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MommaAl - October 20

I am 6weeks as of yesterday and my HCG levels are not rising like they should. On Wed the 13th they were 122, Friday just two days later they were 185 and then again I blood work done and it only went up to 250 (on my 6weeks). I had bleeding two weeks ago for about 48-60hours and some clotting with that but have been feeling great ever since the bleeding stopped. I had lower back pain the day before the bleeding started and stopped the day after the bleeding stopped. My levels are still going up but just soo slowly. I was put on progesterone on Friday the day i did my second blood test cause it was also very low. I am looking to found out if anyone has ever had this and what happened for them. Cause my doctor is out of town for the week and another doctor in the office basically said i will miscarry. So I called another doctors office today and they said since my numbers are going up to keep hope cause it can turn around. So im just looking to see what anyone else has to say about. Thanks for you help!


Hope75 - November 9

On day 16 after egg collection(including the day of the EC) my HCG was only 54. Three days later it was 251. I have no symptoms except a little metallic taste and slight feeling of fatigue. I have had 2 SA (blighed ovums)in the last 12 months and fear this is the third...Going in for another HCG in two days (3 days after the 351). Wish me luck guys. I hope my story ends like Lauries.


calendula - November 10

Hi everyone, I'm a 26 year old woman who has previously sufferred a traumatic ectopic when i was 22. The ectopic I had was traumatic as it was misdiagnosed as a miscarriage,leading to me being rushed into hospital weeks later with a rupturing tibe, luckily it was caught just in time!! Anyways, My bf and I found out I was pregnant on Sunday after a negative test I took myself on the Friday.I had been feeling like i was going to come on my period with aches and pains in stomach and legs and sore b___sts, however I didnt so a week later I took the 1st test which was negative. On Sunday I took another test which was a faint line. I went straight to my doctor as I was concerned that alongside the aches I had what i can only describe as slight pink staining when I wiped. My doc examined me and said it felt like a normal pregnancy but booked me in for an early scan considering my history with my ectopic. On the Monday I went back to the GP as I was still staining pink on and off and I had been feeling twinges in my left side. I was sent to hospital and examined, the doc there said my cervix was closed, but my bloods were low at 23. 48 hours later I have had some sharp pains when I laugh in my scar tissue area and abdomen, but no bleeding, just some staining still.It kinda aches dully in my left side but i also have trapped gas thanks to my bf trying to cheer me up with comfort food!! However my bloods have only gone up to 30 hcg since my first test. I am worrying myself silly as my b___sts dont hurt today and I am thinking maybe it is slightly more uncomfortable when I pa__s urine.Could this be my pregnancy is goign towards m/c or could i have an early ectopic? I have read stories about the chances of both m/c ectopic or a viable pregnancy and am so confused. Can anyone help me or give me some advice/point me in the right direction? I am not due back in hospital for another blood test til Tues and the wait is killing me. I have put myself on bed rest just in case but feel like all i'm doing is sitting around waiting for the inevitable yet I dont want to give up hope just yet.Should I give up or carry on hoping and praying? Any input would be very much appreciated!!


Hope75 - November 11

Checked my levels again and they're up to 915 !! This is good news but still no symptoms which is making me nervous. Will do another hcg on Wed. and then ultrasound in 1,5 week. Pray to God everything is ok.


sao2008 - November 11

I'm five weeks today, had two blood tests this week, the prog dropped from 8.5 to 6 although the HCG increased from 1500 to 2500. Ultrasound shows no yolk sac. My doctor thinks baby is growing in the tube and thinks I should have a D&C. Have another blood test tomorrow. Any updates? This is my first pregnancy. My husband and I are both really nervous.


Hope75 - November 12

Had very light brown/ pinkish discharge this morning and still no symptoms. I am going in for another hcg test in 4 days, and US on following Tue. My mood is really up and down, from feeling optimistic about the hcg levels doubling to crashing and believing for sure its another BO


calendula - November 12

Hi Hope, I really hope everything works out for you. Hold on in there and keep persevering to find answers. I am playing a waiting game atm with mine, had an ultrasound (v____al)and what they saw on screen looks like a molar pregnancy but my hcg levels are too low. SOOO.... they are confused as to what is actually going on with me, I have to wait until next week for another exam. Praying that its a viable pregnancy but preparing for the worst too. Good luck anyways :-) x


sao2008 - November 12

I went to the Dr. today and the sono showed the yolk sac! I actually saw a different dr. today, she said the other dr.'s diagnosis was premature. Also turns out I'm not in my 5th week yet. The prog level is in the grey area she says but at least there's progress.


Hope75 - November 15

Thanks for the kind words Calendula. I did more blood work today and, 4 days after the 915 level, my hcg is 3.950. So nice doubling times but the levels are a bit low and more worrying I dont have any symptoms. No sore b___bs, no nausea.... I have read many women dont experience any symptoms and that every pregnancy is different and even women who are sick as dogs suffer MA/ SA... If this was my first time I probably wouldnt worry but since I'm already twice unlucky I'm really paranoid. Best of luck to you too. I hope you have good news next week.


Hope75 - November 15

Thanks for the kind words Calendula and good luck, I'll cross my fingers and prey you have positive news next week. I did some more blood work and since the 915 level 4 days ago, my hcg is now up to 3950. Doubling times look good but level is a bit low for 5 weeks and 3 days? My biggest concern is that I still have no symptoms. No b___st soreness, no nausea... Have read that many women dont have any symptoms and yet others are sick as dogs and still suffer MA/ SA and even the relation with hcg is very fussy (as Laurie proved...). The only thing we can do is pray and wait for the 6/7 week scan. Mine is coming up in 7 days...


PackerMama - November 16

Hi all... this is my second time down this road and I'm scared. A few years ago I was in the ER for something unrelated and found out I was "pregnant" with an hCG of 20. Over the next week or two I had several series of bloodwork done where the # didn't change as well as trans-vag ultrasounds, but no baby. I eventually ended up having a D&C. Now I haven't had my period for 2 months and took 2 tests last month which were negative. I didn't have any symptoms either and didn't really think I was. Last week I really started to feel symptoms: tired all the time, nauseous, sensitive to smell, sensitive b___sts/nipples so I took another test and it was positive. I ended up in the ER yesterday when I woke up with a UTI and couldn't get an appt to see anyone. My hCG levels at the hospital were 800... which should be consistent considering I think I conceived on October 18th... right? I go tomorrow for more bloodwork and I am PRAYING that they are up :/


Hope75 - November 18

Another update from me. I did another hcg test yesterday and the level is now 8500. Heres a summary: 15 days after egg collection: hcg 54 18: hcg 251 21: hcg 915 25: hcg 3950 27: hcg 8500 Still no symptoms, no b___st soreness or nausea... Going to have another hcg in 4 days, then the first US at 6 + 4 days. The doctor says its early and I should be prepared to not see anything but according to what I've read I should see something right?


sao2008 - November 18

Hey Hope75, I'm a little confused, if your hcg is doubling then that means the baby is growing. My coworker has a beautiful daughter and never experienced any symptoms, no sore b___sts, morning sickness, etc. I read though that if you hcg tripples then it might be more than one baby??? last week my hcg was 2500+ and my doctor told me I was between 4 and 5 weeks and that it looked fine. How far along are you? How's your progesterone? My new doctor doesn't even want to do a blood test for a couple of weeks because she says it's too early and I'd already done a couple that showed the hcg close to doubling in a 48 hour period.


Hope75 - November 18

I'm 5 weeks and 6 days (had IVF done so this is exact days since embryo transfer). I have had two blighed ovums in the past 14 months (one in Sept last year and one in Feb this year) and last time the hcg kept doubling up to 22.000 on 6 weeks. Still on US week 7+4 nothing was seen except gestational sac. Thanks for the rea__suring words about your coworker through, that gives me more hope!


Hope75 - November 19

6 weeks hcg 14.000. US in 4 days.... wish me luck


Hope75 - November 23

First ultrasound at 6w+4d and WE FINALLY SAW A HEART BEAT!!! I couldnt believe my own eyes. After two blighted ovums in a row I thought I never would see anything but an empty sac but a miracle has happened. Going back for a new check up in a week but sooo thankful and pray it'll continue and everything will be fine with this baby.



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