Low HCG Levels At 4 And 5 Wks Pregnant

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Cate - January 16

I've been struggling with low hcg levels. I have had two previous miscarriages (at 10 and 16 weeks) so I am on pins and needles since I happily found out I am pregnant 1 week ago...and now some problems again. I had a VERY little bit of spotting and my home pregnancy tests were coming back SO light, even a few days past when my period was to start. SO, I called dr. and he tested my hcg. At 19 days past ovulation, my number was 97. I repeated the test three days later, 22 days past ovulation . The number was 286. SO...the rise was nice, but still very low for just about 5 weeks preg. (only one day away from 5 weeks at the 286). I am very certain of my conception date (unfortunately,,,so i don't really have that hope that I conceived later than average). SO....with my two miscarriages I don't want any false hope, I want to begin preparing myself. I just don't know if I have any hope with these numbers. My dr .did not schedule anymore hcg test....i am calling tomorrow and asking for one, I need to see if the number is still rising or not. Also, dont you think they should check progesterone??? Am I too late at 5 weeks for suppositories?? I am not having any signs of miscarriage, but no real pregnancy signs either. I just don't know if I can do this a third time...and I don't want my hopes up if there is no hope. I did have two successful pregnancies...all b4 these three episodes. I would love ANY thougts, similar stories, etc. Good or bad..like I said, false hopes are not what I need...


Tara-t - January 17

I'm kinda in the same boat...1 prior miscarriage, HCG at 4.5 weeks was 180, two days later, 380, prog. 15. Then ultrasound at 6 weeks, 1 day (nothing seen, not even a sac). Dr. wants me to use a "higher tech" machine because his machine is old and outdated, but I'm really scared, too. Keep me posted....and good luck.


Cate - January 17

Thanks Tara, good luck to you also. Are you scheduled to have the next ultrasound? Waiting is the hardest part, don't you think? I went and got another blood test this morning...they said they would call me by now...so I'm anxiously waiting to see what the numbers are! Is your Dr. giving you much hope? I am scared too...keep me posted!


beth - January 17

I just went through the same thing.The day I missed my period my hcg was 34. Went back 2 days later(x-mas day) and it was only at 48. They told me I should wait a week to see if the #'s got higher. New years eve day I began to spot(fri.)Brownish, not much. By sunday i was definitely bleeding more heavily and past some tissue that night. On mon. my hcg level was 138. They told me they suspected a miscarriage and to come back in a few days to see if hcg's were going down. and they did. Cate or Tara, in your prior miscarriages did you know what your hcg levels were and if they were rising normally?? I'm just wondering as I've never miscarried before. My dr. did say that she has seen plenty of women with low hcg #'s that go on to have perfectly healthy babies. My case didn't turn out that way but you don't want to lose faith that yours could. It is always best to sort of be prepared for the worst then hope for the best. I will be crossing my fingers for the both of you. Good luck!


Tara-T - January 17

Thanks for your good wishes, Beth. To answer your questions, Cate, we'll hear tomorrow what the Hcg numbers are, I had them drawn on Friday (when we didn't see anything on ultrasound). Again, my dr. was pretty chill about the whole thing. When my husband asked what percentage of 6 weekers don't see a sac, he really kind of shrugged it off, saying, "we like to see a sac and better a heartbeat," but we'll have to wait until the numbers come back. I'm not hopeful..mostly because I keep spotting (very slightly when I wipe), and also because my b___sts arent' as tender and I don't pee as much as I did last week. I am scheduled for an ultrasound next Thursday (I would be 7 weeks), but if the numbers are down, I'll probably just skip it. By the way, I've heard your HCG needs to be at least around 1000 for v____al ultrasound to show anything. Anyway, I know it's hard, it's sad, it's really, really scary and the waiting is dreadful. And Beth, it's important to know the numbers are doubling every few days...that's more imp. then what the actual number is (within reason). How many weeks are you?


Tara-T - January 17

Beth, I just read your post more carefully, and it seems you did miscarry. I'm so sorry. It's such a painful experience to go through. To answer your question, my first miscarriage I went to my internist to have bloods drawn on the day I missed my period (after + HPT). My number came pack at 90.6. At that point, I was looking around for a OBGYN, and for whatever reason, didn't go back for a second draw, since the number seemed fine. Then, around 5.5 weeks, I started spotting. A few days later, I was sent for a v____al ultrasound, (I was really bleeding by that point), and nothing was there. I was handed a report that stated: Likely spontaneous miscarriage. I was in shock. It all happened so quickly. When I showed my husband the paper, he couldn't believe it, we were so upset. But the bleeding had begun and in the next few days I cramped (like never before) and finally pa__sed some tissue and it was over. Every week for a month I had blood draws as the HGC trended back to below 5. So that was misscarriage number 1. Then, after trying again for 8 months, I'm sitting here in the same boat. Waiting, painfully, to start bleeding...my husband, still holding out some hope. It's really all about getting those numbers back tomorrow. Who knows, maybe they'll be high, maybe I'll go have another ultrasound next week and we'll see a viable little peanut with a beating heart...that would be a dream come true. Best wishes to all who read this.


beth - January 17

tara, i'm so sad for you and what you are going through.your right, the waiting is the worst. Before i found out i was pregnant, i had no idea what hcg levels were or why they mattered. Suddenly they were all I thought about. my husband and i are going to start to try again in the spring. and i already know i'll be obsessing about those #'s right away.i have a seven year old son. And it was just never like this when i found out i was going to have him. It was like,the p.t. said I was pregnant then I went for my first Dr's visit at 10weeks to hear a heart beat. I am just really thankful for sights like this where you can talk to other people that are having similar difficulties. It's just too scary and stressful to face alone. tara,i am absolutely praying for you. Try to keep the faith. Please keep me posted on the outcome of your test.


Cate - January 17

I had a big surprise with my numbers today. They came back at 1917. Last Monday they were 97, and then Thursday 281. Today (Monday) 1917. I was shocked. So, I guess they are going up as they should. Even the 1917 is kind of low, considering I'm 5.5 weeks, don't you think??? I'm cautiously optimistic...not sure what to think exactly , I am thinking about you, tara, and hoping for good news tomorrow. Good luck to you, beth. It is so hard. I've had two miscarriages, my last one this past sept and i was at almost 17 weeks,,,and had to deliver, a little boy. It was so, so difficult. Even if my pregnancy continues, I don't know when I'll be able to relax with the late miscarriage last time! this is the hardest thing,,,,and the waiting....please keep me posted,,,my thoughts and prayers are with you both! are you guys obscessing, reading everything, as I am??


Tara-t - January 17

Cate and Beth: Thank you so much for your support: Cate, hang in there, the numbers are doubling so that's great...maybe spend some quite time with your baby now (I've been trying to do that..even asked him to stay, that I'd promise to take good care of him and give him a good, happy life). We really can't predict what will happen; it's karma or fate; or nature; or God's will--the point is it's out of our hands at this stage and all we an do is continue to offer our bodies to the little beings and hope it happens. As for me, my cramping is continuing this evening and more spotting, a little more red, but still doesn't make it into my underware; just when I wipe. My husband (bless him) will not let me say the work "mis....." before we get the numbers tomorrow. I've got a long day tomorrow and have an event to attend in the evening, so I won't be able to post until late. I'll let you know; Thanks for your support Beth, you've really helped me, and Cate- sending you golden lite rays full of hope.


beth - January 18

cate and tara. You are both two very strong and brave women! I admire you both.It is giving me the courage i need to think about going through it all again. I told my husband i didn't know whether or not i could do it. But only now am i realizing......Of course I can! and I will. It's just part of what we must do as women. My son asked me the other day "why boys cannot have babies?" I told him (after careful consideration) that if it were only up to boys to have babies - their would be alot less babies because it hurts to much.(he didn't realize i was referring to emotional pain, not only physical.) He said - " ya mommy, your right." Heck, my husband even agrees w/ me their. Not that he's not going through an awful lot as well. I hope you are both blessed w/ supportive husbands. I sure am. cate- I'm reallt glad you had such encouraging news. they should be able to give you an u/s soon. tara - I know your still waiting, but try to stay busy to help the time pa__s by a bit easier.(if your up to it) I tried everything! shopping(for stuff I didn't need), cooking and baking( ironically because I couldn't eat), and if I was alone in my house-I just turned up the radio and tried to sing along. Sounds silly. but I was determined to just get to the next day w/out losing my mind. Keep your chin's up girls! your both doing everything you can and as you said tara- it's in God's hands and if it's meant to be.......You know the rest.


Cate - January 18

Hi to both of you, and thanks for your messages and support. Tara...I know this is such a long, hard wait. I'm praying for you and anxious to hear ! Hang in there...Beth...you CAN do it again...I know, it's so hard and each time is scarier than the last...but it's worth it. You're right...it's what we have to do! For the good and the bad.... tara..I hope so much for good news for you. Your husband sounds terrific, lean on him!


Tara-T - January 19

Cate and Beth: I almost feel a little guitly about having to report this, but fate is not on my side this time. My husand heard back from the dr. hcg humbers were only in the 1400's which he said was low (I'll be 7 weeks on Thursday- and also, I'm cramping and actually bleeding, now. So I'll probably just skip the ultrasound appt. on Thursday and have some bloods drawn in a few days to make sure numbers are trending down. It's weird...I feel like the pain of this was much worse when I received my first set of hcg numbers at 4.5 weeks. When the number was only 180, my heart just sank, it's as if I knew then and began preparing myself. So when at 6 wks. there was nothing on the ultrasound, it was upsetting, but didn't destroy me. When I hear about your experience Cate. at 10 and 16 weeks-after hearing the heartbeat, and actually seeing your baby boy ...man; I can't imagine how difficult that must have been. All in all, I feel nature has been kind to me--that it's still early and that my body seems to be giving it up naturally. But, with this second miscarriage, my hopes for a baby are getting more and more dim. Maybe it's not meant to be for us. Thanks for being here, you two. It's been VERY helpful for me to have a forum for this. Cate: please keep us posted, I'm pulling for you. Beth-we're in the same space now....a lot to ponder. Be well all.


Cristina - January 19

I have been following your posts for the past couple days and I am so sorry Tara.You are in my thoughts and prayers. Try not to give up hope. I was also hoping that maybe you ladies would be able to help me with my situation. I took a home pregnancy test on Dec. 25 and it was postive, my first pregnancy. My last period was Nov. 20th and when I called my OBGYN she gave me a due date of about Aug. 27th and scheduled me to come in on Jan 17th. I went to my appt thinking I was about 8 weeks, however when she did the ultrasound we only saw a sac putting me at 5 weeks and 2days. My OBGYN didn't seem to concerned and said well you'll have to coem back next week. I felt like something was wrong. I have no idea what my HCG levels are and I feel like some of my symptoms are fading. Do you have any advice for me? Do you think I should be as worried as I am?


beth - January 19

oh tara, i'm sooo sorry for the terrible news. I can imagine what you are going through right now and it's just so painful. I do know what you mean when you say that hearing the first set of hcg #'s was the worst. You sort of start to prepare for the worst but then you don't want to lose hope. It's all just an awful emotional rollercoaster. And now as the hope deminishes your left w/ the grief. well, i am reaching out right now to give you a big hug of support and i hope you feel that you are not alone and you absolutely will get through it. And don't ever lose hope for your future. we just don't know where our paths will lead sometimes. time will give you the clarity to decide if trying again is right for you. It has for me. If you need to talk, please write. Even if it helps a little it's worth it. Stay strong.You'll be in my prayers. cate - hope you'll keep us posted. i am really optimistic about this pregnancy for you! talk to you all soon.


tara-t - January 19

Cristina: It's important not to take a single variable (like what's on the ultrasound) by itself without putting all the pieces together. Hormone levels (i.e. Hcg and progestrone) are also important indicators of whether or not your pregancy is progressing as it should. If your dr. doesn't want to take your hormone levels and just wants you to come back for repeat utrasound (should be v____al, this early) then that's also a plan. It just leaves you with having to wait and worry (which is of course torture). Keep us posted.


Cate - January 19

Tara...I'm so, so very sorry . I know there isn't anything good I can say. It's so hard. Just keep the faith. I know so, so many people who started out with 2 or more miscarriages but then DID become successful with multiple pregnancies after the horrible start. I know there aren't any words that can bring comfort. There are some good books...stories from women who have miscarried...books like that which I checked out from the library in Sept. I thought they were helpful. Even actual medical books on miscarriage I think can be helpful..because primarily they are positive that the vast majority of women do overcome this and deliver babies...and hopefully it will be less than 8 months...Again, lean on that supportive husband too! Hang in there and keep in touch! Cristina...I'm sorry you are going through the scary time. I agree with Tara...i would ask my dr. to do hcg/progesterone levels. It's just so hard to wait...I know next weeks seems like FOREVER...and those numbers could, like Tara said, put the puzzle pieces together....and hopefully sooner than next week! Keep us posted...


Tara-T - January 19

I wanted to thank you Cate and Beth again, for your kind words. This forum has really been helpful to me (and I'm not really a "self-help" kind of gal). I think now that miscarriage is actually such a heavy, heavy thing that many people can't even really talk about it openly. There is a weird sense of shame about it, isn't it? Like we failed, somehow. In our society of goal-oriented, perfectionists, perhaps that's why we don't give miscarriage the time and consideration it warrents. I read an story about the Japanese and how they have this whole elaborate funeral ritual for miscarried babies (even if, like in my case, the baby is only 6 weeks). Anyway, I'm going on and on. I"m actually feeling really c___ppy now. Had to take some pain killers cos it got really hard this evening (way worse than any period). I go in to see if numbers went down tomorrow. I may not make it in if the pain stays like this, though. Cate, please let us know how you're doing. Sound like so far so good, eh?



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