Low HCG Levels At 4 And 5 Wks Pregnant

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obxbnd - February 27

I hope some one can give me some hope. Per the day of my last period i should be 6 weeks 6 days. But according to my ultra sound I am 6 weeks 2 days. The ultra sound today showed a heart beat and a larger sac then the week before. The issue is my HCG levels. 2/13/09 - 1200 2/20/09 2400 2/27/09 4200 As you can see my HCG levels are only doubling every 7 days. My Dr. told me on 2/20/09 that my preg. was moving toward a miscarrage but after my ultra sound today everything seems promising. Can you one help me. I am so confused. Should I be worried about my HCG levels or rely on the ultra sound that shows a strong heart beat and a growing baby. THank you for your help.


oneofyou - April 3

I am a Mom of a daughter who is currently 5 wks pregnant. She has suffered 2 miscarriages in the last 9 months and is cautiously optomistic about this one. As someone who also had a miscarriage althought it was 30 yrs ago I know what you are all going through. I find that you are an incredibly strong and supportive group of each other! It is so wonderful to see you try to help each other through such a trying time which others will not understand unless they have had the misfortune of walking in those same shoes. I applaud your resolve and your bravery in putting your emotional wellbeing on the line.I will keep you all in my thoughts and pray that you all eventually get what you so obviously want. Remember that no matter what some thoughtless people may say to you that what ever you feel or think or how you react,you are ent_tled to these feelings.This is a very emotionally charged time.Best of luck to each and everyone of you! Oneofyou


VictorianTea - April 3

I had 3 miscarriages...2000, 2002 and 2006 and all were different! The first one was basically a gestational sac and that's it, nothing in it apparently. I had no symptoms of pregnancy and miscarried naturally (bit painful). The second had a heartbeat at 8 weeks or so and then when my next appointment came up 2 weeks later with my husband there...there was no heartbeat any longer. That was pretty devastating. I had a D & C in the hospital for that one. The third one was similar to the first one and miscarried at home. They were all in the 10th week. The first and last were both exactly 10 weeks, 2 days. My husband and I are now fine being auntie and uncle to two beautiful kids and parents to our furry son (cat). We're happy and are through the worst of it now being nearly 3 years later. Best of luck to every single one of you who have experienced miscarriage. It's devastating but eventually we got through it.


JulieS - April 15

Hi all, I'm so glad i found this site! You can't imagine how happy. I've also had 2 miscarrages due to low HCG #s. I'm now 5 weeks 2 days and my first blood test says my progesterone levels are great but HCG is too low. I gave blood yesterday and will get results tomorrow. I'm doing the waiting game to. Why isn't there something we can do, eat or wear that can help the situation. Everyone else in my family is fertile. I look forward to your comments and progress


Jennesse - April 15

Hi Girls i am sorry i haven't been on here for a while, after the initial low levels, they increased well, and eventually what was cla__sed as too high and they suspected down syndrome. So i have been waiting to week 15 to hae an amnio, which i had tuesday and got good results yesterday. no DS and im having a girl! the amnio was very invasive and was painful, i just hope the rest of the results are clear and my little princess doesn't miscarry from the procedure. I am so sorry to hear u are in the same boat with low levels, it is horrible - mhoov and obxbnd what happened, how are you girls, i hope ur still preg with healthy bubs. this site is very helpful and informative i hope other women in our position find it and join up to chat. i hope ur all doing well and happily pregwith beautiful bubs, let me know how you all got on.


ashley2009 - April 27

I'm so glad you girls are on here! I just got my 1st HCg (Fri) levels at 150. I 've had 2 back to back m/c, and I'm sooo anxious and sad. the doc drew my blood again today(mon). Pray for me. i get my results tomorrow to see if it's rising. I'm really exhausted from all the m/c...I really hope someone up there has good news for me tomorrow. Will keep you posted.


JulieS - April 27

I know exactly how you feel. I definetly will be praying for you. I had 2 mc and it's so hard waiting. I had my first blood test it was 62. My second one was 2160 (Yahoo!). I did my first ultrasound and we saw teh sac. I go back this thursday and look for a heart beat. It will happen for you...if it can happen for me. Please keep the faith.


mhoov - April 27

So sorry I haven't been back on the site. I only just recently realized that the notices I was receiving were posts and not junk email. I had my second ultra sound and the doctor treated me terribly so I decided then and there that I would never step back into his office again. I found another dr (love her) and she confirmed that it wasn't a viable pregnancy. She told me to expect to miscarry soon and I did a week later. The miscarriage happened exactly 30 days after the HPT. The new dr told us we didn't have to wait to start trying because of my age. I have now been through 2 complete cycles, but we're not pregnant yet. I have had a lot of support from family and friends. I know God has a plan for us even if we don't understand it. I am resting in the peace He has given to me and hopeful that we will get pregnant again soon. Jennesse, I'm so glad to hear that things are going well for you. Congratulations on having a girl and good results from the amnio.


ddilgrl - May 1

so I'm 3 and a half weeks pregnant my fist test was Tuesday 4/28 and my second was 4/30 i got my results today and my hcg level's have only gone up 6 points. Tuesday i was at 56 and today I'm at 62. I've had some bleeding (very very light I've only had pantie liners on) sometimes brown sometimes red but no cramping at all... the doctors want me to come back in a week for another test but I'm so scared that I'm losing this baby... i have a 4 yo girl and she was fine no problems at all. thanks for your advice :)


JulieS - May 1

You still have hope! I had hcg level of 62 at 4 1/2 weeks. I took another test 3 days later and it was uo to 2160. I had an appointment yesterday and saw the heart beat! i'm 7 weeks now! Things look good but everything is unstable until you past 3 months. Keep up the hope. I watched a show about how to keep hormonal levels up while pregnant. They say drink whole milk (at least a cup) everyday. Try it ... but make sure it's whole milk. Please keep us posted. I'll pray for you.


ddilgrl - May 1

thanks for the advise! I'll try that, they don't want me to come back in until Thursday it's going to drive me crazy, I'm just really worried about the bleeding, i don't want it to get worse but it's stops for a day then i bleed the next. I'll just have to pray until then. thanks once again i will surely keep y'all posted


ddilgrl - May 7

so i just had my blood taken again today wont know the outcome until tomorrow morning will try and stay calm until then ;) had a little spotting a few days ago and some cramps over the weekend but not bleeding. just keeping my fingers crossed that everything is okay. :) will let you all know tomorrow hope all is well.


ddilgrl - May 8

alright so i have the results and they have went from 62.02 to 61.00 so i'm most likely loosing the baby... kinda bummed but it's ok we can just try again :)


JulieS - May 8

I've had 2 miscarriages and am on my way to having a healthy pregnancy. Keep up the faith! It will happen. I watched a show called "The Doctors" and they say that drinking whole milk every day helps keep those hormones up and my doctor just had me start taking baby aspirin. He says sometimes when you have alot of mc, you tend to clot alot. Baby aspirin helps reduce that clot and allows the baby to attach better.. OF COURSE... ask your doctor about the baby aspirin. Good Luck!


sue069 - June 3

I have just found out i'm pregnant. I will be 5 weeks tomorrow and am going for my 1st ultrasound tomorrow. I have had blood tests 3 times for HCG levels and all 3 times they have come back extreemly low 1st at 44, 2nd at 55, and 3rd at 65. My Dr. is telling us that this is not a good pregnancy. This is my 1st pregnancy and it was through in-vitro that we concieved. I am a nervous wreck about the outcome of tomorrow. Has anyone ever gone on to have a good pregnancy with HCG levels this low ? Any help or advice would be very helpful.


mhoov - June 3

Sue, there are all kinds of stories on this site from women who have experienced very similar situations. Some I think have gone on to have a successful pregnancy others didn't have a successful outcome. But most important is that each situation is different and we cannot rely on someone else's experience to gauge our own. I can understand you anxiety about tomorrow's visit, I was there myself back in Feb. Mine was unsuccessful and we are still trying to get pregnant. Right now all you can do is pray and try to find a way to relax. Stressing yourself out does not help the situation. I will say a prayer for you tonight, because I understand the anxiety you are going through and only the peace we get from God can get us through times like these.



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