up to 82.8 - Friday it dropped to 63. I have had NO miscarriage symptoms and NO bleeding! Anyone know if the fetus/is already gone? Or is there hope?


to lyndea - April 3

No so. My hpt's pick up hcg's fewer than 20 mIU/ml. It all depends on the type of test. Sometimes( if you buy them on line) they can pick up as few as 10mIU/ml. check these out. www.pointofcaretest.com


Tiffany - April 5

Kat, the same thing is happening to me. I was supposed to get my period on 3/29. It was late and I took a pregnancy test and it came up positive. I've had typical symtpoms. But on 4/3 I started bleeding and had blood work done on 4/4 and it came back at 5, The nurse said I was never pregnancy even though my husband and I were actively trying, I've never been late before, and I had typical symptoms. And I still feel pregnant (maybe thats in my head) I was also wondering what could make my HCG so low and if I miscarried why it dropped so rapidly.


Suzanne & Daniel - April 14

Here's my crazy story, about 3 weeks ago I started bleeding (moderate period type bleeding) believing I was miscarrying for the second time at approx. 4 weeks after ovulation I called my Dr.. I had Hcg levels and progesterone drawn the hcg levels were increasing but not as fast as normal and my progesterone was 3.2 which is equiv to levels during ovulation, ie bad. My Dr. ordered an ultrasound which showed no baby and sac just some underlying placental tissue which my Dr. suspected to be causing the increase in hcg. Well my Dr. said we could do a D&C the next day or I could wait until she got back from vacation the following week to see if maybe the placental tissue had pa__sed on it's own. We opted for the latter and now two weeks later I had two more hcg tests, both increasing though slowly (4/12-3500) and I had an ultrasound again today and low and behold the tech saw a gestational sac(where two weeks ago there was nothing) which she said she would expect to see at an hcg level of 3500 and approx 41/2 weeks gestation. Needless to say I'm baffled and so is my Dr. My Dr. says worst case ectopic pg but the tech did not see anything in the tubes and i'm not bleeding anymore and no abd pain. Also possibly vanishing twin syndrome? I just don't understand because how could my ?fetus be only 41/2 weeks when I had a + pg test approx 5 weeks ago which was only day 12 after ovulation so technically I should be about 7 weeks post ovulation?? Anyway I will have more tests next week to see how things are progressing . Iam afraid to get my hopes up but it is hard not to after hearing your stories. PS I think it's great that all of you are questioning your Dr. most people put too much trust in individuals who are only human and therefore capable of error!! There's an awesome book called Taking Charge of your fertility by TonyWeschler it's very informative not only for fertility issues but also to recognize how a woman's body works which remains a mystery to most of us!!


Llaura - April 15

I don't have a bad story, but I can now understand how dates can easily be mixed up. Last week went to the doctor, according to lmp I was only suppose to be 5 weeks 2 days along, but the uterus felt very large. Went in for an ultrasound this Wednesday (6 weeks and 3 days) and the baby measured 7 weeks along. And we are proud/lucky to say with a strong heartbeat. I know the dates are not a huge difference, but we were charting ovulation, cycles, etc. We thought we were exact with our calculations. I do agree with a second opinion when it comes to your baby. Best of luck to everybody


Tammy - April 20

All last week I kept getting negative tests. Even went into the Dr. for a test which also came back neg. I was persistant because I am never late. Finally, on Monday I tested positive on a HPT (this making me one week late). I asked to have my bloodwork done right away because of previous miscarriages. Today they called and said my hcg level was low (20) at 5 weeks. There was also another number that came back low although I forget was it was called. Now I have to go back in tomorrow for the 2 day follow-up to see if my numbers have doubled. Does anyone know if 20 is superlow for only 5 weeks? I'm desperate for this baby as I am 41 years old. Thank god for my 2 year old I finally had after 3 m/c though :)


Amy - April 20

Tammy, I was told by my Doc, that 700's is typical of a 4 week preg., I have just miscarried at that mark, I was supposed to be 7 weeks. But apparently by reading all of these posts, it may be no big deal. Obviously crazier things have happened. GOOD LUCK!!


Pati - April 21

I need to hear honest responses here please. Today, my HCG level was counted at 4183. Although we don't know an EXACT conception date (let alone my last period date), we figure we're at 8-9 weeks. I had very small (pin point) spotting yesterday. Today, my spotting was a little heavier and darker, but by no means a lot. Because of the UltraSound labs hours, I will not be able to have one until Monday (this is Thursday). I would love some input as to what peoples HCG levels were around their 8th week. I realize that it is EXTREMELY low according to charts. Please be honest.


Bharat - April 23

My wife is 9 weeks pregnant without any sign of kid inside her sac. There is no foetus and no heartbeat. Do you people still recommend that I wait before getting the DNC done?. How long should I wait? We already have taken 3 opinions. She is all healthy with no sign of headache, no bleeding. She behaves almost perfect, We are worried, hope anybody has answers for this. Thanks in advance.


Heather - April 24

What is this obsession the States seem to have with D&C's? The body naturally takes care of failed pregnancies on its own; yeah, you have to wait a bit longer, but then it's taken care of naturally. D&C's are awfully hard on a body. Anyway, to answer Patti's question; I lost a baby at 10 weeks, and had started spotting at 8 weeks. Once red blood after a bm, then an ultrasound where we saw the baby's heartbeat, and then just brown blood, a little spotting, and at nine weeks more spotting (a little heavier), and another ultrasound where the heartbeat couldn't be found. The miscarriage happened on its own three days after that, and it sort of felt like a mini-labour, contractions and everything. I think I remember that my hcg levels were around the 4000 mark in the 10th week, but I don't know what they were in the 8th. The whole process from first spotting to out and out miscarriage took a little over two weeks. My doctor told me that here in Canada D&C's (because they're so hard on the body) aren't done unless there's a problem with the miscarriage -- ie, the body isn't able to eliminate it all and start anew. She said that's pretty rare. So if you're willing to wait a bit and let nature take its course, it might be a better option; easier on your system -and- your conscience. Once those HCG levels begin dropping it goes pretty quick, and you'll know whether it was meant to be or not without any intervention. Hugs to all, and good luck with your pregnancies... and your doctors. ;)


Marla - April 24

I had an empty sac at 9 weeks, unfortunately had to get a d&C. I had the sac and a yolk sac, but no embryo. I would wait a bit before doing anything, I have head so many cases where it appears a bit later. Good luck


Brandi - April 25

Here's another story to add... Last period was 3/3. On fertility treatment of Chlomid and FSH shots. About a week after my period should have come in April, I was about to take a hpt when I started bleeding followed by REALLY bad cramping. Had a small funny looking clot come out on 4/10. I felt like something wasn't right so I took a hpt on 4/12 which was positive. Went to the dr, had an ultrasound which showed nothing. My blood work showed an HcG level of 29. The dr said I probably had a miscarriage. Went back on 4/20 for another blood test to make sure HcG level was going down. It went up from 29 to 160. Had another ultrasound which showed nothing on 4/23 but bloodwork that showed another increase to 226. Dr. said it looks like I'm pregnant and wants to check my HcG level again on Tuesday (4/26) and do an ultrasound on 5/2. Last night, I started having brown discharge when I wiped after going to the bathroom which is still happening today. Does this sound weird to you? Has anyone ever heard of a miscarriage where the HcG level still rises afterwards??? I'm really stressed about it... This is my first pregnancy...if it was even that... Help!


Jordan - April 26

(age 17)I had my "period" on 3/17... s_x for the 3rd time ever on 20th (figured I wouldnt get preg during my period)..bleeding ended next morning completely but very last few drops were light pink. This Bleeding could very well be ovulation bleeding seeing how I had my "real" period thwo and a half weeks earlier. believe it or not, I became pregnant the first time I ever had s_x, was pregnant for 3months and had abortion. I took a pregnancy test 2 days ago and appeared negative with such a faint 2nd line that I'm not even sure if Its real. I have same symptoms as last pregnancy like weight gain (I gained 10 lbs in the last 5 weeks!) mood swings, darker, lasrger nipples with some soarness a few weeks ago. Here's something interesting.. I had my abortion in august, (would have had baby in february) and I discovered my brests started lactating very slightly in march.. if I force it to I can still get some milk to come out BUT since I've thought I was pregnant this time in the beginning, it increased. Since then I was bleeding a VERY not normal bleeding that lasted 5 days and it was mostly brownish and sort of dry at first then a part where it poured out heavy for 30mins like watery and very red. did I have a miscarrage..if so why and I still having symptoms of pregnancy and feeling like I am? someone PLEASE tell me.


Jordan - April 26

P.S- heres my e-amail Blueyes15015@aol.com anyone wanting to e-mail me with comment.. or u can just post it ill be checking it regularly


lee - April 27

Greg & Shannon I'm so sorry you had to go to that horrible ordeal. I wish you the best with your pregnancy. I've been trying for so many years and finally I've been spotting for like a week found out I wsas pregnant. Oh how happy I was. I spot though. Its light not enough even for a pad but still light bleeding I have no cramps but yesterday my tummy felt tight then late last night it all went away all normal today w light spotting i went to check my HCG again yesterday it rose only from 930 to 1180 it realy didn't move alot. Is it still possible to have a healthy preganancy? I jnow last year I ahd some check up and doctor said I had a samll cervix. Could this be why I'm bleeding? I want this baby so bad I'm even crying typing this. Is such a happy moment but so many scary feelings too! its such a miracle I wish we all could have easy healthy preganncies. The bleeding is so scary and low HCG. My nurse said number are really hard to follow. I have a u/s on Thursday. I'm praying they see my baby. Good luck to all of you & god bless you and you're little angels. Definately a gift & miracle sent from god!!



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