Low HCG Level At 7 Weeks

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ellie - July 18

i took my first hcg test on 07.08.05 the results were 5, i then took another hcg on 07.14.05 and the number went up to 115.. i began spotting pink, no cramps or heavy bleeding. i had an ultrasound done on 07.18.05, no sac was found yet, but the dr. said it was to early. i went for another hcg and the result was 5. does any one know what this means??!!!!


Andriana - July 21

Hi I am going through the same thing, I went to the DR. 7/14 and my stats were 2881, on 7/19 they were 3410 and my Dr. has told me not to eat after midnight just incase they do not double on tomorows count, to get a DNC, I am going to follow your advice and get a 2nd.


tmt - July 23

I have just read all of your questions and answers and advice etc and was hoping someone could help me.bit of a long story so ill start from the beggining and appologise before hand! I have a 4year old son which i had no probs with in pregnancy although he did arrive 6weeks early but with no complications and is totally healthy.After he was born i suffered terrible with postnatal depression,ive been on antidepressants since he was 3months old.In this time i have gained 5 stone and 18months ago was referred to a gaenocologist for tests as me and my husband was failing to conceive again.i was told i had polyscytic ovarie syndrome and would prob need fertility treatment to conceive but before any treatment could begin i was told to lose a minimum of 4stone,that was 18months ago and ive only recently decided to diet and have lost just 2stone.11weeks ago i had a bleed witch washeavier and slightly more painful than usual but didnt think too much of it,this sounds really strange but 3weeks ago i had a dream one night that i was pregnant and i dont no what made me do it but i woke up and headed straight to the chemist for a hpt which came up pos.i didnt believe it and did 4 tests that day all reading the same.my doctor confirmed my pregnancy and he referred me to be booked in with the midwives,in which i saw on tuesday 19th july.As they were not awfully busy they said i could have an ultrasound then and there,the sonographer said she could see a sac and going by the measurements of the sac,the sac is 6weeks.the sac was empty though,she said this was not such a problem at this stage as an ultrasound is not clear enough to see anything as early on as 6weeks and thats why us are normally done between 10 and 14weeks.she said on the other hand the pregnancy might of stopped.I have been told to wait 3weeks for another us,which by then will make the sac around 9weeks,she said at this stage she should be able to see a slight something.she told me not too worry,but how can i not?i have had no bleeding although i have had a few niggley pains right low down in the pubic area,i have otyher symptoms such as sore b___sts,tired alot and sickness,but i am just so confused.If the pregnancy has stopped why do i still have these symptoms?Why hasnt the sac expelled from my body?Why is the sac only measuring 6weeks when my last bleed was 11weeks ago?Surely i should be 11weeks pregnant?Since seeing the midwife i have done a further 3 hpt,my theory there was if the pregnancy has stopped surely i would get a negative reading,but its still pos!Surely something should of been visable on the us?can anyone help?


Amy - July 23

tmt well do you have a regular af? i went in when i was 6wks 5d and could see a sac and heart motion but could not make out baby at all i went back in 2 wks later and there was the baby it measured 8wks 5 d just what we thought and heart rate of 188bpm and if things are going bad you will test + on a hpt till your levels go down and that mite take a while but if you don't get a regular af maybe your just earlyier than 11wks cause by 11 wks you sould see somthing


Kari - July 27

I am having a similar situation as you guys did. I had an innocent ultrasound to rule out a tubal pregnancy. Upon doing the ultrasound, the radiologist had a very difficult time finding a baby but she did. My sac was measuring 5 weeks and my lmp was 8 weeks prior. My doctor ordered an hCG study and found my levels went from 55000 to 58000 in a little less than 48 hours. He did order another ultrasound which found a sac, no baby and no heartbeat. That day I received a RhoGam injection and another hCG level. My level increased only about 1000 in a 5 day period. Today, my doctor says he thinks I will probably miscarry but is ordering another ultrasound in one week to make sure. Any advice? kerrigansmom63[email protected]


rams - August 3

Thanks for every one for writing. I am in the same boat. My lmp is june 17, which makes me about 6 1/2 week pregnant. my hcg levels are low at 4000 and raising very slowly. They are not doubling every 72 hours but doubling every one week. My progestrone is low too and using supplements. My first ultra sound at 5 1/2 weeks did not show any sac. Now second one at 6 1/2 weeks shows a gestational sac, whcih ruled out ectopic pregnancy. As per doctor, they should see yolk fetus. Dr adviced D&C. After reading all your experiences, I decided to let the nature take care of it. Probably I will have another U/S next week. Hoping it would work out this time as I had one ectopic before.


Deanna - August 5

I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon just to meet with the nurse. She did her blood worrk, gave me a bag of stuff to read about babies and we (hubby and I) were so happy!!! We just had a m/c in December and I had another m/c in 1996. Because we had gotten pregnant was a huge obstacle for us!!! Well, then we went in for the u/s and they couldn't see anything. The lady performed a v____al ultrasound and found the sac but nothing in it. The doctor came in and gave us 2 possibilities---#1- I'm not as far along as we thought I was and everything will be just fine in another week or two. OR #2- I am having a very unusual pregnancy where the sac forms, your hormone levels are pregnancy high, but no baby ever develops in that sac. He said, worst case scenario...the preg would have to be terminated. However, he also told us that he wasn't to that point in making a decision yet. He felt very hopeful that we were just a few weeks earlier than we thought we were. I am going to the local hospital Saturday afternoon for more blood work, so they can compare my HCG numbers. After losing 2 babies, we were very hopeful this was the one that would make it. We are still counting on our miracle baby and thanks to all of you...we still have lots of hope!!! Thank you all!


Angela - August 6

Well, I am new to this forum, but wanted to at least share my story and also all of the information the doctors have given me. We are still hopeful, but are also preparing ourselves for the worst. My LMP was on 6/28, I do have a longer cycle (about 30-33 days). At what I thought was 4 weeks 3 days (per LMP), my HCG was 82. When I gave my urine sample, just a pin point of brown discharge showed up, so I went in for a sonogram that afternoon. Of course, only being 4 weeks, 3 days, they saw nothing (no sac or embryo). I went back in on that following Tuesday (4 days later) and HCG level was 224. I started to get some very light brown discharge and mild abdominal twinges (nothing compared or as bad as cramps), so I went to the ER and received another sonogram and also a trans v____al ultrasound. At this point in time, I'm thinking I'm right at 5 weeks, 2 days (according to LMP). Still they see nothing, no sac or embryo. My HCG level at the ER was 300 (two days earlier it was 224). I also found out I was RH positive, so no worries there. The ER doctor didn't seem too concerned because he said you really can't see anything on ultrasound until your HCG is over 1000. Went home, but all in all I wasn't panicked. Then this morning I get a call from my normal OBGYN and she sounds really worried and sends me immediately to a specialist in our area this afternoon (supposedly 5 weeks/3 days per LMP) and says he wants to "discuss my options." Now I'm panicked at this point. After seeing the specialist, he thinks it could be three options. #1 I conceived later than I thought because I have a longer cycle. I'm almost positive I know the exact date we conceived (because I was out of town three days prior...and getting pregnant while out of town away from my hubby would be very bad. :) ) He thinks that another possibility could be that I am not as far along as I had thought even though LMP puts me at 5 weeks 3 days. Option #2, I'm having an "ectopic pregnancy." This would explain the brown discharge and minor abdominal twitches. #3 My HCG levels are rising slowly which usually are a sign of trouble, but in a very slim amount of cases, the pregnancy can still be successful. His recommendation was to get another two HCG tests (three days apart) from my ORIGINAL lab/facility that I received the first two from. He said that different labs are known to have different sensitivity to the HCG and that it can cause it to swing in one direction or another. After the appointment, I went back in for another blood draw, told the tech to put some luck in the vile and I then have to go back on Monday for another test. This is our first, so of course every little twinge, I'm worried about. Especially since it seems that they should have been able to have seen something on the ultrasound. I will update this post on Tuesday since by then I should have the other two HCG tests back. This forum is great and has really given me the power to question EVERYTHING that the doctors tell you. I wish everyone luck...thank you for all of the great posts and valuable information.


T - August 7

Hi. I have been reading all your posts and seem to be in the same boat. I just found out I am PG w/ #2. My LMP was 6/30 and we have been TTC for only a couple months. I got very very faint positives on HPT's (including only a faint line this morning). I had blood drawn on 8/3 and my HCG level was only 24. I started having light brown discharge on 8/5 and it has been coming and going ever since with light cramping. Very light, no need to even use a pad, but I am still worried and expecting the worst. I have another blood HCG scheduled tomorrow. Does anyone have any words of encouragement or discouragement?? I ovulated between days 15-17. Today is day 39 in this cycle, so I am just over 5 weeks. Thanks!


dominquette - August 9

I've been reading all of your posts and I'm happy for a lot of you and my prayers go out to everyone else. Consider you're babies little miracles, of course, and never take for granted a smile or a coo or a stinky diaper. I miscarried 8/3/05 two days before I was supposed to have my first doctor's visit and ultrasound. I guesstimated that I was approximately 11 weeks but I may have been less - I'm not really sure when my last mp was but I was really looking forward to having this baby because I knew this was going to be my girl. I have two babies already (two sons) both c-section babies and I have to wonder if maybe that could play a part in my miscarrying. The doctor told me he wanted to wait a week to see if I'd pa__s the fetus instead of doing a DNC right a away so we waited a week. I haven't pa__sed anything just a lot of cramping and bleeding. Tomorrow I'm scheduled for an DNC at 9am and I guess the reality will set in then. Do they give you another ultrasound to be sure before doing the DNC? How early is too early for them to be unable to detect a heartbeat? Would they have heard it at 11 weeks? Has anyone ever continued to have a menstrual cycle during a pregnancy? Anyway, I'm having so much bleeding and cramping now I know that there is no miracle in store for me. I guess I was just hopeful. My fiancee and I will continue to try though...I just wish I didn't have to go through this. I don't wish this on any woman....take care all.


richgold - August 9

For the ladies who are having issue with the dates of their pregnacies, it's only recent and not common knowledge that some women ovulate more than once a month, and may not know they're having a second ovulation.


17 yr old mom - August 16

ok, i need alot of help. i found out i was pregnant about a month ago. i should be about 7 weeks along, but im not sure at all. a few days ago i had really bad cramping followed by a blood clot. (which looked to me like a sac or tissue) so of course as this being my first time pregnant i was very concerned. i went straight to mercy hospital where they told me i had a threatened miscarraige. my appoinment for my ob/gyn was for the 30th but they told me to call and move it up to today. so i went a 12:45 and they told me my hcg levels were very low. only 57. im very scared. i kno im very young to have a baby but i still feel very attached to it already. and it will be hard concidering my bf broke up with me yesterday. Great few days huh? anyway, they told me to call tomorrow to see if my levels double. ive still been bleeding (red blood and brown) not heavy enough for a pad but not too light either. i havent had anymore cramping since that one day except for light lower back pain. i really need an opinion on whats going on!!!!!


heather - August 20

hi to everyone i am a mother of four children i just found out that im prego again i have a 20 month old and b___stfed her for a year and i havent got my periods back so the only reason i went to the dr was for a yearly pap and she took a urine test it came back positive she examed me and she said yea im about 8 weeks pregnant but a week later i had an ultrasound done but the girl that done the u/s rushed threw it i found out yesterday that they found a very small sac but i was told they couldnt find anything at all the dr wants me to come back in before my next prenatal visit just wondering what to exspect my next visit


Jessica - August 21

Please help!! I'm suppose to be 6 weeks pregnat .I stated cramping and went to the ER they did a blood test that said my hCG level was 3 i went back to the dr the next day and it was 63. they think i have a eptoic pragnacy.I don't know what to think.my hpt come up postive.this is sat. and I'm suppose to go back on mon. for another blood test. so i'm i pregnat? can anybody help


Tasha - August 25

I don't know if i am writing this in the right place or not, so please bear with me. I have read about the problems some women have with numbers not doubling and slight spotting. Doctors are quick to say misscarriage, but has anybody ever asked them about their progestrone level? I tried to concieve for 8 yrs and never could. I finally got pregnant, but the spotting began early on. My numbers were going up, but not doubling like they should. My doctor just happened to check that hormone level and it was low. They put me on a progestrone supplement once a day for the first trimester and I can say I am the proud mother of a 2 yr. old little boy. I have had two more pregnancies since his birth, but they sadly ended in misscarriage. The hormone therepy helped, but this was chromosonal problems. I am now on my fourth healthy pregnancy. I hope this information does help someone out there. I never knew that this could keep me from having a baby. Good luck and best wishes to everyone!!


Tiffc - August 28

I have a question, I took a hpt and found out I was preg. on Tuesday. Then sadly on Friday I started having bleeding like I was on my period, so I went to the ER and they would not tell me wether or not I miscarried they said my cervix was closed and my HCG level was a 4 and the doctor said either I am really early in my pregnancy (which would be true my last m/p was 8/27) or I miscarried. So, I just a__sumed I miscarried, Now, I don't know what to think. Is it possible to have bleeding like that and still be pregnant? PLease help?



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