Low HCG Level At 7 Weeks

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lee - April 27

Greg & Shannon I'm so sorry you had to go to that horrible ordeal. I wish you the best with your pregnancy. I've been trying for so many years and finally I've been spotting for like a week found out I wsas pregnant. Oh how happy I was. I spot though. Its light not enough even for a pad but still light bleeding I have no cramps but yesterday my tummy felt tight then late last night it all went away all normal today w light spotting i went to check my HCG again yesterday it rose only from 930 to 1180 it realy didn't move alot. Is it still possible to have a healthy preganancy? I jnow last year I ahd some check up and doctor said I had a samll cervix. Could this be why I'm bleeding? I want this baby so bad I'm even crying typing this. Is such a happy moment but so many scary feelings too! its such a miracle I wish we all could have easy healthy preganncies. The bleeding is so scary and low HCG. My nurse said number are really hard to follow. I have a u/s on Thursday. I'm praying they see my baby. Good luck to all of you & god bless you and you're little angels. Definately a gift & miracle sent from god!!


Heather - April 27

Brandi - I am currently going through the same thing right now. Long story short I have been bleeding for the past week - I am about 6.5 weeks - went in on Monday to do an internal u/s - saw nothing, but blood clots - did more blood work to review hcg levels. Got a call from the dr. on Tuesday to say my level went from 160 to 1100 in a week - did more blood work today - she is thinking by Thursday they should be at 2200. I think if nothing else I am going with the theory that the body will take care of its self. Are your levels still increasing?


crystal - April 27

i'm suppose to be 6 weeks , my doctors have done hcg levels every other day they say there low but to me there doubling, my first was 227, than went to 466 than to 1600 so i don't see how thats not doubling anyways went for an ultra sound today and the tech said she didn't see anything, but was a concern in my tubes so she went and talked to the midwife who came in and talked to me than they did anther blood than the midwife talked to the doctor came back and said they did see something that could be a start of the sac in the utreues but there not sure, which she showed me and it's not a full sac yet but its starting , and i seen like the lil bud , so there repaeting my blood again friday anther ultra sound Monday , i'm so scared i've had to miscarriges in the past i do have ahealthy 3 year old though, but i asked her if i could have a normal one growing and a bad one in my tubes she said it's a pobbislty, by my lmp i should be 6 weeks 2 days but my cylces weren't regular so i'm so confused!


nel - April 28

Greg & Shannon**I know I am late; but i had the same problem your wife had. I let them do the DNC and found out about your situtation after this was our 2nd try and lost both. Now I am to scared to go again.


lee - April 28

I'm so happy to hear that you stuck to your intuition rather than listenning to that doctor! I hope you follow through with legal procedures. Your little miracle is so precious. Doctors are not God they are people too, they make mistakes. Although when it comes to people lives and babies they got to be more careful and have some compa__sion. I had my first u/s today. My HCG level as of last Thurs was at 930 this monday it was 1180 and this thurs at 2450. My u/s they said they seen something thick which shows when a woman is pregnant in the uterus its usually is thin if you're not pregnant but they seen only a small black dot when they said at 6 weeks and 4 days they should see a larger black mark which is the baby. I have another u/s next thurs. I pray everyday and God is answering my prayers. I really want this angel of course I want a healthy prenancy and healthy baby. I see hope as i read all of these blogs. has anyone had low hcg level and everything was ok? how about doing u/s but not able to see nothing yet. i have no pain, I've been spotting although for 2 weeks (only a pantyliner necessary, sorry I know TMI). I pray everything is great...it will be.


Brandi - April 29

FINALLY got my results to my bloodwork from 4/26... My levels went up AGAIN but only from 229 on 4/23 to 260 on 4/26. Dr. won't confirm or deny pregnancy but did say 15% of pregnancies are slow to rise. I'm going in for a REAL ultrasound (in the radiology dept.) and more blood work on 5/3. Still having brown spotting. This is SO nerve racking!!!!! My mom and I decided that if I am pregnant (which I am not getting my hopes up), this better be one GENIUS of a baby for all this stress. hehe I'll keep ya'll updated...


Brandi - April 30

Well, I am currently miscarrying... I went to the ER this morning with bright red bleeding. HcG levels have gone from 260 (on 4/26) to 89.


nel 05/06/05 - May 6

Brandi I am very sorry for the lost, but always remember when God said his grace is sufficient. He is a wheel in the middle of a wheel, I can feel your pain. Please stay strong!


Angel - May 8

To : Greg and Shannon, I was just wondering if the UT Medical Center you went to is the one in Chattanooga and also if the Dr. that told you to get the D&C was also in the same city? I had a similar situation happen to me and I also got a second opinion. Please let me know what the location was. good luck to the both of you.


Julia - May 9

I has something similar happen to me. I Took a pregnancy test on Dec. 4th 2004 and it was definetly positive. I went for a sonogram and the doctor saw a sac but no fetus. I had no staining or bleeding. I went for blood tests and sonograms ever week for about 8 weeks. My HCG Level was going up and up but every week they saw nothing in the sac - there was no baby developing. I went to a specialist and he said they have seen this before, but its not that common. I ended up having a dnc on January 13th. After some more test they told me it was a chromosone problem. I guess it was gods way of not letting us bring a sick baby into the world.


Jamie - May 10

I think maybe I am just in denyal...but the baby was concieved on April 17th 2005. I started bleeding on April 23rd and i went to the emergency room, my HCG level was 90, which is high for being so early. the bleeding was light and stopped on Monay April 25th (I bled for 3 days). Monday, April 25th (48 hours later) HCG level: 101 Wednesday, April 27th (48 hours later) HCG level: 107 Thursday, April 28th: Doctors Appt. Cervix still closed and everything looks fine, they warn that due to my numbers I might have a miscarrage. Wednesday, May 4th: HCG level: 80 the nurse called and said I will probably miscarry within the next few weeks.... now my question is, could this have been maybe a disappearing twin, can your numbers just fluctuate this early on? It has only been 18 days since conception. I still feel pregnant, my b___bs are swelling up and I haven't blead since that first time and my cervix was still closed after that so that wasn't a miscarrage. Is there hope for this pregnancy? I feel so helpless because all i can do its wait and I need hope. Thank you and please pray for me! Thank you all for your stories they are giving me hope and keeping me strong.


Julie - May 12

I am so thankful to have found this site. My LMP was March 16th, 2005. I've had four positive pregnancy tests and multiple signs such as fatigue, tender b___sts, etc. We calculated that I am 8wks pregnant. Today my husband and I went for our first ultrasound (first baby) expecting to see a heartbeat, when they told us that we are not 8 wks along, but only 5 wks 6 days! How does this happen? They are saying that maybe I have my dates mixed up, but I certainly do not. I admit I could be one-two days off, but NOT 14days. Is it possible to have a period and have ovulation delayed? I'm very confused. They drew my HCG levels and I will have them rechecked on Monday as well as a repeat ultrasound on Wednesday. Any advice? They also thought they could see what was the beginning of a flicker of a beating heart chamber. I am confused at the date calculations. Any help out there? I'm worried and confused!


jfu - May 13

I am so glad to have found this site. I feel for everyone here and congrats to the people with pos outcomes, i hope i can be so lucky. i am in the same boat and now am considering getting a second opinion. heres my spin of the same story (minus the ending)...LMPwas on 3/14; took home preg test on 4/11 came up +w/lite line. then on 5/3 had some lite spotting, called doc and went in on the 4th. she said my uterus felt small, did u/s and said saw sac but no heartbeat-the said im sorry you m/c-had blighted ovum (baby stopped growing). I started crying immed. and then she said she'll do blood tests to confirm. Next day she called to say hcg were at 15000 but progesterone low-start supp. Then said to come in on 5/10 for another u/s. Now in the meantime i felt like i was on a roller coaster. Spotting stopped, sometimes pink or br when wiped but hardly even that. went in on 5/10 (8wk now) and had transv____al u/s. tech said i only measured 5w 4d. Just like julie, i know when my last pd is and i cant understand how that was poss unles it stopped growing? they did not want to draw blood, i made them, and then they didnt even call me w/the results. i left repeated mess and finally today-doc calls and says my hcg only is at 18000 and to expect to miscarry any day now. I have no cramping, but am still fluctuating between spotting and not. any input would be greatly appreciated. i feel like i have been suckerpunched cuz we had a baby in 2/2004 and everything was fine. thank you and my prayers are with you all


Esther - May 13

Thanx a lot guys for your encouraging words. I'm also in the same boat in South Africa. According to my dates I'm suppose to be 9 weeks, I went for an ultrusound, no baby only the sac. My bloot test shows 6-7 weeks. I've been doing hCG levels which are rising slowly. Pray for me too.I hope everything goes well.


Julie - May 13

Jfu- I am so sorry to hear what is going on with you as well. I think you definitely deserve the love and care of another physician. I am finding it hard to find information regarding this subject and am at such a loss. When they did my ultrasound yesterday there was indeed the beginnings of a baby, they even gave me a picture of the ultrasound. The tech and the doc both said that their gut feelings are that I have a normal 5wk 6day old pregnancy and that the numbers are just all screwed up. I know the numbers may be off, but not by two weeks. I guess I am wondering what the possibilities are. Have you found any other sites or advice? I'm so tearful today and I have to wait until Monday for another HCG test and have to wait until Wed. for another ultrasound. I hope you are well!


Suzanne - May 14

Julie it sounds like you have a normal healthy pg be positive . It is in fact true that women can have delayed ovulation brought on by a number of things incl stress or illness or just your natural cycle. The phase between your period and ovulation is called the follicular phase and can vary dramatically so it is possible that you could be off by 14 days!! I hope this brings you some peace of mind..... JFU I just went through the same thing had increasing hcg levels saw gestational sac and then stopped growing but hcg levels continued to go up. There is alot more to it you can read my previous entry from April long story short I've been on a 2 month rollercoaster of being poked and prodded, am I pg or not, I even went to a specialist, the Dr. told me possibly my progesterone was supporting the preg, ie the sac and hcg, but was not viable as evidenced by no growth , no blood perfusion to sac, and hcg though increasing were not doubling. Bottom line you need to look at all factors and make your decision if there is a possibility your dates could be off you may want to wait otherwise you may be having a missed miscarriage , meaning that for some reason your body is not yet ready to let go and it may take weeks for it to finally miscarriage and it still may not and do you want to put yourself through that? I don't mean to be brutal I just want you to be prepared and make an informed decision. I certainly wish you the best and I understand your frustration this is actually my second miscarriage after 2 healthy children and came as a shock never thought it would happen to me but am finding out very common and it really helps to talk about it again wish you the best. By the way it looks like after 8 long weeks I'm finally coming to the end of my nightmare as I 'm bleeding (not a lot light to mod evn brown w/ mod cramping) and hcg levels are dropping and last us revealed no sac any more. This actually comes as a relief as I was scheduled for my second d&c which was then cancelled . Hope you all find your answers.



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