Low HCG Levels At 4 And 5 Wks Pregnant

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AWilliams86 - August 19

I have been going through the exact same thing. I have only been pregnany 1 other time and it was a healthy/successful pregnancy. I took my first at home pregnancy test on 08/03/09 I also took another that night. I took 2 the next day and they all came back positive. I went to the hospital on 08/05/09 due to some abdominal pain (no bleeding) and they could not see anything on the ultrasound and my Hcg was only 64 so it was hard to say anything. I have been seeing my OBGYN twice a week and getting my Hcg levels drawn every 2 days. They are rising, but not doubling. I went to the dr today and she is convinced I am going to miscarry by this weekend and I was very upset that she would make this a__sumption. My Hcg on 08/14 was 476 and as of 08/18 it was 940. I am not exactly sure how far along I am...my last known period was 05/09, but I was on birth control after that and missed a few days and bled for 3 weeks so they are not sure if maybe I miscarried then or if that was a period also (and I am not sure of the dates this happened) I was on Depo for 9 months and they said that could have messed up my ovulation dates, but who knows. They cannot give me a straight answer besides that I am not having a normal pregnancy..well duh! I just want to know if it is anything to worry about that the levels are not doubling???


Jennesse - August 19

oh girls im sorry to hear you are going through this... All i can say is it is a wait and see game, and that no pregnancy is the same. text book pregnancys have hcg levels that double every 2-3 days, but the reality is very different to that. mine didn't double on time, then all of a sudden went sky high and when they did the u/s which took 3 weeks to get booked into there was a nice little heartbeat, however had i got in any earlier there prob wouldn't have been anything there to see. Please try not to stress yourselves too much, as this won't help you feel any better. The best thing i can say is that an increase is an increase despite the rate, so please stay positive. I wish you good luck and hope that everything progresses nicely and that you get good results at next scans and BT's. i will be thinking of you girls!


LaShondaR - August 20

Well ladies remember on Monday when I went to see my OB to have blook work done... ,my HCG levels had doubled!!! They went from 820 to 1700. I go back in on Friday for a scan. I sure hope they see something. I am so on edge. I am expriencing some neck and shoulder tightness as we speak. I know those are signs of an eptopic pregnancy. I am so nervous. I sure hope that the power of prayer is going to work in my favor tomorrow. I'll keep you all posted. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!


ttcagain? - August 20

Hello everyone. I got my bloodwork back and the points rose only by 5...needless to say, I miscarried this past weekend and now this week my levels are going back to normal...I have been referred to a specialist because my progesterone was low so we will see...I pray and hope for the best for all of you and I hope things work out LaShonda!


AWilliams86 - August 21

So I went and got my blood work done on Tues 08/18/09 and my HCG was at 940 and I got it drawn again yesterday 08/20/09 and it is at 1196. They are rising more than they were, but still not doubling. I have been spotting since 08/17/09 with occa__sional cramping, but not sure if I should worry or not cause it is not a flow and I am not having excruciating pain. So far my HCG levels have gone: 08/05---64 08/10---211 08/12---334 08/14---476 08/18---940 08/20---1196 Is this bad?


LaShondaR - August 22

Well its over. I went in for 3rd scan yesterday and my OB was 99% sure my pregnancy was ectopic. I spent 8 hours after that in the ER being treated for it. I am devastated.


Blong - August 22

Well, I just thought it was time for me to give you all an update. I still haven't been to the doctor for the ultrasound. I did purchase a fetal doppler and I was able to get an heartbeat between 126-148. I don't have nay insurance right now and as long as my test keep coming up negative I am not sure when I will find something out for sure. I don't want to be one of those women who doesn't have anytime to prepare and just go to the ER one day and delivers a baby without any prenatal care. I am convinced I am pregnant but without the support of a good doctor to take the init_tative to do further time then right now I am doing the waiting game. Waiting for a positive pregnancy test. Will try taking another one soon. It is just so disappointing to always have a negative reading. I know my body and it is really frustrating to keep going through this. Well, God bless you all and I hope to have another update soon. Take care.


sue069 - August 22

Hello everyone, My pregnancy ended at 7 weeks. My HCG levels kept climbing but nothing showed up on any of the ultrasounds. I started bleeding lightly and my husband and I decided to have a D&E on Wed. June 17th and after I was discharged from the hospital I started with severe pain, I called the Dr and they told me to go to the ER if it became unbareable. I received a call from my Dr Thurs morning telling me they didn't get anything with the D&E so it was most likely an ectopic, I explained the pain I was having and he scheduled an emergency surgery for that day Thurs the 18th. He decided to do it laproscopicly but when I woke up from the surgery I was told they had to cut me and ended up having to remove my right tube. My pregnancy ended up being what they call a Corneau pregnancy, it's very rare, theres only a 2% chance of this happening. A corneau pregnancy is when the embryo implants at the opening of the fallopian tube not quite in the uterus but not in the tube either. It can be very dangerus if not caught in time, lucky for me they did and I am doing well. We are getting ready to start our 3rd in-vitro cycle now. I am praying for all of you and will check back for updates. Good luck to all going through this roller coaster ride.


Jennesse - August 24

i am so sorry to hear the bad news girls... all i can say is it will happen, have faith in yourself and your bodies and try to stay positive. i wish you all the luck in the world, and will be thinking of you xx


surprise76 - August 26

Hey there, I was 5 weeks lmp and my hcg was only 75. They were worried about how low it was, I have horrible b___st pain and stretch marks on my b___sts already. They did another hcg test 8 days later when my hcg should be closer to a little over 1200, and it turned out it was 2205! I am now in the average end of the spectrum and they are doing a ultra sound today to confirm everything is normal. So don't worry too much cuz like I said mine was only 75 at 5 weeks! and it doubled every 1.6 days versus every 48-96hrs. I am still a little worried cuz I have no nausea/vomiting, I do have fatigue and feel really really hot all the time. and my b___sts are huge!! they grew from 34C and popping out of my 36D.


Blong - August 26

Does anyone have any idea why HCG is too low to get a positive pregnacy test? Have anyone had this happen to them or even how someone that has experienced this? I am getting a heartbeat daily of an average 135, I feel alot of moving a kicking and even when I am checking the heartbeat the baby will move and I loose it and have to locate it in another spot. I took a cheap hpt and it was still negative. Please help, any advice or similar success stories will be so helpful right now. Thanks ladies. God bless you all and you are in my thoughts and prayers. It is good to have this support system.


AWilliams86 - August 26

So I got my HCG drawn on 08/24/09 and it is now at 1685. It went up more than it has since I found out I was pregnant, but it is still not doubling and the dr's are still checking for an ectopic pregnancy. I also had an ultrasound on 08/24 and they could not see anything, but I am sched for another u/s on 08/31/09 and I am really hoping that they will see something because this whole situation is extremely overwhelming. I have been having what I would consider a really light flow since 08/17/09 and it is bright red, but have not pa__sed any clots and have not had any cramping. Any hope?


AWilliams86 - August 27

Okay so as I have said before I have been bleeding since 08/17...It started off as just spotting and not it is like a normal flow period. Earlier today I pa__sed a clot about the size of a dime so I called my dr's office and they said that more than likely I was miscarrying. They said to go to the ER if I experienced uncontrollable bleeding, the pa__sing of more clots that size or become very dizzy. I have not had ANY pain/cramping so did not think I was miscarrying, but they said not all women have pain when they miscarry. Any advice?? I have an u/s sched for 08/31 that was already sched since they have not been able to find anything yet.


ttcagain? - August 28

Hi AWilliams86. I am hoping and praying that things turn out well for you. All I can say is that both times I have miscarried I only had pain for one day or two at the most out of the whole time I was bleeding and I know the clots and pain really depend on how far along the pregnancy is..if you are even miscarrying, so I hope that this is not the case with you. Keep us updated.


AWilliams86 - September 1

I am really worried because I have been pa__sing clots since thurs 08/27, but have not had any pain. My OB just kept telling me not to go to the hosp because all they will do is refer me back to him anyways so just wait for my u/s appt today 08/31. I had my u/s today, but no appt sched after since he was not in the office so have to wait for him to call with the results. It was a transv____al u/s and after she pulled it out I started gushing blood like crazy. It was all on the bed and floor. The u/s tech left the room immediately for me to get dressed so she did not see what I was going through. After I cleaned myself up and put on the pad she gave me I felt a really warm gush so I pulled down my pants to see if it came out of the pad and there was a huge clot, it was a little smaller than an egg, but was flat. I opened the door and told her what had happened and she came in to look and just told me to clean up and come out when I am done. I started balling cause that was by far the biggest clot I have pa__sed. None of the clots have been flesh color just red like blood. She just told me that she could not tell me anything without the dr there so he will call me with the results. I am so scared cause I am not sure what the heck is going on. Because the dr was not in I did not even get sent to get my HCG levels checked. So last time they were done was on thurs 08/27 and they were 2685. My HCG levels have not doubled since I found out I was pregnant on 08/03. PLEASE ANY ADVICE WILL BE APPRECIATED!!!


Jennesse - September 1

i'm really sorry your going thru this hun, honestly it doesn't sound good, nor does the way you were treated today, a good practice would have looked into it straight away for you. How are you feeling now, has the bleeding stopped? I would go to your local hospy or at least ring them and ask their advice, try your ob's rooms maybe see if he's back or if someone there could help or give some advice.... i definately would do something, you are obviously going out of your mind doing nothing, and you will just stress yourself... try to relax as much as you can and call someone to ask advice, hospy or ob or someone, or just go to hospy. Did you see anything on the screen when you had the u/s, did they get a heart reading? good luck please let us know how you go.



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