Low HCG Levels At 4 And 5 Wks Pregnant

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Britney - March 16

Hey everyone. I don't know if any of the old crew are checking anymore (Daniella, where have you gone????) but i took an hpt today and it was negative, so my miscarriage is over...YAY! So how have you all been?


Susan K - March 16

I am in a similar situation. I found out I was pregnant on Friday March 10th. They tested my hcg level on Friday and it was 14. Then on Monday mylevel was 22. Not a big rise. Doc put me on progesterone suppositories, baby aspirin and extra folic acid. I already have a 2.5 year old girl. But I had 2 miscarriages last year. I go in tomorrow for another test. According to when I ovulated I should be 4 weeks pregnant. I am nervous about this. Any help is appreciated.


kuh - March 28

Hi Ladies! I was wondering what happened to Cate? I hope things worked out well for her. I've gone through 2 failed IVFs and in this third one, the transfer was last March 14. My HPT is sensitive to levels of 20mIU/ml and March 22 gave me a faint line. It got darker (but still a bit faint) on March 25 which was 14DPO. I had my blood HCG checked on the 27th (16DPO) and the level was dissapointingly low at 32. I am 35 y/o and this would be me and my husband's first baby, the first grandchild, the first niece/nephew, etc. I am afraid that these levels would prove to be a chemical pregnancy. Insurance only covers 4 tries per lifetime and we can't afford it on our own. We are all so anxious! My next blood test would be on Thurs, the 30th. I'll keep you guys posted. The stories on this forum have helped me tremendously!


kuh - March 29

Hello again. I just got my 18 DPO HCG result. It's 29. They told me to stop all the progesterone shots and wait for nature to take it's course. We are totally devastated!


Jeanette - March 29

I am so sorry to hear that Kuh. I know it's tough. I had my miscarriage in January-Early Feb. and I still think about it til this day. I had tried for 6 months. What makes it harder is that my sis is pregnant and we would have only been 2 weeks apart. Thats a constant lifelong reminder knowing that I should of had a little one growing up with my new neice/nefew. Keep trying and Good Luck to you all.


Mar - April 1

I am new to this forum. I just found out on March 23 that I am pregnant (I conceived with the fertility procedure Interuterine Insemination (IUI) on March 8th). On March 23 I found out that my HCG level was 23 which is super low. Then I was re-tested 96 hours later (March 27) and my HCG level was 35. My doctor told me I was going to miscarry because my levels are so low. Then the next day (March 28) he calls and says he wants to schedule me for a D&C for the following day. My husband says no way and insists the doctor give me one more bood test. I got re-tested and my number went to 92!!! (more then doubled in 48 hours). Now I am not sure what to do. The doc told me I am 5 weeks pregnant (which is calculated based on my last missed period). The number doubled but it is still low. I still have the typical pregnancy symptoms (sore B's, tired, etc) and have not seen any signs of a miscarrisge yet (no spotting or cramping). Has anyone out there had a similar situation with such low values and still ended up having a successful pregnancy?


Mar - April 4

This is just an update on my situation. Things went bad today (which ironically is also my birthday). I had a miscarriage - well I am actually still in the process of having one now. Quite a lot of cramping and like a really heavy period. Before this started today, I had some minor cramping on and off over the past 2 days and then this morning, my hope of things working came to an end. I am ok with it though - just glad to know either way I guess. The doctor was right this time but that doesn't mean they are always right. Keep up with hope and prayers everyone - and like I have read time and time again - make sure to always get a second opinion before letting a doctor talk you into doing a D&C. Good luck to you all. :)


kuh - April 5

So sorry to hear about your miscarriage, Mar. I had mine on April Fool's Day. I was expecting a heavy flow and cramping... what I got was severe cramps-like PMS cramps but worse, retching, and the usual heavy bleeding. But at least I know I can get pregnant and we'll try again. Hang in there, we'll be exchanging pregnancy and baby stories sooner than you think! BTW, belated Happy Birthday!


VictorianTea - April 13

Your story sounds exacting like mine! I've had 2 miscarriages before, got pregnant either Mar 11 (I thought I was sure it was Mar 11) or Mar 19, have had HCG levels (3 done, 1 just today) both HCG levels though were 135 (2 days between). I don't know what it means if the numbers stay the same. It can't be good. I mean, it didn't double like it was supposed to. That's why the 3rd test today (I'll get the results on Tuesday) so I don't know what to think. I don't want false hope either if there is no hope. I also don't feel as pregnant as I did before the stupid HCG tests. My home pregnancy tests were both VERY positive with dark dark lines...no question I was pregnant. I mean, hopefully I am still pregnant but I'm beginning to lose a bit of hope. Has anyone else had the levels stay the same? Help please!


Ab - April 13

I am happy to have stumbled upon this sight. I have a thirteen year old daughter, whom I had when I was younger, I'm now going through a second pregnancy like its my first. I went to my OBGYN on March 6, 06 for a rountine check up, and I wasn't pregnant, but got the green light to try. I was pregnant by March 20..so I revisited the doctor on April 3rd. I couldn't for the life of me remember when I started my last period, and may have miscalculated by a week.(a birth contrl had me on my period for a month...so it was hard to determine) The doctor did an ultrasound, and saw only a tiny sac, but at that time he thought I was already 6 weeks pregnant.(because I gave him Feb 22 as a date instead of what might be Feb 28)..Anyway...if I clearly was not pregnant when he tested me on March 6...how would that be possible? The Hcg??? came back at 3600 and he said it was normal, because it was early, and we may have been off about the dates. I was told to return this week, and another doctor in his practice saw me, as my doctor was delivering. The "guest" doctor was almost convinced that my pregnacy was "bad" because a fetus should be showing at what he now believed was 8 weeks(according to My doctor's record, annd my old a__sumed period date)...so he ordered another HCG. I called this same doctor (not my regular doctor, again) for the results. The test came back at 6300, one week and two days later, meaning it hadn't doubled, so he explained again, that he thought this was a "bad pregnancy". He said I should have a D&C or wait for it to happen naturally...If it made me feel better, he would send me somewhere for another ultrasound, and I could come back on Monday for another blood test. No feeling. None. I was stunned. I went to get the ultrasound, and it showed that I am 4.5-5 weeks pregnant, and the sac was there and the yolk. The doctor did not see the yolk the day prior. The levels seem normal for an early pregnacy, but that doctor seemed to think that because they hadn't doubled, that my pregnancy was "bad". My regular doctor was supposed to call me this evening, but hasn't, all I got was a message from the nurse saying not to worry everything is fine! I am so upset! Am I loosing this baby, or what? The level didn't drop, it was only the second blood test. Should there be a pattern this early? I am considering leaving my doctor, who helped deliver my daughter 13 years ago (my original Ob has retired)...but if I have to deal with the other moronic doctor who exhibited no tact or bedside manner...should I just leave his practice altogether? Mind you, my real doctor hasn't called back..and it is 10:36 pm. Do you think the "guest doctor" is an idiot, like I do...or is he right in telling me I should loose hope at this point?


Jeanette - April 14

Hmmm.....if anything I believe that you should wait this one out, it sounds like your doctors are giving up too easily. It is very common for low levels of Hcg in early pregnancy. If from one day to the next there was a yolk then that means there is improvement. Try not to depend on your LMP, maybe you ovulated and concieved later than you think. I suggest not to do a DNC until you are completely sure, when your numbers drop dramatically, then you know somethings definitely wrong. Give us an update!


Ab - April 15

Jeannette, thank you for your response. I will wait to do anything further. My regular doctor called me finally and told me that he thought that the other doctor had clearly jumped the gun, and made excuses for him like he was having a bad week. I will be seeing only my regular doctor, and am going on Tuesday. i suppose to doctors, this is all a gamble...they don't see these little beginnings as babies...to us it is entirely different. I will keep you all posted...pray for me!


Andrea H - April 17

Wow, a lot of your stories sound so familiar! I’m so happy I found this site to help me fully comprehend that I am not the only one who has gone through disappointing pregnancies. Here’s my story, in summary of course: I’m on my 2nd marriage, the first one did not produce children after 7 years. This was strange since we tried, were tested, used ovulation kits, and yet nothing. (Probably good since the marriage ended anyway.) BUT, when I was dating the man who is my husband now, I was on the pill and MYSTERIOUSLY ended up pregnant (I was 34 years old). This was a fantastic pregnancy, no problems, but I did gain 74 pounds!!! I never went back on the pill and it wasn’t until about 2 years later that I finally got pregnant again. This was definitely different and I could sense it. Sure enough, I had some spotting and then a little blood. At my first appointment, we found out it was a tubal pregnancy. The strange thing was that my HCG levels were all where they were supposed to be and we actually saw the heartbeat. I had my surgery on my son’s 2nd birthday (May 2004) and I lost my left tube. I was devastated thinking my chances of getting pregnant were ½, but my doctor told me the remaining tube would “sweep” over and pick up the egg from the other ovary. Just in case though, I later bought FertilAid supplements and the Tea from BabyCenter.com. Wow, within in the first 3 weeks of using it, I got pregnant again (Aug 2005). It took me about 10 tests though to prove what I already knew, I was pregnant. BUT, the lines were really really faint, even from the early tests AND after my period would have been due. I wondered if I wasn’t producing enough HCG.?? At any rate, I had a weird feeling about this one too. At my first appointment, the U/S didn’t show I was measuring where I should be. I’m not sure about the HCG levels, I’ll have to ask. On the day of my 2nd appointment (1 month later) I saw spotting that morning. I expected the worst and sure enough there wasn’t a heartbeat. Apparently it had only grown to about 8 – 9 weeks (I should have been at about 11). I miscarried the next day (Nov 2005). So, there I was at 38 years old wondering if I’d ever have another child. I decided to try the FertilAid supplements and Tea again and within 3 weeks, I was pregnant again (March 2006)!!! Again, I took a bunch of tests and finally got very faint lines. I though, “here I go again.” That’s when I found this sight to see if light lines mean low HCG levels or something. Anyway, I called my doctor and she started me on Progesterone Suppositories right away. Then I started seeing blood and thought “here I go again.” I got in to my doctor this past Friday and apparently things are fine, so far. She didn’t see blood, I measured at almost the 5 weeks (where I should be) and the sac looks perfectly round. No blood was drawn though yet, I’ll have that on the 24th where I should be at 7 weeks. I actually feel really good about this pregnancy now that we’ve ruled out the tubal. I told this story for a few reasons, one because I saw that someone in a posting asked about pregnancy after losing a tube. Two, because I’ve actually used an herbal fertility aid and it has worked twice in case someone is trying without success. Three, because so far, spotting or seeing blood may actually be ok (if this pregnancy endures). And four, because at my age (I’m 38) there’s still hope and I believe everything happens for a reason (i.e. the “mysterious” first pregnancy! ) HA HA Best wishes to all of you and NEVER give up hope! I’ll be sure to report in after my appointment on the 24th. By the way, where is Cate??


Clarissa23 - April 23

Hi there everyone...I happen to know that some women have low hcg levels throughout pregnancy...with all three of my children my hcg level was significantly low throughout the entire pregnancy...with my third child all pregnancy tests..including blood tests came out negative...until i was about 20 weeks along i insisted on an ultrasound and found out that i was 20 weeks pregnant even though blood and urine tests said i was not. I just dont want any of you to give up hope based on what those numbers are supposed to be.


stephaniek - April 24

Hi everyone. This is my first time here and I wanted to thank everyone for sharing their stories, hopes & fears. I thought I was alone in this. I have a 3 year old son (perfect pregnancy- no problems), and have had two miscarriages is the last year and a half. I found out 10 days ago that I am pregnant again and was very hopeful until today. I had my first bloodtest last Friday at 4 weeks,6 days- hcg was 570, but my progesterone was only 7.8. My doctor put me on prometrium and now my progesterone level is fine, but today, at 5 weeks 3 days, my hcg only went up to 689. We are repeating the test on Thursday and he scheduled an ultrasound for Monday. I am so sad and frustrated. Both times before I went on to 10 weeks with no symptoms or bleeding or anything and an ultrasound showed no heartbeat. The baby only measured at 7 weeks each time. I conceived my son when I was 34- I am now 38. Can 4 years make that much difference in fertility? I don't want to give up on this pregnancy, but I'm so afraid to hope when all of the signs seem to say I'm heading down the same road. Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated...Thanks


ksue - April 26

Hi all....I am hoping someone can help or provide some information. I was on Clomid and was inseminated (IUI) on 4/6. On 4/19 my hcg was 7.7. I was told it would probably go down. On 4/21, it went up to 15.8...on 4/23 it was up to 23.2 (but the doc had switched labs). My last hcg was on 4/25 and it was 56.5. I went for an u/s today..they couldn't see anything. The doc said she thinks it will end up in a miscarriage becasue the numbers are so low (progesterone is fine..I am on suppositories(sp?). Does anyone think there is chance this could actually work out for me? My b___sts are very sore and I feel crampy every now and again and I have also been nauseous on and off. Is there any hope?



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