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soontobemommie0730 - January 14

Okay well last week i had a terrible experience...i had the scare of a threatened miscarriage...so when i went to the E.R. they did an ultrasound and found everything is great so i was really happy...but when i went for the checkup with my ob/gyn she told me that the ultrasound found that i have a low lying placenta...she said its okay and should move up during pregnancy but she told me that i should cut down on intercourse...and i was just curious what causes the placenta to lie low? and does anybody else have this? thanks!


DownbutnotOUT - January 14

The position of the placenta all depends on where the egg implanted itself, with my last csection my dr informed me my placenta was right over my csection scar which made for an interesting csection. You do have to be careful with a low lying placenta and follow drs orders just to make sure everything stay fine, good luck and take care :)


JuJu - January 20

Hi soontobemommie; just curious....how many weeks are you? Don't worry about your low-lying placenta too much at this stage - the statistics are well in your favour for your situation to change. At 20 weeks, up to one in four placentas are cla__sed as 'low-lying', but by 28 weeks 9 in 10 of those low-lying palcentas have 'moved up'. The placenta itself doesn't actually move, but it appears to move because of grown/stretching in the lower part of the uterus - allowing the placenta to 'move' away from the cervix area. If you're placenta hasn't grown away from your cervix by 28 weeks, it's cla__sed as a placenta praevia - and there are 3 different types; 'full' PP is when the placenta entirely covers the cervix, 'partial' is when just part of the cervix is covered and 'marginal' is when the placenta is just nudging the edge of the cervix. But if you do end up with a placenta praevia, it's not the worst thing in the world - these days it's a very manageable situation, and your docs should keep a close eye on you. I have a marginal praevia (I am 30 weeks) and so far I haven't had any difficulties/bleeding etc, so hopefully that will continue, fingers crossed! I do have another problem, in that my placenta is lying directly across my previous c-section scar (just like DownbutnotOut!) so this will complicate the delivery a little. There is also the chance that I may have/develop Accreta, but so far I am ok. Anyway Soontobemommie....hope this info helps and I hope your placenta obliges you and moves up:) DownbutnotOut; just interested as to what I can expect - how did the docs deliver your baby when your placenta covered your scar? I would love to hear about your experience- juju



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