Low HCG Levels At 4 And 5 Wks Pregnant

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MommaHutch - August 1

I'm sorry for your loss Draven. I am still hanging tight until Monday. I won't terminate unless they are 100% sure this is an ectopic pregnany, because after the shot you have to wait a long time to TTC again. I will update when I know more.


sezza - August 6

Heya, I'm new to this site too, and could really do with any advice and/or thoughts. I have had two miscarriages over the past year (one at 10 weeks and one at 5) and am now 6 days past my due period day. I have done a million clear blue HPTs and they all come back negative. But, I do have pregnancy symptoms so am wondering if my HCG is just too low to get a positive result?! Is it possible to have low HCG and then go on to have a good pregnancy? Am I hoping too much?


sezza - August 6

Oh, and Draven, I am so sorry for what you've experienced. My husband and I had a really similar experience last year when I was 10W pregnant. We just sat in silence for days and days and I couldn't get myself to think positively at all. It's just so hard. I had an amazing specialist at the hospital though, and he said that for almost everyone, it's not a matter of IF but rather WHEN and I am holding on to that. Try and think that way ok?! xx


MommaHutch - August 6

Well, my numbers still weren't really rising Monday, so I stopped the prog and began bleeding less than 24 hours later. :/ My Dr. says she will start me on clomid my first cycle after the miscarriage and we can try again. sezza... I know I continued to get positive pregnancy tests until my HCG was around 5. Anything below 5 is not considered pregnant anyway, so in my experience if it says negative, you probably don't have any hcg in your system.


MommaAl - October 20

I am 6weeks as of yesterday and my HCG levels are not rising like they should. On Wed the 13th they were 122, Friday just two days later they were 185 and then again I blood work done and it only went up to 250 (on my 6weeks). I had bleeding two weeks ago for about 48-60hours and some clotting with that but have been feeling great ever since the bleeding stopped. I had lower back pain the day before the bleeding started and stopped the day after the bleeding stopped. My levels are still going up but just soo slowly. I was put on progesterone on Friday the day i did my second blood test cause it was also very low. I am looking to found out if anyone has ever had this and what happened for them. Cause my doctor is out of town for the week and another doctor in the office basically said i will miscarry. So I called another doctors office today and they said since my numbers are going up to keep hope cause it can turn around. So im just looking to see what anyone else has to say about. Thanks for you help!


MsLadyKay2010 - October 21

Hi all, I am new to this site and I have a few questions...first off I am 8wks pregnant. I went in for my first appointment and the OB doctor did an internal ultrasound and told me that the baby is either NOT 8wks or there may be something wrong. She ordered a bunch of tests and told me to schedule another ultrasound within the next week which I did. She told me depending on the results, there are "options" that I can take as to what I wanted to do from there. I guess she realized the horror on my face and tried to comfort me afte that but it was already out there! She obviously feels that something is wrong with the baby but upon questioning her, she just rea__sured me that my baby couldn't be 8 wks and that was it. Now going by my LMP, it is calculated to be 8wks 2 days now and my conception date was exactly on the mark. I havent had s_xual intercourse with my husband since the exact day it tells me I conceived so I know its right! I tend to believe that something is wrong at this point but I am so scared I dont know what to do!! Have anyone else experienced this? and if so, how did you handle it??


aprilwashere - December 10

Egg retrieval was Nov 11th, transfer was Nov 16th. First HCG test was Nov 24th. It was 7, then on the 26th it was 28, then 183 on the 29th and 691 on Dec 3rd. We had an ultrasound on Dec 9th. The doctor couldn't find a sac and said it looked like the uterine lining was breaking down. They did another hcg test and it had dropped significantly. They said it is a miscarriage for sure. We will try again but it is so depressing.


jonnygirl - December 13

what has happened since - is everything still ok?


aprilwashere - December 14

We miscarried. We will just have to try again.


Jena14 - June 6

Hello Ladies, I am currently 5w5d pregnant. I just talked to my doctors office. The lady I talked to was not a nurse she was just reading me my results. She said my progesterone was 7.49, and my hcg was at (I'm not sure if it was 1300 or 13000) and two days later it was at (either 2300 or 23000), but it did nearly double. I had a miscarriage in october, and am scared to death that it will happen again. Any info on this? I feel as though I can not go through it again!!! Please any info???? Help!


servcrow - July 3

Hello. I'm 39 and newly pregnant (almost 6 weeks since LMP) with my first child. At 5 weeks post-LMP, my hCG was 67 and progesterone 7. My dr started me on progesterone meds and I've had my blood drawn two more times. After two days, my hCG was 75, two more days later it was 82. Last night there was some bright red blood when I went to the bathroom, but not much. Then I pa__sed a very small amount of mucous-y clot-y stuff. I have not bled since then and have not had cramps. I'm afraid for the worst but am hoping for the best. Can anyone offer any suggestions, advice, etc.? Thank you!


An6elbabii - July 5

Hi i really need some advice right now.2 months ago i had a miscarriage and found out last week i was pregnant again.I had a blood test and it came back that my hcg level was 180.The next day i did a home test and it came back negative with a faint line.I went back to the doctor and told him this so he gave me another blood test.It came back that my hcg level fell to 120.What does this mean?I'm not bleeding yet i dont even feel pregnant although ive been feeling weird cramp like pains and a bachache!!!


StacyL - July 22

Anyone still out there? I have a crazy situation. I had intercourse on June 26th - took Plan B One-Step afterwards due to a contraceptive failure. My last period before this ended, I believe, on June 20th. Anyways, on July 7th, I had a terrible cramp in my ovary (almost felt like a pulled muscle). My period (or what I thought to be my period) started the next day. It seemed pretty heavy and then tailed off into an extended series of spotting. I still don't really know why I took the pregnancy test, but I did - PREGNANT. I took another one, of course. Same result. I went to the doctor's office and took a third, same result. I also took a blood test, but I had to wait until the next day to get the results. According to the last time I had s_x, I would be about five weeks pregnant, but the level indicates I'm only 1-2 weeks pregnant (which I don't think makes sense). My hcg levels are at 51 (ridiculously low). What is going on? I'm supposed to have another test next week, but I'm driving myself nuts. I definitely wasn't looking to get pregnant, but honestly quickly warmed up to the idea. I can't say I won't feel terrible if I lose it...do these low levels mean I'll miscarry soon?


jakesmum - December 16

Hi I am also having low rising hcg levels and am so confused as to what's happening. The following have been my levels: 1st December 2012 - 85 7th December 2012 - 64 (so down by 21) 8th December 2012 - 80 (so up by 16) 12th December 2012 - 130 (so up by 50) 16th December 2012 - 390 (so up by 260) so trippled in 4 days I have had some bleeding (more than spotting but not as much as a normal period). Had a scan on 16th December 2012 and there was a sac but only measuring 5mm when it should be 20mm. Can anyone tell me what this might mean. I have had a stillborn in 2001 and a miscarriage in 2005.


RandiRobles23 - January 16

my last period was around december 10 my hcg levels are 179 is that around normal or low?


RandiRobles23 - January 16

also saw a little black spot inside uterus thought to possiby be the yolk sac but not 100% sure



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