Low HCG Levels At 4 And 5 Wks Pregnant

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Shawndell - August 28

Be happy your still thinkinking of it i have no hopes at 31, dont forget to pray. I live such a pore life in such dest_tude that i wouldnt dare bring a life into what im trying to get out of. Please be ready and willing to give 100% of you. Shawndell P.S. I have only had one miscarriage at 15


CC - August 29

The nurse called me today with HCG level update. From 939 on the 17th to a little over 7,000 on the 22nd. Glad that they are up but nervous about the u/s next Tuesday. Still praying.


Danielle - September 3

Is an HCG level of 134 at 2 weeks from conception and 270 at 2 weeks and 2 days from conception, low?


Tracy - September 3

Hi Danielle, each pregnancy is different. What I can tell you in my proffesion experience is that, 2 weeks post conception is quite early. So I would not put too much concern in and hcg level of 270 at 2 weeks and 2 days. In fact it would appear to me the numbers are doubling as expected. If you have concerns I would discuss them with your pract_tioner. But if it makes you feel any better I would say that this early those are normal levels of hcg.


Danielle - September 3

Thanks Tracy- we will find out on Thursday, hopefully. If they keep doubling then it should be at 2000 on Thursday when I have my ultrasound scheduled. They call that 5 weeks. Even though its only 3 weeks from conception. I just had a D&C done 7 weeks ago. I was at least 10 weeks preg. even heard the heartbeat. The HCG never got over 9500. And hardly went up much less doubled. So.... I just got pregnant again so soon after my loss and not sure how far along I am (can't be more than 18 dpo!?)... The first set of HCG numbers I had on my last one was in the 5000... So, I don't know about the numbers this early. Even though the numbers did double, it didn't sound right for 14dpo... Although, I guess they say that it days about a week to implant


alison - September 5

unfortunetly my story is bad. when i first found out i was pregnant my level was 49 at 2 weeks. week 5 i had small amounts of blood each day sometimes brown and sometimes bright red. I went to the doctor at 6 weeks and she did a blood test and it was 750 for 6 weeks she said that wasn't too bab considering my first level was only 49. the next day i went for a scan which revealed that the baby had pa__sed out and only lots of blood remaining. that night i pa__sed lots of blood and clots etc. good luck and I hope this doesn't happen to you.


CC - September 6

Tracy, Good News!! Ultrasound was today. Saw the baby and heartbeat-153bmp! Doc said everything looks good and wants to see me again in two weeks. I'm so excited, but I know that we still have so far to go. I am only 8 weeks 5 days according to my lmp. She said the size of the fetus was only about 3 days off my date-if that makes sense. Thanks for your thoughts.


Tracy - September 7

Dear CC... CONGRATULATIONS! Now that you have seen baby and got a heartbeat you chances have significantly decreased of things going wrong. 153 is great! I have given you and baby thought several times recently and hope that all was going well with you. I am glad to hear that thing are looking good. I know how difficult it can be to find much joy in your pregnancy when you are so worried about how things will turn out. Be sure that your doctor keeps his/her eye on your progesterone levels. You do not want them to drop to low. And if they do I would suggest that you request a prescription for prometrium. Progesterone is very important in support a healthy pregnancy for the better part of your first trimester. I am very excited for you. I will still keep happy thoughts for you and baby.... and again congrats!! and keep me posted. - Tracy


CC - September 7

Thanks, Tracy. My doc said that she would continue me on Prometrium through the first trimester-I think that's what she said-I was so excited after the u/s I could hardly listen to anything she said. Can't wait till I feel safe enough to share this with my family back home. It's killing me! Thanks again for the thoughts. I'll keep you posted.


Daniella - September 7

Leaving now for my ultrasound. Wish me luck!! :)


Tracy - September 7

Danielle- I hope thing went well for you and baby today. Please drop me a line and let me know. CC- I am really glad to hear that doc has you on a suppliment. I know that there is quite some benefit in using it. My current pregnancy was rescued from using it. I am at 30.5 weeks now and holding my breath, wishing it would hurry up!!! LOL , at this point I have seen enough of being pregnant.....


Daniella - September 8

:) So, the ultrasound went great!!! They think that it may even be twins... I am only 2-3 weeks from conception (4-5 weeks gestation) and my HCG went from 132, (46 hours later) 370 and one week later (today) they are at 4467. I can't believe that. One week ago we couldn't even find it in the uterus and today its huge. So, I am so happy that this isn't an ectopic and that its not a blighted ovum... Just hope n' that this one stays!!


virginia - September 8

look i have had 4 miscarriage and come too find out after 2 years im pregnant again you will be fine keep up hope thats what im doing


JennM - September 13

We just found out that I was 3-4weeks pregnant. We had no idea that I was pregnant, I was at work and just started bleeding. So I went to the ER and they said I was pregnant. My husband and I were so shocked, I mean we had been trying for over 6 years to have a baby and I never had gotten pregnant. So to find out that I was we were so excited, but then again so scared because I was bleeding. They tested my HCG level and it was 477. The sent me home and said to check with my OB in two days to see what my HCG levels were. I had to wait all weekend and let me tell you that was the longest weekend of my life. The Dr. called me on Monday and said my levels were at 143 so they said that I did have a miscarriage. I am just still in shock. Wasn't there something they could have given me to stop the miscarriage? I didn't pa__s any tissue it was just blood and I didn't cramp at all so I was so confused?? Has anyone had anything like that happen to them? I have to go to the Dr. tomorrow and they are going to do another ultrasound and blood work to make sure all the tissue is gone and if not they want to do a d & c on me. Another thing when I was in the ER they never told me what they had seen on the v____al ultrasound. I didn't know to ask about the sac and all that stuff. They still have not told me what was seen. I am a__suming they didn't see anything.


Daniella - September 13

Unfortunetly at that point there really wasn't anything they could do at all... I've had 3 m/cs and just recently found out after my last one that I have a progesterone problem. ALso, probably why I never had normal periods. Well, I am now pregnant again (got pregnant 5 weeks after last miscarriage) and I am now 5 weeks gestation... They put me on progesterone supplements right away, and its so funny how this one is going so well as of right now. Better than any of the other ones that I was never tested for progesterone. Most dr.s wont, and they tested me too late last time and the heartbeat had stopped right after we found out.


JennM - September 13

So should I ask my Dr. to put me on progesterone if I do get pregnant again? You don't think I could still be pregnant do you? I took a pregancy test and it showed I was, but I read online that the HCG can stay in your system up to 4 weeks after miscarriage. I am just so upset that I didn't take the time to read the signs and take it easy. We had just got back from camping and I was jumping into the river and acting like I was 16 again! I feel like I did something wrong. I just know now that we can get pregnant and hopefully next time will be different.



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