Low HCG Numbers

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Rosemary - November 29

Hi Laurie, I have also experienced the same thing recently. I am currently 9 weeks pregnant through IVF treatment. 10 days after implantation my hCG reading was 48, my doctor told me it didnt look good. Three days later my hCG reading was 78. It should have doubled and hence I was mentally preparing myself for a miscarriage. Three days later I was asked to go back for another blood test and my hCG level rose to 500 which was now normal. Another week went by and the hCG level rose to 8500 which was exeptional. My 7 week ultrasound shows that everything is normal however I am worried that there may be genetic issues given the slow start. I have my 10 week check up soon and have my fingers crossed. Not all is bad with a slow start with hCG levels. Good luck!


Dawn - December 3

Don't worry if your hcg is low. It's more important that the number doubles every 2-3 days. My levels are low (912 at six weeks since LMP) and not doubling so my pregnancy doesn't look viable. I have an ultrasound scheduled to check for an ectopic pregnancy but I'm hoping it shows a healthy baby developing instead! I wish you all the best of luck!


Micaela - December 6

I think im having that same thing my hcg level was 35 and the doctor thinks i should be about 5 weeks preganet. I get another test today but i just dont know what im going to do if i loose it. Ill be devestated.


Dana - December 6

I am in the same boat. I had my second ivf on Nov. 18th; Nov.30th, I was told I was pregnant. My numbers were low, so I had to go back Dec 2nd for another test. My numbers had actually dropped and I was told that I would miscarry. I'm not giving up hope though. I believe in God and I have faith in His will. My husband and I have been trying for almost four years, and we still have given up. By the way, if you don't keep your hopes up, where are you planning to keep them. Have faith and I'll keep you posted. Good luck girls!


Laura - December 9

Need help! I took a hpt on 11/16 and tested pos. On 11/30 I started bleeding, heavier then spotting, but lighter then a period. This lasted 3 days. I went to my dr on that Mon and my hcg was 152 and on Wed it was 240. I also had an ultrasound and they couldn't find a fetus. Had another blood and ultrasound yesterday and hcg was 700, but no sign of anything in my uterus. I also had a very low progesterone level the first appt. it was a 5. Dr put my on med and yesterday it was 18. Dr doesn't seem to think it is ectopic, but doesn't seem to know what is going on. Has anyone had a similar experience and what was the outcome. I'm so upset, I can't sleep and it's on my mind constantly. I just want to know. Thank you.


beth - December 27

Hi.thought I'd share my situation.Took a pt. on sun.showed a +.Took one the next a.m.came out -.went to Dr.,took another pt.came out -. On thurs. I took 1 more home pt.it showed +.Finally I went back to Dr. for the hcg . it was 34. 2 days later it was 48. I've had no spotting and mild cramping on the lower left.I go back this week for more hcg tests.My first preg. I didn't even know anything about hcg levels.I sure wish I didn't now either. we are so affraid of it being ectopic. Even though it is a little early to speculate about that. It has been very helpful to read all of notes on this page. I know now that I'm not alone. Good luck to all of you!!


Lisa - December 30

Thought I'd share my story: After going through IUI on 12/9, I got what I thought was my period on 12/21. Went to the doc. the next day to start another cycle with injections, insemination, etc. Got a call that afternoon that I had a pos. preg. test but that my levels hCG were only 8. Have been for a number of blood tests since. HCG is doubling or more every 48 but my progesterone level is only at 4.2 - ICK. I am using prog. suppositories and have not bled in over a week but am feeling pretty blue about the whole thing. How long will it be before miscarriage?


Stacey - January 6

So glad to find this board, and have a chance to read all of your experiences. I am 5 wks pregnant and have been bleeding constantly since 12/26 - about ten days after conception. The bleeding is bright red and fairly heavy, but is also constant. I am very concerned. While spotting has been part of both of my previous, and successful pregnancies, it's never lasted long, or been this heavy. Hcg yesterday was 293, have a repeat scheduled for tomorrow. Everything I've ready suggests about a 50/50 chance of a successful outcome but I feel less confident than that. Fingers crossed...I'm 39 now, and really want this baby.


Julie - January 9

I took a home preg test a few days after missed last period and it was pos., then blood test, hcg of 301, need to go again this Wed to have it checked again, hoping it doubles and all is well, I am pretty nervous.


holmes - January 13

I went to the doctor and got a blood test and they said that my blood level is too low. My last period was 12/2/04, so I think I am 6 weeks. She told me either I am miscarriaging or it's too early. Do you think it can be too early, and I had my period 12/2/04?


Cate - January 16

I've also been struggling with low hcg levels. I have had two previous miscarriages (at 10 and 16 weeks) so I am on pins and needles...and now some problems again. I had a very little bit of spotting and my home pregnancy tests were coming back SO light, even a few days past when my period was to start. SO, I called dr. and he tested my hcg. Came back at 97 19 days past ovulation, We repeated the test three days later, 22 days past ovulation . The number was 286. SO...the rise was nice, but still very low for just about 5 weeks preg. (only one day away from 5 weeks at the 286). I am very certain of my conception date (unfortunately,,,i don't have that hope). SO....with my two miscarriages I don't want any false hope, I want to begin preparing myself. I just don't know if I have any hope with these numbers. My dr .did not schedule anymore hcg test....i am calling tomorrow and asking for one, I need to see if the number is still rising or not. Also, dont you think they should check progesterone??? Am I too late at 5 weeks for suppositories?? I am not having any signs of miscarriage, but no real pregnancy signs either. I just don't know if I can do this a third time...and I don't want my hopes up if there is no hope. I did have two successful pregnancies...all b4 these three episodes...I would LOVE anyone thoughts or similar ewxperience. i'm going crazy!


holmes - January 18

Hi, I am back and I am sorry to hear your situations. But I can give you a little hope, after getting a blood test on 1/12/05 my level was 63. I got a second one done on 1/17/05 and it is now 516!! It went up alot. They said I must of miscalulated, but I KNOW I didn't I write it down. But anyways, I hope that gives you a little help. Anyone that want to be pregnant buddies my email is [email protected]


riza - January 20

hi ladies. reading all of your stories is helping me through this process. stacey, i can totally empathize with you. i just found out yesterday that i was pregnant. i was spotting for 6 days dark brown and today i'm bleeding medium pink/red. took an hcg test-- 91... which is pretty low. i'm taking another one tomorrow. the dr. told me 50/50 too. i had an ectopic last june so i'm kind of weary. holmes, congrats! glad to hear everything has gone well for you. many blessings to you all who are so brave.


sonja - January 25

Hi, the first time I found out that I was pregnancy I took a home pregnancy test and the result came up postive but the line was a light pink. So I took another home pregnancy test and that result was light pink. So I when to planned parenthood and they did two pregnancy test and the result where the same. So the nurse told me to come back in a week and I did and the same thing happen again. So she told me she want me to take a blood test because the line on the pregnancy test should be darker than that. But before I could go back to take a blood test my stomach began to hurt and I went to the bathroom and I saw a brownlish substance in my underware and my stomach started hurting worse so the next moring I went back to planned parenthood and took the nurse what happen. She gave me another test and it was the same so she told me that I was problay having my period if I start to bleed heavy or have more blood clot than normal go to the emergency room. So I did and the doctor said I was having a miscarriage.


Laurie - January 26

Hi, ladies. Well, I started this stream several months ago in September and have been reading the posts that have gone up since. My heart broke at some and was rejoiced at others...though everyone has stayed in my prayers. Keep your spirits up and hopes even higher. I was told back in September that it was unlikely that this pregnancy would be viable...but here I am - 5 months later with a very active little boy growing inside of me. All I can say is that in the beginning when they told me it most likely wouldn't last, I stayed off my feet and really took it easy. We'll never know if that did it or not...but after miscarrying in June - that was the only thing I did differently this time around. My thoughts and prayers are with each of you.


riza - January 27

just an update... hcg was doubling as it should be but i was still bleeding red. started cramping tuesday night for the first time-- felt it was a bad sign. the next day, i took another hcg test and the number fell. dr. says i am now in the process of miscarrying. no more cramps though and staying strong with the help of my wonderful husband and puppy. just can't wait till the bleeding stops so we can start trying again.



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