Low HCG Levels At 4 And 5 Wks Pregnant

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Lynn - February 4

Got my hcg levels. Very low, they are expecting me to miscarry soon. Don't know if I can do this again. Really upset.


bonnie - February 4

Lynn. I'm very sorry to hear your news. I think everyone here knows how your feeling. I said after my last miscarriage that I wasn't going to try again. I felt like a failure or like I was a killer or something like that. I sunk into deep depression to the point the doc wanted to prescribe anti-depressants(I didn't take her up on the offer) but a friend pointed out that isn't it better for nature to take its course than to have a baby with major health problems to point that maybe it dies soon after birth(no offense to those it has already happened to). I know its hard, but keep trying. There is always a reason for things happening even though at the time you cant see why. All the sites on the internet say the same, with modern technology woman find out they are pregnant sooner so are aware of more miscarriages. Hang in there and keep trying. As for my pregnancy, my back is getting worse(more pain) so I'm not holding much hope, it wouldn't surprise me if I get my period soon(in the next week or so), at least I'll get a bit of a warning when the severe pain hits. Good luck everyone


Cate - February 4

I am so sad and sorry as I read these messages. My thoughts are with everyone!! TARA-----hello! I'm sorry I haven't been in touch for a few days. Things are OK---so far so good. Still no pregnancy symptoms...which is still bothering me. I have my first actual OB appt on Thursday...I'm anxious for that. I'll still be one day shy of 9 weeks, so of course I won't be able to hear the heartbeat. But, I'm anxious just to talk with him in general and about my anxiety level and see what he says. How are you? i continue to think about you and wonder how you are. I guess in about a week you will know if by chance anything happened this month? Take care and keep me posted!!


Elizabeth - February 4

Hi. I just had my hcg levels tested on moday 01/31 and yesterday02/03. The levels wer 50 and 150. think I willmiscarry, because the day of my last period was 12/27/04. If I am pregnant that the levels should be higher shouldnt they? My doctor also prescribed me progesterone, and I have been taking it since monday. I really want another baby. SO BAD, and this is killing me. I just wish hose hcg levels were higher. Needless to say, my husband has no idea how to comfort me so that hurts the most. I feel alone. Please let me know if any of you have any luck with staying pregnant. Lots of thoughts going out to you all!


Elizabeth - February 4

Also, if my levels were going down and I was getting to miscarry, is there a chance that the progesterone is what caused my levels to go up on thursday? HELP


Tara-T - February 4

Good to hear from you. You sound better and more relaxed. I'm glad. One more week until your 10 week mark, I'll be thinking about you. Will you have another ultrasound at your Ob appt? Please let us know. {hugs}


Cate - February 6

TARA---I don't feel more relaxed...but maybe i am. I've had a touch of brown spotting...but very, very minimal. No u/s scheduled...but i'm anxious to tell my dr. on Thurs. about my anxiety level and see what he says. I am going to tell him how much another one would help. However, I just looked at the u/s pics from my last (unsuccessful) pregnancy at 9.5 weeks, and all was great....ugh.... How are things going with your husband? The communication? It's such a hard time. How have you been feeling? Keep me posted!!! Hugs to you! ELIZABETH--how are you? Well, I've read that the most important thing is the doubling, not the number, and you did have a nice rise. It did double. Gosh, I'm not sure at all if the progesterone could have caused the rise, but I sure don't think so.. I've never heard that. Are you scheduled to have another hcg test??? If not, I would definitely ask for one. You could probably have a pretty good idea with another test. Try to stay positive, the rise was good!


Tara-T - February 6

Cate: Thanks for checking in...I'm right there with you, holding my breath. I know every little thing must be really scary, I remember during my second pregnacy, I used to run to the bathroom looking for blood with every little feeling of wetness...drove my husband crazy. It may be that you won't feel at fully ease until after 16 weeks. Personally, I think we never stop mourning the loss of our unborn babies, and maybe there may even be some unconsious guilt about being (too) happy we are pregnant again and/or not feeling bad enough about the one(s) we lost. I think that was part of what I went through. It's so hard to fully mourn the loss of an unborn, maybe we never really can, I don't know. Just know, Cate, that what you are feeling, all the fear, all the panic, all the worry has to do with your amazing capacity to unconditionally love another being. That capacity is something to rejoice about, whatever happens. Also, that you come into this forum and help all the women who have experienced similar losses...that we all have compa__sion for each other's suffering is so wonderful. And know that in helping others, we help ourselves heal. Praying for the wellbeing of others, that no woman will have to suffer the hurt we feel or have felt, is the best medicine. Sending you, and all who read this golden rays of healing lite.


Elizabeth - February 7

Cate, Thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate it. But Last night 02/05 I went in to the emergency room. They thought I had an ectopic pregnancy, but as it turns out.......I was never pregnant????????? I am so confused because I had two pg test in the hospital and two HPT that were positive. But they did a thurough ultrasound and said nothing showed up. Not one single thing. I have no idea why the tests came out positive. But when I did talk to my doctor on Friday he told me that I was only one or two weeks pregnant and that you cannot see anything that soon, but it still confuses me as to why my test would all say positive. I have a problem with HCG. I dont produce enough so I normally miscarry. Guess there is nothing anyone can say to help with that. I hope things with you are ok. No spotting. I but I hope you are resting and lying down a lot. I have a little bit of pink showing up too, weird if I am not pregnant. But I truly hope things work out with you this time around. I am thinking of all of you during this time. Hoping all the babies are doing well.


Bonnie - February 7

I am very sorry to hear what the doc said Elizabeth. It must be so confusing, when the pregy tests showed positive. I know it must make you think your nuts, but, your not. I know how you feel. With my first miscarriage, I was so sure I was pregy, all the signs were there then the doc said I wasnt. I thought I would know my body better than that. Well I was right, I had been pregy but the doc didnt tell me, I really dont know why as it was my right to know. Anyway I went in for my blood test today and my HCG levels are 452 which is great. I'm soo happy especailly after having the 2 miscarriages within a year. If you dont mind I'll keep you posted with how things are going and also see how you guys are doing. Sending you all best wishes and luck.


Cate - February 8

Elizabeth-Im so sorry to hear that. It is strange. Is there anything that can be done about not producing enought hcg? I'm so sorry. And Bonnie, congratulations. How far along are you? I know it is hard and scary, being pregnant after two miscarriages. Sounds like you are off to a good stard. TARA--as always, thank you so much for you wonderful message. I can't begin to tell you how helpful, uplifting, and positive they are for me. Thank you. To be going through all that you are, and still have this left in you, to help,...I'm amazed. and thankful. Very! You're right, I won't feel at all confident until if and when I pa__s at least the 16 week mark, probably at least 20. I used to think it was Ok that they didn't find out why I lost that baby...so at least I didn't have something horribly wrong with me that we knew about. But know, I feel like it's this horrible unknown, like from a horror movie, just waiting.... I know that sounds strange...but it's the closest a___logy that I have...that is how it feels. Please tell me how you are doing, and your husband. i am thinking of and worrying about you!!!


Elizabeth - February 8

Cate- My doctor called me this morning and told me that my hcg levela are going up as they should in a pregnancy. They were 480 yesterday. Weird because saturdat they said I was not pregnant. If i am, i am not out of thewoods until about 13 weeks for me. But also I have no idea how far along I am. My doctor thinks I am actually about 3 weeks almost. I cant believe any of this. You have an appointment coming up? tell me how it goes!! Thanks so much for listening.


Cate - February 8

Elizabeth--that's wonderful news! I know you are cautious...but also excited and hopeful, I'm sure. Those levels are rising nicely. Is the dr. going to continue to do blood tests? I think they can be very rea__suring...or let you know when to begin preparing. You sure have been getting strange info.!! Are you having any spotting or anything ? Please keep me posted! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I do have an appt. on Thurs....I'm very anxious...although it will mostly be taking b/c it is too early for heartbeat. I'll be one day short of 9 wks.. Although, he'll do an internal and I guess they can atleast get some info. from that, if things look like they should for my stage or pregnancy, etc.. I'll keep you posted. Thanks so much...and I'll be anxious to hear how you are!


bonnie - February 9

Elizabeth, Thats great news, I'm soo happy for you. I bet your still worried though. Cate how are things with you? I am so pleased I came across this site. Everyone here knows what each other is going through and are very supportive. Thank you Cate for starting the thread. I am 4 weeks 5 days. I talked to my midwife yesterday and I'll be going for my first scan on the 1st of march, she said I'll be 7 and a half weeks by then. She said for me the danger period isn't over for me until I reach at least 9 weeks. Yes I am very worried as I still have a sore lower back and slight cramps in my pelvis. I'm trying to think positive by saying to myself its, wind,indigestion, my back is out etc. I am going to a physio today to see if my back is out. I am lucky to have such a supportive midwife. She has also said that even though she doesn't think I need another blood test, if I feel the need to have another one I can, at any stage, which is great. Keep me posted everyone, I'm thinking of you all.


Elizabeth - February 10

Cate- I hope that your appoitment went Great!!! Its good to know that some people can still gives us hope! As for me, I think I wil miscarry if I am still pregnant. 480 Is not high. Because I have no idea how far along I am. My last period was on 12-27-04, and the ultrasound I had on Saturday showed nothing, but than on Monday was when the hcg level was higher. I am just going to keep my fingers crossed. I am so scared to miscarry. I am leaving for a 4 day cruise on Monday 2-14 so I am deathly afraid to miscarry on the cruise. I dont want to feel the pain. Thank you so much. Bonnie- Thank you as well, for your thoughts. I really want us all to have healthy babies. Hopefully we can all stay pregnant. I love coming back to this forum everynight. It gives a good sense of comfort. I cant wait to one day come back here and we can all be discussing baby names by then. :) Also Bonnie, I heard most of the time pregnant woman's backs hurt from the beginning of pregnancy till birth. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you as well. For all of us. Keep me posted Cate. I hope you see something good on the ultrasound!


bonnie - February 10

I went to the physio yesterday and sure enough, just about everything was out, including my lower back which made me feel alot better thinking that was the cause of my lower back pain. However last night I had severe cramps and really bad lower back pain and felt like a real heavy period pain(Which is what I always get about 3 days before my period). Also, I had pain in my front, like a burning sensation which felt like the size of a large marble moving. This morning I had a small amount of brownish discharge on my panties so its not looking good. I'm really annoyed with my physio though, he's sort of a physic as well and told me I would carry this baby full term, I think I'm more hurt because I trusted him and he gave me false hope. I'll be expecting my period Sunday/Monday. I rung the midwife and will be doing another blood test on Monday if it hasn't come by then. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of you.



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