Low HCG Numbers

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mirandikay - January 10

I should be about 6 weeks along. Due to being friends with my OB she decided to have my blood drawn and my HCG on Wed was 363 and prog was 10. Had f/u lab work on Fri and HCG was 416 and prog went down to 8.5..so they had me come in for an U/S but couldn't see anything yet. They are thinking I am having a misscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. I still have sore b___sts, going to the bathroom all the time and nausea...so no signs of a misscarriage. I go back on Mon for more blood work and another U/S on Wed....I'm so scared! Advice please!!


Sydney2008 - May 21

Hi everyone, I am new to this...but have found it very useful reading all your posts. Thank you very much for sharing! I am 31yrs old and my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I came off the pill in March, and had a normal period in April, and in May I missed my period. Excited I took 3 HPT's spread across several days but all came back negative. I then went to the doc and he did a blood test. My first result came back low positive of 31. Then 5 days later did another one and it was 329. My Doctor thinks I should be 6-weeks along (based on my last period) and therefore my HCG's should be above 1,000 by now, therefore he fears I may have a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy! Could this be true?? Maybe he is calculating the start date of my period wrong? And I am only 4-weeks along? I did an internal-Ultrasound yesterday and they couldn't see much expect a small 2.6mm diameter sac. Any thoughts on whether my pregnancy will make it?


kimpoo - March 30

i just found out today that my hcg was low that my number was t 57 and i should be at 1700. my doctor told me that i just could be off on my dates. i did a unltraaound also and they were not able to see anything. so i am pray that all is well that i should get my test back tomm


Shelley.fish - April 14

I am a very fit, 25yo recently diagnosed with PCOS, having had only 3 periods in the last 12 months I used clomid this month. I had an US to confirm follicles on day 10 and the doc predicted I could concieve on day 12-14, however, ovulation tests taken between these dates failed to register a LH spike, I urine tested on day 28, neg, and day 34, neg, so I had a blood test that same day, pos!!!! Was over the moon. It's now been one glorious week of confirmed pregnancy and I has tiny brown spotting this am, i went to the doc, just for rea__surance, had a blood test and they called me to say bhcg was only 33 so I've lost the pregnancy. I have a scan booked for tomoro, but all I can think is maybe I didn't ovulate on day ten, just like the ovation kit suggested, maybe I only ovulated 10-14 days ago in which case, is 33 completely unreasonable? I know it's a long shot, and I'm preparing myself for the worst but can I cling on to something? I'm absolutely devistated.


martie - April 21

Hello. Well I am going through my second IVF doctor. I was pregnant got a positive with the hcg level at 105. then my next hcg level was 147 and now my third went down to 16. So I am having a miscarriage.. It hurts but I am trying to be positive because I do have more chances and this doctor got me pregnant on the first try when the last doctor tried 3 times with no positive tests.. good luck to everyone.


Lioness181 - April 28

I am about 7 weeks pregnant and my hcg is only 2750. I am scared to death. Has anyone had numbers this low and go on to have a healthy pregnancy?


James Ray - April 28

Kimpoo, I previously posted that on our 4th try, we had an HCG reading of only 30. Then the 2nd reading was 30. Then it basically went to nothing. So that was a failed try. We tried a 5th IVF cycle and we got nothing at all, no positive, no frozen embryos. I'm sure you probably know by now, but with a reading of 57, it could go either way. I hope it went well for you! Last December, we started our 6th cycle, this time with donor eggs. And we are now expecting twins this August. We are so excited! Best of luck to you!


HCG_Worry - August 24

I am in the same situation and understand everyone’s concerns and worries for their own personal experiences. It is an emotional rollercoaster. I’ve just completed my first IVF cycle with a positive pregnancy result, I am 4 weeks and 5 days along. My HCG results are as follows: 16/8/10 - 25 18/8/10 - 50 21/8/10 - 83.3 23/8/10 - 63.9 I have another HCG and P4 test tomorrow to see where my levels are at. I’ve had no bleeding but have been experiencing mild cramps since the start of my pregnancy, I still have pregnancy symptoms (but this might be due to the progesterone supplements that utilised during IVF treatment). The fertility clinic has not stated at this stage that this could be a possible m/c, but obviously reading multiple stories you start to realise quickly what a drop in HCG levels means. I will update tomorrow on results, like anyone going through this situation you hope for the best and read the miracle stories and hope that my HCG level’s will start to go up (and not mean that it is ectopic but a healthy pregnancy). We’ll see tomorrow I guess.


HCG_Worry - August 25

Well got my test results unfortinatley HCG has dropped down to 12.1 and they've told me to stop the progesterone and just wait for a miscarrage. Still no bleeding and no cramps. Blood test next week just to make sure I have 0 HCG in my system and that I've had the miscarrage. Will update


HCG_Worry - August 31

Just to draw conclusion on my experience unfortunately ended in miscarriage, took a number of days for the bleeding to start, in some ways I was very happy for it to be over and I can now regroup and look forward to waiting the next two cycles and then starting next round of IVF. Thanks to this forum it's great to hear other peoples stories when you're going through this, it helps


hatethewait - September 6

hello everyone! amazing that this tread was started five years ago and it's still going strong. cleary we're not alone! i've had many miscarriages, one of which was an ectopic. my left tube was removed. i am currently pregnant again and my levels were: 8/31 219 9/2 361 I'm not sure, but I think i'm 6 weeks pregnant (if the digital fertility montior was correct). Just wanted to say that I appreciate everyone posting their stories, and especially posting their follow ups. It helps to see that sometimes there's hope. If anyone could answer, has anyone ever gotten pregnant while using a digital fertility monitor and it was incorrect? Also, for those who had low hcgs in the beginning, but had viable pregnancies, how did your pregnancies go? Did your babies have any problems? It's hard not to think that the reason for the low HCGs could be a problem with the pregnancy. I honestly don't mean to be rude...just so worried!!!!!!


MrsLK - September 15

Hi I am about 6 weeks pregnant. I just came back from the doctor after my second blood test with again, lower HCG level than the first test! I am taking progesterone but now the doctor told me to come off immediately and just let the miscarriage come! I am so worried and scared. prior to taking the progesterone I was having mild cramping and brown spotting. I am not having the spotting but I do experience mild cramping. I want to get an ultrasound just to see if maybe there is still a chance. I'm a firm believer in prayer and am praying that everything will be ok despite the doctor's doubts! I'll keep you all posted


vermont - September 27

I am new to this site. I did my in vitro on September 12th and had my fist HSG test on 9/24 and my levels were at 21. They only rose to 32 as of yesterday. Should I be worried? Dr told me to be hopeful. I am so scared...


MrsLK - September 27

I was way too low I was at 62 but went up a bit to 93 either way I started having cramps and bleeding last Friday... I've just finished my miscarriage, I am sad but i'm eager to try again after my first cycle. I'll say a prayer for all of you who are worrying. You never know, miracles can happen so pray and if it doesn't work out, try again!


vermont - September 27

What does a miscarriage look like or feel like?


MommaAl - October 20

I am 6weeks as of yesterday and my HCG levels are not rising like they should. On Wed the 13th they were 122, Friday just two days later they were 185 and then again I blood work done and it only went up to 250 (on my 6weeks). I had bleeding two weeks ago for about 48-60hours and some clotting with that but have been feeling great ever since the bleeding stopped. I had lower back pain the day before the bleeding started and stopped the day after the bleeding stopped. My levels are still going up but just soo slowly. I was put on progesterone on Friday the day i did my second blood test cause it was also very low. I am looking to found out if anyone has ever had this and what happened for them. Cause my doctor is out of town for the week and another doctor in the office basically said i will miscarry. So I called another doctors office today and they said since my numbers are going up to keep hope cause it can turn around. So im just looking to see what anyone else has to say about. Thanks for you help!



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