Low Hcg Levels Bleeding Please Help

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shann0125 - March 2

I am going through a "situation" and was hoping to connect with someone who is in the same boat or some success stories! I ovulated about 23 days ago on 2.7.07. 12 dpo, I took four hpt's... all positive. I went for my first blood test on that day, 2.19.07 and my level was an 8. They seemed concerned of course bc it was so low and sent me again. Wednesday and Friday (2.21 and 2.23) hcg levels came back at an 8 (again) and then a 9. On Friday doctor said it was most likely a pregnancy that simply did not take. I started bleeding on Saturday and bled through Monday. It was heavy like a period, not just spotting. I assumed I had gotten my period and started planning for my next cycle to try again. On Monday 2.26, I went for another hcg level, thinking it would have gone down. It was a 67, Retested again 2 days later on 2.28 and my level was a 274. Still very low, but they are rising! I've had 2 ultraounds that have shown nothing, but they say it's too early to see and I need to wait and keeping tracking hcg level. Any ideas? I'd love to hear opinions or stories! We're anxiously awaiting answers!


jenjerbre - March 3

I'm going through the same thing (besides the fact that i had a tubal ligation 11 months ago)!! I had 2 positive hpts on 2-18 and went to the dr on 2-19 tested positive. He sent me for a blood test and my hcg was 7. Took another test on 2-21 and my level was 9. Well after i left his office on monday (2-19) i started spotting, had heavy bleeding on tue like i miscarried, and light bleeding wed through sat. Took another test on 2-26 after all the bleeding was over and it was 11. I"ve got to go for more blood work on 3-5. My dr. said that the numbers are starting to act like it is an ectopic pregnancy. He said that he has never seen numbers like this, so he needs to talk with some other drs!! I haven't had a pelvic exam or anything. Has your dr. done any other tests? What is he saying about your numbers being so low? Does he think it is a viable pregnancy? Other people have been telling me that if you're pregnant with twins and you miscarry one, then your numbers will remain the same for a few days (maybe even drop and then go back up). Maybe that is what happened with you and you're going to have a normal "singleton" pregnancy!! Your numbers look much better than mine!!!!


shann0125 - March 3

so far she did a quick pelvic exam last friday and didn't feel anything out of the ordinary.They are worried about ectopic, so they are sending me for ultrasounds each week until they can see something, but it's just too early yet. (Also, HCG tests every other day) Before my numbers rose up to 274 my doctor said she was giving it about a 10% chance of turing into a viable pregnancy. However, she was also expecting to see my numbers drop, which they did not! I haven't seen her since the last rise so I don't know what she thinks now. It's been so crazy, up and down each day! My doctor said the same thing about not seeing numbers like this. I'll be going for blood work on 3.5 so I'll let you know what the levels were! I hope yours went up too! I'm really sorry to hear you are going through this, but also a little relieved that I'm not the only one in the world! Good luck with everything, let me know how it turns out!


shann0125 - March 5

well... some more good news. My levels went from 274 to 570 to 1600! I hope this is good news, I"m still cautious. I"ll see my doctor on Wednesday and hopefully go for another ultrasound sometime this week. maybe we'll have some answers soon???


jenjerbre - March 5

That's great!! Did he tell you why they started off so low? I won't get my results until my dr appt tomorrow. I'll let you know what happens!! I wish you


jenjerbre - March 5

My son hit the keyboard so i didn't finish my sentence.... I wish you the best of luck and will keep you in my prayers.


jen327 - March 6

Same thing happened to me. I am 18 weeks now. You might have just caught the earliest point to get a positive. It takes an HCG level of 5 to have a pos test. Everyone starts off at 2 or lower and so it is normal that low. I too was watched for an eptopic. I bleed too, for a few days like a period. They can't see anything until 5 -5 1/2 weeks so try not to worry till then. This is more common then you think. My OB has said that many people get caught up with this because of bleeding who otherwise would never have worried. Mostly because pregnancy tests work so early now, where as years ago it was like at a HCG level of 300. So anyway, good luck, keep us posted and try to relax.


jenjerbre - March 6

My hcg was 2 on 3-5. I guess i miscarried. Atleast it's not a tubal pregnancy!!


shann0125 - March 6

i'm so sorry to hear that, jen. i know what you mean by at least it wasn't tubal... that is still my biggest fear, even more than a miscarriage. best of luck in your next cycle. keep me posted!


shann0125 - March 7

i found out today it was ectopic, they saw a ma__s in my left tube. i have to go tomorrow for a methotrexate injection. i'm just feeling so worn and tired and sad. i didn't think it was going to end like this. has anyone had a successful pregnancy with a previous ectopic?



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