Low HCG Level At 7 Weeks

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HollySmith - May 25

Well, I started loosing my baby on Wednesday. It's been a very hard couple of days, but I lean on God as my strength and understand that it is his will. Good luck to anyone who reads these posts in the future. I hope your ending is happier than mine. God Bless you.


Rosalyn - May 29

Wow!! i am so glad i found this site! I have a similar case to u guys. I found i was pregnant at 4 weeks according to my LMP but i also know i was only 12 days since the day i conceived not even 2 weeks yet. At week 6 since my LMP i was cramping really bad and went to the emergency room to see what was wrong. The pain went away within an hour. but i got blood work done and i also had a v____al ultrasound. My bloodwork came back good and my HCG level was 6995. I also got checked by my doctor whom was on call that day and he said my uterus was good and growing and that everything seemed fine. But when it came to the ultrasound they didnt see anything, and was told it was probably too soon to detect anything i was on the early stage of pregnacy. I was told to follow up on 3 days later so i did. i saw my doctor he checked me and said everything was fine, he just wanted to do more blood work to make sure my HCG level is progressing properly. I went back on thursday for my results and he said my HCG level just made it enough to be considered normal so he wanted to do another blood test and wanted me to go for another ultrasound that same day and come back the following day for results. At the ultrasound the technician saw a sack but no heart beat and no baby. The following day, which was last friday my doctor told me that as he checked me it seemed to be going fine in my uterus but he's not sure whats going on and why they havent been able to see a baby. Also he read to me my HCG level and i was told it only went from 9000 to 10000. and that was not normal, he said i could be having an early miscarriage, he said he wants me to do another ultrasound today and more bloodwork to finalise what he thinks. He says my HCG should've doubled and it was no where near that. I am just wondering what are my chances of loosing my baby, since he siad it might've never became a baby just that the egg reached the uterus but never became an embryo. I am very concerned and i was wondering if i sitll have a chance. I am now 8 weeks since my LMP but only 6 weeks since i conceived. Please help if there are any suggestions from anyone.. should i get another second opinion/ my doctor doesnt seem bad he seems very nice and carring and if my results come bak the same today as before i will need a DNC done... PLEASE HELP!


HollySmith - May 30

With mine, my body was able to complete the miscarriage on it's own. That's the way we are made. A D&C should only be done in circ_mstances where the body fails. I read up on it and a D&C should be done when bleeding is extreme or continues for longer than it should, and when extreme pain is involved. Now, keep in mind that your body goes through contractions in order to miscarry. Mine was very painful, and sometimes so much that it made me cry. But my mother in law is a nurse and she wasn't very concerned that I was in that kind of pain. A D&C should be last resort as far as my research can tell me. Good luck. I hope you don't have to go through that, but that you're just a bit early and carry your baby full term.


maggie07 - June 1

When I was told that I was having a miscarriage I told my husband that I wanted to have a D&C done because I didn't think I could handle what was going to happen. I did not want to see anything at all. I am VERY thankful that I did not have a D&C done. My husband and I had different views about having one anyway. My body has taken care of itself finally. I did go for a 2nd opinion but that was because my doctor was a quack and couldn't answer any questions that we had. I have had bloodwork done since April 16th and I go Monday for hopefully my last round of it. My new doctor is monitoring me closely to make sure my HCG levels drop below 10. My emotions have been out there. I am still having a hard time adjusting and now it seems like everyone around me is pregnant and that is very hard to deal with. Since all this has happened I just want to spend every minute with my husband. At first I felt like I pushed him away while I was going through the whole process. I guess they just understand us moody women. I will keep you in my prayers. Keep us posted!


Cgerylyn - June 3

Has anyone heard of Beta hcg levels dropping and then going back up? My dropped 5 points from 2 days ago. I am very early into my pregnancy Cherylyn


dadams - June 3

I am in a similar situation. I went to the dr on 5/29, had an u/s and saw a birth sac, and no baby. Did HCG quant and it was 35,500. On 6/1 I had another HCG and it dropeed to 25,600. Has anyone had the HCG that high, and then it dropped? I have had not spotted or have had any cramps. This has been a very long week. I go back to the dr tomorrow. Does anyone have any thoughts?


maggie07 - June 4

My situation was the same with just a sac being seen. When I had my HCG levels checked for the first time it was 40,000 on 4/16, then I had them checked on 4/18 and they had only dropped to 38,900. I did not have any spotting or any other signs of a miscarriage until 5/1 when I started bleeding. My body finally took care of itself. I know this is not the info that you wanted to hear. How far along are you? I was 8 weeks and a few days when mine was 40,000 but the sac only measured 6 weeks.


maggie07 - June 4

My HCG level has continued to drop. Since 4/16 I have had my levels checked every week and sometimes twice a week. I went today for hopefully my last round of blood work. They are making sure they come down below 10 to make sure I have not retained anything.


dadams - June 5

My dates showed that I was 8 weeks, but the sac only showed 5w4d. I am glad that things took care of them self. I went back to the dr on 6/4, and the sac looks like it is smaller, so he has given me the option of a D&C or just to wait. I have really debated over this. Once it starts how long does it take? I have 4 kids, and we are very busy. I almost think it might be easier, unfortuately to just have the D&C and have it be all over. I am a little torn over what to do. Thanks for your input.


maggie07 - June 9

dadams I am so sorry I haven't been checking this site very often. It took a while for the process to start for me. I started bleeding on 5-1 but it was just really light, I could just wear a pantyliner. On 5-12 I woke up early in the morning cramping so I took some Advil. Then later that day around 4pm it start, I pa__sed it all and it was A LOT. I had MAJOR cramps, your body has labor pains to push it out. I bled really heavy like soaking a maxi pad in like 15 mins. That only lasted about 2 hours, the really heavy bleeding. I pa__sed huge clots for about 2 days. I hate to say this but it was a lot worse than what my doctor had prepared me for. I finally stopped bleeding on 5-22 so it was exactly 3 weeks of bleeding for me. It was a lot to go through but I know that God had a reason for not letting us have the baby. Now we are anxiously counting down our 3 months to try again. We don't have any children and we are ready. :) I know my story is probably not what you wanted to hear but I was glad that I did not choose the D&C and just let things happen. Let me know how your situation goes and I am thinking about you and your family. God Bless!


lnedd - November 1

I am going through a terrible ordeal and I found this site through a search. I found out I was pregnant with a HPT and scheduled to have a blood test. Three days before my appt., I starting having pains in my v____a and the next day I started bleeding. I went in to the hospital and they did a PT and drew blood. They also did a ultra sound and saw that I was 5 weeks which was very hard to determine, as it was so early. The baby was just a speck but it confirmed that it was there. Sent me home and told to get bed rest. The next day cramping started and bleeding became heavier went back to hospital, drs did another HCG test and pelvic. Cervix closed and uterus still felt pregnant. HCG however dropped from 1500 to 750. Told that it wasnt a good sign and Id probably miscarry. Said theyd monitor it with follow up HCG in two days. Returned in two days after having more heavy bleeding and pa__sing clots a couple hours earlier. I figured that I had lost the baby already but went to the hospital to be checked. Bleeding and cramping had subsided, did internal ultrasound and pelvic exam told the baby was still there and cervix still closed. Did another HCG and sent home to rest. Called by nurse next day said that level had dropped again to 300's and it didnt look good, Told that I'd have to come in a few more times for more tests to follow levels. Theyd have to follow until levels reached 2. Very disappointed but told story that a friend of my sister had gone through the same thing with her pregnancy and her level had dropped to 2 and then started rising again. SHe had a healthy baby boy. Im hoping that is the case and will hold off on the D&C when the Drs suggest it. This baby is very much wanted and Im trying not to lose hope.


krstenl - January 18

thank you so much for all of your posts, especially greg and shannon. you may have saved my babe. i am in that EXACT same position right as we speak. no heart beat but hgh levels not dropping. i will seek a second opinion. thank you for your post.


olen - May 11

Wow greg and shannon you both had a scare there im so glad that you went and got a second opinion i hope every thing is well and you get that dumb doctor, but i do have a little issue of my own that if anyone could help that would be great. I havent had a period in two months i have all the signs of being pregnant and i have taken 6 home tests and they are all negative im going to get the hcg blood work done but if i did calaulate it right i would be 9 weeks and wouldnt you think that the hcg level would be high enough to read a positive me and my husband are lost and just dont know what to do and for about 4 days now i have been having some mild to sever cramping and it comes and goes but NO bleeding if anyone has any suggestions please let me know thank you!!!


Sulfate - July 17

I am experiencing a similar situation right now. My hubby and I already have 3 little girls, ages 5, 4, and 2. I took a pregnancy test last week, and it turned positive quicker than any test I had taken with my other 3 pregnancies. We were shocked because we didn't plan on having more kids, but we're really happy and excited now. I had no idea how far along I might be, because I've still been having what I thought were periods. So, they did an ultrasound and it showed a perfect little sack with a blood supply, but they couldn't see a baby. Well, the doctor said that from feeling my abdomen, I'm only 3 or 4 weeks pregnant, so it's normal that you wouldn't be able to see the baby yet. But over the past 6 days, they keep checking my hormone levels and they said that they aren't rising like they should be. The day of the ultrasound the levels were 650, 2 days later it was 980, and today it was 1160. I didn't think there was anything to worry about, but the doctor and his nurse seem so negative about it. I'm trying to stay positive, but I'm really worried. They are going to do an ultrasound next Wednesday, (in 5 days), so wish me luck!!


Polu - May 5

Hi - I am new into this forum, and I'd like to say that reading some of the post on here gives me a lot of hope with regards to what I am going through at the moment. My husband and I had a bad pregnancy earlier this year in February. It was pronounced Ectopic after a couple of doctor visits. I was injected with MTX drug twice to get rid of the embryo, but it didnt work. I was then told by the doctor to take a 3rd injection, so I got scared, and went for a second option. Which we were told to hold off for a week to see if anything happens. So we did and all was going well til the pain just hit one morning (bout 3 days later) and I was admitted to the hospital and I was in surgery an hr later. They removed my left fallopian tube, so now left with one. I recovered from the surgery, and two weeks ago, we found out we are pregnant again, and I am 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant today. We went back to the same doctor. All was going alright until today, she told me that I have Ectopic again. My HCG levels are progressing, but its still low. My doctors visit are as follows: 21/04/2010 - B-HCG 30.470 26/04/2010 - B-HCG 97.400 29/04/2010 - B-HCG 183.700 05/05/2010 - B-HCG 244.100 So all she told me today was that I have Ectopic again. I was at the doctor's alone without my husband, I got so emotional that I couldnt bare to spend anothr minute with the doctor to ask further questions. She is not good at listening anyway... but I told her that I wasnt gonna take the MTX drug injection today, I need to think about it and discuss with my husband tonight. We are going for a second opinion tomorrow and I am still hopeful for a better news. Has anyone been through a similar case as mine? Like to hear from you please. Thanks for your time!


Raesunk76 - May 10

My HCG level at what was supposed to be 6 weeks 1 day was only 98. Then at 7 weeks it was 128 and at 7 weeks 2 days it was 158. My Doctor believes this is a chemical pregnancy, but I have had fatigue, increased urination, sore and tender b___sts, have missed one period (the next one would be due tomorrow) and as of this morning I started having morning sickness and food cravings. I have had no cramping or spotting that would imply my period was about to begin or that a miscarriage was about to happen. So... is there still hope for this pregnancy?



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