Low HCG Numbers

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Yogichickk - August 23

A week later my hCG is 416, 5 days later it's 424. My hCG is slowly rising. The ultrasound did not see anything anywhere. I hope there was an early miscarriage but they cannot rule out ectopic pregnancy. I have no pain or bleeding. I should be 8 weeks pregnant. I had a blood test yesterday and going back to a doctor tomorrow. We'll see.


mmoolla - September 1

I had my HCG today, it is 6.6, I am 11 days post frozen embryo transfer. the nurse said it could go wither way, so I should return in 5 days for another HCG. Is there any hope?? I had highe HCG's wiht other IVF anf FET which resulted in preganacy and birth. So on the one hand I am hopeful and on the other hand I am not.


Rhyl - December 7

Hi All, I have read every one of the entries here and it has very much helped me through a tough few weeks. I had a positive test 14 days after having two embryos implanted via IVF, my levels were only 26. Two days later they were 47, another two days 96 and another two 187. They are either doubling at times or very close. I go back in 4 days time for another test and hopefully they are up in the 800s as they should be by then. I have high progesterone though and that continues to rise, which I realise is important. I have had two ectopics before, both sides and a miscarriage. I have had one healthy pregnancy with a gorgeous little girl as the result. My question is, does the low numbers mean that there may be a sack but no baby?


DownbutnotOUT - December 11

RYHL- I am not to sure about IVF but I do know HCG is suppose to double every 2-3 days and yours is almost doubling every 2 so it is within normal range. I want to say HUGE CONGADS and im sure you will be seeing higher numbers in right quick and you will have a great pregnancy!


Rhyl - December 14

Thanks, I am now over 3000 and climbing. Will keep this page posted as it has been helpful for me to see each persons outcome. I have read and read and reread everyones input, trying to make sense of everything. It has been very helpful, at least you feel as though you are doing something.


Rhyl - December 19

Am at 6200 now and climbing, another HCG test in two days and an ultrasound in 5. We are just taking things day by day...I started very low but am climbing well now, it gives me hope.


rsltracey - December 21

Low hCG Numbers posts... i'm trying to get to these posts... and don't know how to do... so I will try one last time..My question as of 12/21/07 IVF eggs transfer was on 12/11/07. Just has blood test done today 12/21/07.. was told it was a "LOW POSITIVE". The number was 31. I was very positive until this point. I've read most of the posts from earlier years. What do you recent folks think. Do I have a chance for a pregnancy? Never done IVF before... my sister & mother of course have given birth just fine. My gut tells me to just keep positive and not get too hooked to the numbers until they tell me it is a problem. What do you all think?


Rhyl - December 22

HI RSLTracey. I think that you have to keep positive, if you read my numbers from a few posts up, you will see that I started lower than you are now. Your doc should have you repeating your blood tests every 48 to 72 hours to ensure that they are doubling, as this is a good sign. I am currently going through this roller coaster (with 8 blood tests done now) and I have a scan tomorrow, Christmas eve to see if my little ones heart is beating. I had very low numbers to start with, IVF transfer was mid November, I just take it day by day and have hope until something happens to show you different.


rsltracey - December 23

Rhyl, thanks for writing.. i actually did read your notes from the beginning and found your story inspiring for me... i'm am especially glad to hear from you. Your journey is a positive one. A very positive story for all in this thread. My next blood test is Wed. 12/26/07 although.. i am somewhat mystified why they don't see me on Monday, Dec 24th, if they are open that day.? Anyway I didn't want to panic... so when they told me on friday 12/21/07 to keep on all the same amount of meds ( progesterone in oil shots & baby aspirin & prenatal) I thought they must not be that worried.. she did say that 31 was a little low but that they need to see this number rising... but not to worry.. but that it is a little low. NOW I KNOW>>> that after next wed I am going to really make sure they test me every 48 to 72 hours like you said they should do... my ivf office is closed this weekend and of course christmas day... but I'm not sure about dec 24th... maybe it's just the holiday thing... Well regular nurse will be back in on 12/27/07. I can't wait til my nurse is back. She was not in Friday and I got the low positive news from another nurse... I didn't have my comfort factor there.. because my nurse is taking a christmas break...good for her.. glad for her.. she deserves it.. but i can't wait til she is back next week.. i don't care what the results are on WED of next week bad or good or something... i 'm going to be calling my nurse on Thursday bright and early just to hear her and her alone. Anyway.. i can't believe someone is seeing you on Christmas eve... makes me wonder about the $12,500 for my IVF lab i put up... where's my service?. just wondering.


Rhyl - December 23

Hi Again Tracey, I am on the gold coast in Australia...My IVF doc is also on holidays but the public system, through my gp are seeing me for the scan. I have a wonderful GP who knows all that I am going through and rather than wait till the IVF crew are up and running again, she has organised a scan for me....she's a great doc. I am not sure where you are or how your process is done. For me, my IVF doctor said, I want you to have another test in two days, when this went up, he spoke with me and we both thought that it best to keep an eye on the hcg rising until it was at a stage that a scan could be done. It was a lot of tests but it did help me get through as I felt that I was at least doing something...but....it also did make me a little crazy with the numbers. If they hadn't doubled I thought there was something wrong, then one time they tripled and I was over the moon....etc etc...apparently at some stage (once the numbers are getting high) they just need to be rising, not doubling. I feel for you as I know it just about does your head in not knowing. At some stage, I just had to let it go and figured, what can I do......I have to take whatever comes my way and deal with it then. I would be phoning straight away and getting more blood tests if I was you, even it its just for the first little while till you feel secure. Do you have any signs of being pregnant? Is this your first pregnancy?


rsltracey - December 23

Rhyl, Wow... the gold coast of Australia... way too cool.... I live in the Clear Lake Area of Houston, TX... near the Galveston Bay... we have alligators here... my husband and I kayak in the bayous and the bay... there are alligators in the bayous.. way to cool... they are not aggressive though... just don't get too close to one on land they will charge..... but not anything like the big crocs you all have in Australia.. oh my ... i don't know about that... those crocs are something else... hey... I have only seen the IVF DOCTOR... my gynocologist doesn't know anything yet.. you are furthur along than I am... so that makes me feel better that things will kick into place next week once this holiday stuff is over...... I think I will take your advice and call the IVF doctor on Monday Dec 24 just to see if it is a good idea to check this blood on Monday... just a little sooner and make sure the doctor doesn't want to make any changes in my progesterone level... IVF under most insurance plans in america is not covered... but we have the money in savings... the doctor I am seeing is in America's top doctors (I found him in this great book that most americans don't even know about.. you can see the best doctors in almost any health plan if you do your homework first which we did). It's just that my regular nurse was out on Friday and the news came from someone else... I am 42 years old ..... have never been pregnant.. don't know a thing about it... have never had female problems that we are aware of... my husband's little guys just weren't up to the big swim.. so we had to have the two meet at the IVF Lab... anyway... I am very new at this.. have read online about pregnancy symptoms but I can't seem to narrow down any symptoms for the 1st & 2nd week of pregnancy... ... the only symptoms that I know I'm having is just that my insides feel a little different... i've teared up on some things (hard for me to admit that), I've snapped at my husband and been more forceful about my stance on some things (nothing to dramatic though), I'm pretty darn tired at night... my appet_te has picked up since the first week... i have had a couple of twinges TODAY in my abdomen area to the left of my naval... and some mild headaches these last 10 days... Can you have any symptoms the first 11 to 12 days?


rsltracey - December 23

Rhyl, if forgot to say.. that is does sound like you are on top of the hcg numbers... i may have to go through what you just went through.. checking numbers every two days or so... i will know next wed.. but it really sounds like things have turned around for you on the hcg numbers.. and that is great... yes... i have decided that I will try to take all of this as it comes.. and not obsess too much... typing and reading online helps..


Rhyl - December 24

Hi, thanks for your reply, your area sounds interesting and not very different from where we are. Although I have to say, you would have to go a lot further north so see crocodiles in their natural habitat or to Australia zoo about 2 hours away that Steve Irwins family runs. Well, I thought I would update on my situation, not to be negative as I really don't want to be here on this sight, believing that truly whatever comes my way, I have to accept and can't change, so it is not really a negative. As previously for me, I have had difficulties with getting pregnanct, two ectopic pregnancies and a miscarriage and I wouldn't change a thing because then I got my daughter, she is a frozen embryo baby and the lovliest, easiest and silliest little girl and wouldn't want it to be any other way. Well, I went for my scan yesterday and I am dating at only 6 weeks, instead of 6weeks 3days and they found a second sack, dating at 5 weeks, 4 days. Neither with anything inside. I most likely have two "blighted ovums" which means that your hcg levels rise, you feel extremely pregnant, the placenta grows (in my case anyway) but there is no baby in the sack. We have to have another scan in 7 days, just to be sure that things aren't just slow, but the docs are 90% sure in this case that I will not have a viable pregnancy. I have a wonderful, supportive husband who has been with me every step of the way and feel extremely lucky with all the support and attention I have been given from doctors and their nurses etc. I will just have to wait and see what happens, I need an end to it, so that we can move on with the new year. Will let you know.


rsltracey - December 31

Rhyl, I took a couple of days off from the internet. I read you last post. My hcg number went to 169 on day 15. But enough about me... I am very sorry to hear that the scan showed the sacs empty. I don't know what to say except that it sounds like you do realize that this is out of your control. I hope you have a happy new year at this moment. You guys should be in the New Year at this point... we're still stuck in 2007... get me out of 2007. I am really sorry to hear this news. Please be well and look for year 2008 to be a fresh start for you and your family. You daughter sounds just wonderful... what a gift she must be. Cheers from the Great State of Texas, USA... Rhonda


James Ray - September 19

Hello there. I've been reading many of the earlier posts. We're on our 4th IVF cycle. The first failed, the 2nd cycle she became pregnant, but we lost the baby at 5 months. Testing never found the cause. The 3rd cycle failed. For the 4th cycle, HCG test showed positive, but the level was low, only 30. Two days later the level is still stuck at 30. She is very depressed now. After reading the posts, I know there is at least a little hope and I try to be optimistic for the both of us. But I know the chances as well as she does and she has all but given up on this one now. I try to be upbeat, but it's pretty hard even for me. The doc wants to see her again in another couple of days for another HCG test. I'm still hanging on to a thread of hope.


mirandikay - January 10

I should be about 6 weeks along. Due to being friends with my OB she decided to have my blood drawn and my HCG on Wed was 363 and prog was 10. Had f/u lab work on Fri and HCG was 416 and prog went down to 8.5..so they had me come in for an U/S but couldn't see anything yet. They are thinking I am having a misscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. I still have sore b___sts, going to the bathroom all the time and nausea...so no signs of a misscarriage. I go back on Mon for more blood work and another U/S on Wed....I'm so scared! Advice please!!



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