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jiffiner - November 27

Hi ladies. I have been reading your posts today and I wanted to join to get support. I have 2 daughters 7 and 5. With my 7 year old I was on clomid and got pregnant on the first round. At home urine test was POS only one day late. With the 5 year old I was not on clomid and the urine test was NEG one day late so I had blood work and it came back with high numbers. In April of this year I got pregnant again. Urine test was NEG so I had to get blood work. Hcg level came back at 13 (supposedly 4 weeks pregnant). At the time the doctor just said he thought I ovulated late and that is why the level was low. I had to go every 2 days for blood work. For a while it went up but at 8 weeks it stopped and I was at about half of what it shoud have been if it doubled every 48 hours. The doctor told me that an ultrasound wouldn't help until my hcg was at least 1000 and mine was only about 600. He checked me that day and said that I was already bleeding and that any day I would start seeing the blood. He told me I could either wait it out and I would eventually MC or I could have a D&C. I prayed about it and told God to send me a sign of what I should do. The very next day I woke up with SEVERE CRAMPING and HEAVY BLEEDING and I took that as a sign. We did a D&C and he said the baby wasn't viable. I just found out today that I am pregnant again and I am terrified. Urine test was NEG again but blood work showed a level of 20.5 (according to LMP I am 4wks 4 days). They are going to call me back tomorrow to let me know what I am suppose to do. I don't want to go through another MC. Just needed some support.


treyz_mama - November 29

DONT DO A D&C thats docs term for an abortion!!! i was told i was going to have a m/c because my levels dropped from 10,000 to 1400 and they were POSITIVE of a m/c the er was my second home. i was bleeding TRAILS of blood behind me and had lower abdominal cramping! but i still delivered a healthy baby boy.. EVERY SINGLE doctor WAS WRONG.. i am now going thru it again, doc says i am having a m/c my levels were 1905 only went up to 2100 in one week. but i refuse to believe him b/c of my previous experience...let god make the decision for you.


jiffiner - November 30

Thanks treyz_mama. What were your levels to begin with in both pregnancies? After he did the D&C he said the baby wasn't even attached. Last night I started with some bleeding so I am going in this morning to get another level done. They put me on once a day progesterone and last night when I called about the bleeding she told me to take it 3 times a day.


jiffiner - November 30

Just got my 2nd HCG level back. The first was done Monday afternoon and it was 20.5. I went this morning and it was 43.5. Doctor says it double but that doesn't seem like enough for me. I am 5 weeks today. Any advice



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