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Katy - November 5

Hello everyone! My sister is 6 weeks pregnant and has had 3 ultrasounds. The baby's heartbeat is only 90 beats per minute. What is normal? Does this mean she may have a miscarriage? Please let me know if you have any info.


Christine - November 5

Normal is in the range of 140-160...I know so far mine have all been in the 160's...90 is very low but I'm not sure what it could mean


Lynn - November 16

I just had an ultrasound Friday and the heartbeat was 88. From the studies I read, anything under 100 is not a good sign, but one study of 531 pregnancies with heartbeats under 100 showed that almost 62% made it out of the first trimester. An additional 25% were lost in the second trimester, but if they made it past that they had a 90% chance of a healthy pregnancy. Let me know what happens with your sister, and if anyone else has been through this, please let me know. Thank you!!


stacey - January 23

Please let me know what has happened. I am in the same situation. I had an u/s at 6 weeks, had a heartbeat of 98, but was told it has the possibility of increasing next week. Please help either ease my mind or by possibly preparing me!


Lynn - January 23

Hi There, We did lose that pregnancy. But 98 is a lot faster than 88. Good luck. Let me know what happens.


Jackie - January 24

Katy- I do hope all is going well for your sister. This is what I have read. At 5-6 weeks a heart beat between 90-110 bpm is normal. the heart has just started to beat at this time. later on in weeks 7-9 the bpm increase upto 140+. then slows again later in pregnancy. But I'm no Doctor this is just what I have read on online studies. I hope all turns out well for your sister- and everyone else for that matter.


Becca - January 26

In April I had some spotting so I had an US. Heart rate was 86. it did rise to 90's and tehn 100's in subsequent US's but I mc 3 weeks after i began spotting. When I had the initial US the Radiologist told me I had an 80% chance of mc.


stacey - January 27

I had my ultrasound today and found out that I lost the baby. The heartbeat had stopped and the fetus wasn't growing properly.


Lynn - January 27

I am so sorry to hear that Stacey. That's exactly what happened with me. But my body recovered pretty quickly, so we're trying again. Good luck to you!


stacey - January 29

good luck to us all when we try again :)


Susanne - January 30

I am 41 y/o and surprised to find out I was pregnant. We had my first ultrasound at 6 weeks. Some concern because the heartbeats were only 90. Also found out we were having twins - identical and in the same sac. Two weeks later had another u/s and found out I miscarried. Heartbroken. Hopes and prayers to everyone.


stacey - January 30

lynn, how long did they advise you to wait before trying again? Our obgyn said atleast one cycle, but I have a friend who got pregnant w/o complications 2 weeks after.


Lynn - January 30

Hi there, He said one full cycle, but that's mostly b/c it makes it easier to date how far along you are if you get pregnant again, especially if you had miscarried in the past b/c the embryo wasn't growing as expected. Hope that is helpful. I would also suggest looking at the "sperm meets egg plan" on pregnancyloss.info http://www.pregnancyloss.info/sperm_meets_egg_plan.htm


Ellyn - February 3

Iam 45 and this is our first. Iam six weeks and the Ultrasound had the babys heartbeat at 82. Reading all the information bellow this is not sounding great. I was told they want to see it over 100. They are doing a second one 8 days later(this monday) I am scared! On top of all this I am having a small bowel resesction on the 15th. Iam going to be out for 3hrs... Anyone ever have surgery in the fisrt trimester?


stacey - February 3

No, but did you ask if it's safe to have anesthesia(sp?) while pregnant?


Tara-T - February 3

My friend, (who is now 8 months pregnant) had to have an emergency Appendectomy at about 3 months...she's fine, baby is fine. However, if it's something that can wait until after the baby is born, may be best. I would ask OBGYB about it.


Kim - February 3

I had IVF in Dec 04 and it was successful. But my HCG tests and the baby's HB was low. 89 bpm. I lost if at 6.5 weeks. We don't even know if we can get pg on our own. We have tried for 5.5 years and IVF was our last hope. Due to the cost we can't do it again. But the DR should be doing US every week if the HB is low.



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