Low HCG Numbers

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riza - January 27

just an update... hcg was doubling as it should be but i was still bleeding red. started cramping tuesday night for the first time-- felt it was a bad sign. the next day, i took another hcg test and the number fell. dr. says i am now in the process of miscarrying. no more cramps though and staying strong with the help of my wonderful husband and puppy. just can't wait till the bleeding stops so we can start trying again.


Juanita - January 27

Wow its sad to hear so many women going through simaliar things as myself ,,, I had a so called ectopic pregnancie in july of 2004 ,, I say so called because the doctors wouldnt wait until it was clearly seen on an ultra sound the really pushed me into taking a shot to terminate the pregnancy ,,,, they where going by my HCG levels and my progesterone levels ,,, I really didnt want to take the shot till they saw it on ultra soud to be sure ,, I been reading more info since then and I think if that happens again I will insist they wait till its clear on ultrs sound its just they want to solve it quick before it gets so big you may need surgery ,,, any way then I got pregnant again in oct of 2004 then miscarred in nov of 2004 ,, no Im scarred I got alot of symtoms of early pregnancy ,, I feel the same way I did when I was pregnant the other times but I havent taken a test yet Im scarred of another failed pregnancy I have had 3 so far ,,, plus I think I should wait a few more days before testing ,, since Im only about 9 or 10 days from when I ovulated ,,, isnt is such an awful cycle pregnant miscarraige pregnant ectopic ,, pregnant miscarraige ,, its like a yo yo I was very happy to hear one women on here say she had 2 micarraiges and now is having a normal pregnancy it gives me a little hope ,,,,l,,,,,,


riza - January 29

wishing you the best juanita. i totally can empathize with you. when they said i had an ectopic in july, they didn't see anything in the ultrasound because it was too early to tell. my hcg levels didn't go up or down. they even performed a d&c uneccessarily. when they did, there was nothing there. that's when the doctor said i should get the shot. i did and was pretty sure it was the right thing to do since i know i didn't want surgery. this time around i got a little excited b/c hcg levels were doubling. but now with this miscarriage, i'm praying that the next time will work out. i agree that hearing the positive blessings really give hope. let me know if things work out. i'll be praying for you. as for us, we'll start trying again once this miscarriage is over.


Renee - February 7

Had HCG test on Feb 4th--they said my number was only 14.5 -- I am pregnant. I went in on the 6th for another HCG and it went up to 25.6--still very low. My progesterone is also low at 12.0. Doctors have told me to be cautiously optimistic. I am not bleeding/spotting--my period would have been tomorrow. I had slight cramping on the 2nd and 3rd of Feb. I'm on pins and needles worrying about these numbers! I pray that they miraculously go up!!!


Amy - February 12

Hi Renee.. I am in the same boat too.. my HCG was only 15 at 4 weeks(2 weeks pc), but I have been monitered since and it has doubled appropriately every 2 days. My MD never indicated that this # was too low..it seems that HCG levels themselves vary from person to person; however, the trend is what they look for (it should double every 48 hours)..Good luck.. Hope everything goes well for both of us!! I too am hoping that my #'s go up!!!


Tamara - February 28

Laurie.....it seems I am in the same boat that you used to be in. At what week did you finally see the baby in the sac? I did IVF so we know our exact dates. I am 6 weeks and 3 days now from lmp, and we only saw a sac today. But I am NOT giving up hope. if you dont remember, thats ok. I just need to hear from other women in my same situation. Thank you


Diane - February 28

Hi everyone, I have recently gone through ivf had a pos test on 2/22, hcg levels of 92. Went back for second test and levels were 193. I just went for a 3 test on2/28 and the levels were 466. The number should have been higher. Dr. seems to think it could have been twins and then I lost one. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I am in limbo for a week until the US. Any advice?


CJ - March 1

Hello to Everyone: Here's a bit of background to my problem before I ask my question. Last Thursday I started to experience very light bleeding and bad pains in the lower right part of my abdomen, so I took a HPT; it came back +. I went to see my doctor the next day and had a beta test done. I got my results back yesterday and they were 707. I also did a repeat beta test yesterday and got my results today; they were 1339. Because I just stop taking the BC pill six weeks ago, I am not quite sure when I ovulated. I got a 'pill period' on January 19th and then got what I thought was a normal period on February 14th. Although there was one day during the February 14th period that was quite heavy, there was not clotting. My question is: Is it acceptable for my level to increase by 90% instead of by 100% or more. I did the math and found that I was 75 MIUs short of doubling. The time frame between the two tests was 70 hours.


Liz - March 2

Hi to everyone who has posted here. Thank you to Laurie for starting this informative strand. I had a +HPT last thursday (32days past LMP)...went to dr on tuesday and had a -test...so they decided to do a blood test. Got a call this afternoon that my hCG level was only 35....I will be doing another blood test tomorrow...this is my first pregnancy, and so far has been a stressful one...it was good to see that some with initial low hCG levels had some sucess...like Laurie! Good luck to everyone. I'll keep you posted


stacey - March 3

Hi all! I am a bit different, but my question has to do with hcg, so I figure this might be the place. I had a miscarriage on 1/28. Now 5 weeks later, my level is 7. I take my temp and had a dip on the 22nd. & days later is when I had the blod test. Is it possible that I am pregnant again with a number of 7 a week after implantation? The nurse told me it was proably from the miscarriage still, but most people have their levels at 0 in a couple of weeks. PLEASE!!!


Sam - March 12

Hi, I'm glad I found this site because I didn't know my problem was as common as it is. I had a frozen embryo transfer on 25/2, on 09/3 I went for my blood test and my hcg level was 23.6, i was retested on 11/3 and my level was 25.8, i have been told its unlikely to be ongoing but I an trying to hope for the best. I go back on 18/3. I've already had 2 ectopics really don't want to wait for a miscarriage to happen. Am i hoping for a miracle?


Kat - March 16

A few responses give me a little hope, even though I realize my chances are quite low that my pregnancy is continuing. Am anxious to hear how Renee and others are making out now... Best of luck to you. Here is my story: Nearly 2 weeks ago I got a faint positive on a hpt. I had light, brown spotting much of that week which led me to do the hpt, even though we were doubtful I was pregnant. (We were going to start trying for our second in April actually! Not on birth control however and so of course a pregnancy was possible). Anyway, spotting continued most days until it stopped for 2 consecutive days. Then, one night I had a few brown blood spots followed by a little red spotting before going to bed. I awoke at 2 am with some cramping and a little more red spotting. That is the only cramping I have had to date. The morning brought more red bleeding which got heavier and heavier - and continuous. I had an hcg blood test that day. This lasted a total of 3 days and I had one or 2 clots along the way with a final clot which seemed to coincide with the end of the heavy bleeding. Got the results of my hcg and it was only a 6.5! Yikes. Very low. However, the blood test could have been done as early as 17 or 18 days post conception. From what I have read, it is a possibility, though not as common, that the hcg could register very low at that point in the pregnancy. However, my midwife immediately a__sumed a miscarriage in spite of what the doctor suggested (a series of hcg tests) and no other tests have been done. I accepted her diagnosis and needless to say we had one very emotional day after a very stressful previous couple of days. Now, 3 days later I get occasional light, red spotting. I haven't had any pain. The reason I am even looking up info and found my way to this forum is because I feel pregnant, especially increasingly tender b___sts. They feel more sore at night, which is just like my first pregnancy. I know you can continue to have symptoms of pregnancy after miscarriage, but ones that increase, esp after such a low hcg? Maybe it is foolish to keep wondering, but maybe, just maybe I have a subchorionic bleed or some other explanation for what has happened along with an early low level hcg? Any thoughts? Thanks for listening!!


Melissa - March 18

I am I guess 6 weeks pregnant. I'm a little worried. my levels had been doing ok but started off at 55 at 13 days past ovulation. they went to 130 two days later then 477 3 days later then to 833 40 hours later then to 1333 48 hours after that. My concern is with the last two reading since they did not double exactly. Should I be this worried about this?


arlene - March 21

my pregnancy test was 152 what does that mean


Zoe - March 22

I had a preg test done and i was low posotive so the doc says my hcg was 10 after 13 days of having AI done, doc said it was low and im due for another test in 4 days time.


Jen - March 23

Hi everyone. Seems like this is a really good place to talk about what we are going through...even if it's just to get it off of our chests. My situation is this- I have PCOS and don't get a period every month and my doc told me a long time ago that I wasn't going to get pregnant. I also have hypothyroidism. My hubby and I pretty much gave up on getting pregnant and accepted the fact that we'd just be the favorite aunt and uncle who spoiled the heck out of our neices and nephews. Well, for some reason I took a pregnancy test in the beginning of Feb. It came back negative. About 2 weeks after Valentines Day my mother called and told me she had a feeling I was pregnant. So, I took a test to see.....and it was positive...I was so excited I took 3...all positive. After confirming the pregnancy with my doc he ran the usual bloodwork and told me my hcg levels were only 50 and should have been higher. A few days later I had a few tiny red spots in my underwear so my doc told me to go to the ER. They tested my HCG and it was at 1964. The ER doc told me he didn't see a baby and that he was going to do a DNC. I freaked and told him no and left the hospital. TWO days later I went to another doc who did an ultrasound in his office and told me....there is a baby ....there is the heart beat...and there is the nice round sac keeping it safe. I should have left well enough alone...but that following Monday I kept my appointment with my old doc...the one who agreed with the ER doc on the D&C...I guess just to prove him wrong. Well the Untrasound tech told me and my doc that there was no fluid in the sac (another doc looked at the results and called it a viable pregnancy and said nothing about missing fluid)and he tested my HCG levels and said they only went up 250 points in 72 hours. So now the old doc said it's going to be a mis or a deformed baby. I called the new doc and told him what I did....he wasn't mad...he just told me that I can choose whatever doc I want but I should choose one and stick with him. My new doc told me that HCG levels do have to rise to keep a pregnancy going...but the fact that my baby looked fine just 3 days ago tells him that my pregnancy is going along as planned. So, I pretty much have no idea what is going to happen here. I go for another ultrasound Thursday to see if all still looks well and growing. If anyone wants to talk...you can email me at [email protected] Thanks for listening and believe in the power of positive thinking.



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