Low Hcg No Symptoms Of Mc

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Laken05 - October 11

i went to my doctor at 6 weeks, told him my morning sickness was gone, the only thing was i was tired more often, i was just concerned, he took blood test on 10/5 hcg was 2000. Monday 10/8 hcg was 2200. Went on the next day, he sat us down, and literally told us the numbers, and that i was having a mc, i was 7 weeks at this time. He said it should have doubbled..and well it didnt. So he says, you should have some bleeding in about 3 weeks, if you dont, let me know, possible tubal. He didnt do an ultrasound..NOTHING. got up and left. I have heard nothing but good things about this doc, and nothing..I have NO symptoms at all, no bleeding NOTHING of a MC.nothing at all. So today i took a HPT and it said positive..So i called my drs and requested an ultrasound. So hopefully all goes well, if not, then i will take a second oppinion.Its just really scary


orngblsms - October 12

I have almost a similar situation. At almost 7 weeks (this past Wednesday) I went for my first u/s. To make it short and sweet the tech saw nothing...nada. And she said she was unable to find a heartbeat. They took a blood test which came back - hcg 1548 which is between 3-4 weeks pregnant. I am going in to retest on Monday, but they stated that it was just to draw blood, not to do an u/s. The only thing the dr could say was "maybe its an alien baby" my jaw just dropped!!! She also tried to say that I could have had a chemical prg early on and this be the result of yet another prg. I asked wouldn't I have bled after the first initial chemical prg. She didn't have an answer. So yes along with you, I will be changing dr's ASAP. Good luck!


LisaB123 - October 12

I was prego in January and started bleeding in February. All my pregnancy symptoms had stopped and I went in for my ultra sound they saw nothing on the screen, except for the sac and placenta. My dr told me that it was a blighted ovum miscarriage. I had to wait for about 3 weeks before she would determine that it was a complete miscarriage. I had a little red blood and then it stopped and went to brown blood when I would wipe. All my symptoms stopped imediatly and then I had to go in for a D&C. Keep hope though. Sounds like you need a new dr. I hope all goes well for you:)



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