Low HCG Numbers

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Laurie - September 29

Hi. I had IVF done and went today for my pregnancy test. The egg extraction/fertilization was done on 9/15 (exactly 2 weeks ago today). The nurse informed me that my test was positive, but my hCG level was 33 - which in her words was a little low. I am going back on Friday for another test. Has anyone experienced this? With all the reading I was doing - 33 for 2 weeks gestation didn't seem that low?? Any information would be hugely appreciated!


Amber - September 30

I am going through the same thing. I hade to go today and do more blood work. My doctor told me I might not be as far along as they might originally have thought. Keeping my fingers crossed. If not it could be a tub pregnancy. That is driving me up the wall, not knowing, they keep asking me if I have hade any cramps witch I have but no blood that’s a plus. So keep your head up maybe your just early too.


monique - September 30

i am going through the same thing, i have every symptom in the book, i had a negative blood and neg urine, but on my US i seen a sac with something attached to the inside, now i smoke a lot of cigarettes, had 2 miscarriages and 2 ectopics. i am hoping and praying, and i will be praying for the both of you. I HAVE STOPPED SMOKING CIGARETTES! i am going to take care of myself and you all need to too. I'll keep you posted!


Laurie - September 30

Amber/Monique, Thanks for both of your responses. I know I'm not earlier than that - being they know the exact date of gestation being it was done through InvitroFertilization and Artificial Insemination. My thoughts and prayers are with you both...here's hoping we all get the good news we are praying for!


E - October 4

Hi, I am sorry to say this but it is extremely low. I had an HcG level of 48 at 2.5 weeks post conception and miscarried at 5 weeks. The doc said the HcG level should be closer to 100 if not in the 100's and she could have predicted the miss. A low HcG level is a sign that you may miscarry. Have them check each week so you can be more prepared. After 2 misses, I have finally concieved and have a healthy baby on the way. There is hope:) Best of luck to you.


Laura W - October 10

Hi all, low hcg levels or slow rising HcG levels are usualy an indication of impending misscarage. My doctor tested me on my second daughter several times becuase they consider anything under 100 HcG level not a viable pregnancy. I am currently having a miscarage where my levels went from in the 30's droped to 14, rose again to 26, then stayed steady at 26 and I lossed the pregnancy. They say your HcG levels should double every 48 hours. Best of luck..


Laurie - October 11

Thank Heavens...my ends a little different. My first set of hCG numbers were 33. Two days later they went to 96. Four days later, they went to 372 and now - 7 days later, they are over 6000. I had my first ultrasound today and everything looks great. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones...my first set of low hCG numbers didn't mean miscarriage for me this time. (they did last time, however). I wish everyone out there the very best of luck.


Arthi - October 28

Hi. I am in the same boat as you are now. Its been 3 weeks since my concpetion and I tested positive for pregnancy.But my HCG level has been 32 , 48hours since then its not doubled but slightly risen. I dont stand a chance right???!!!! :-(. Doc feels it could be a chemical pregnancy. Very disappointed.


Kame - October 30

I have just went though one round of Clomid. We got a postive pregnancy last week. The DR. suggested a Hcg test. My first # was 76 . 48 hours later we got a # of 96. My doctor stated this doesn't look real good. I go Monday for another test. I have no signs of a miscarriage at this time. Has this happened to anyone else?


Lynn - November 2

At 5 weeks I was 26, 3 days later 46, 2 days later 109, 2 days later 176, 3 days later 490..................they think it is ectopic. As soon as I am over 1000 they will do an ultrasound. I had bleeding for 4 days and bad cramping (they thought I miscarried - so that is when they started testing my HCG) Anything is possible


emma - November 2

33 is a bit low but there is still hope. We are all different and the numbers might be different as well. The important thing is they need to double every 48 hours. I have started with 25, my doctor also checked my progesterone levels, which were low as well. After taking supplements both levels of hormon were just fine. My doc said that some women have a low number to begin with, and sometimes we need a bit of help. Talk to your doctor about checking your progesterone, it might help. Best of luck...


Lynn - November 4

Hey Emma - How far along were you when your numbers were 25?


Laurie - November 6

To all those who don't think there is a chance...please don't give up hope. I am 9 1/2 weeks pregnant and everything is great. Yes - my numbers started low, but they did double. The progesterone is vital. They increased my dosage as well. I wish you all luck.


Michele - November 6

Sorry, but I can't answer any of the questions. I have a problem too. My husband and I have been trying to concieve since June, with no avail. My period was due on Oct 19 and it didn't come (my period comes every 28 days),so I took a HPT and it was neg. On Oct 25 I had a blood test done. Later that day I had some brownish discharge that lasted a few days, it then turned more like a period (heavier) for a few days, then very light for a few more days, in total lasting for 8 days in total. My Dr finally called me on Nov 4th to say that my HCG levels were low, but I didn't ask how low, and he wanted me to have another blood test done. I did it on Nov 5 and should have the results on Nov 7. I am trying not to get my hopes up, but it is so hard. I feel bloated and i have b___st tenderness, but really no other symptoms. Any thoughts?


Jnae - November 7

This past mon. I went to the ER with bad side pain, found out I was pregnant with HCG of 21. Doctors worried that it was tubal, however they observed me for a couple days and no bleeding or any further pain, so they ruled that out, and decided it was a cyst brought on by the pregannacy that burst. Two days later my HCG was 31. Then another two days later it was 35. Here it is Sat. night almost Sun Morn. and I am so worried!!!! It sounds like the odds are againest me, and I just want to quite honestly know what others out there think, The doctors think as of Mon. (first day with 21 HCG I was 4 days late for my period.) Anyone else have a slow start in the beginning?


Jennifer - November 8

I am going through the same thing. Period due 10/27 positive pregnancy test. Hcg was at 82 on 10/28. Tested again on 11/1 and Hcg was only at 88! We followed up with another Hcg blood test on 11/4 and numbers were at 92. I have another blood test tomorrow. Doctor said it doesn't look good. If not....does anyone know how long it takes to miscarry in this situation? It is devistating, but I don't want surgery. My doctor also fears it may be ectopic. Jnae - let me know what you find out. I'm hoping it's okay for you.


Michele - November 8

Well, I got my results today and they were not good. My Dr said that my HCG levels from Oct 25 were 69 and from my second test on Nov 4 were 3. Sounds to me like a miscarriage. I just finished crying on my husbands shoulder, and we have decided that it wasn't meant to be. We are trying to keep our spirits up, and just keep trying. Good luck to all.



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