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kellyshar - October 17

Im 22 weeks pregnant and had my scan today. I was told that my Placenta is low lying and that I need to be scanned again for this at 32 - 34 weeks. Is this a concern at the moment?


jilo77 - October 18

I had low lying placenta with my son. Was put on pelvic rest (no s_x or orgasm) until I had another u/s at 32 weeks. In most cases, including mine, the placenta moves up the further along you get in your pregnancy. I ended up having an uneventful v____al birth at 40 weeks 2 days. Best of luck!


cayingo - October 21

I am at 20w and have been told I have a low lying placenta too. Both my OB and perinatologist (I go to her b/c I am "AMA") said there is absolutley nothing to worry about. The vast majority of placentas move by the 30th week as the uterus grows. However, if it hasn't moved by the 34th week they will plana c-section (which I DO NOT want). They first noticed this at my 8w u/s and have and will con't to monitor. It's already moved some. I fully expect it to be where it shoul dbe by my 30week scan. Good luck, and try to relax. Try to keep in mind this is one of those things that yo have no control over. Focus on the aspects of your pg that you CAN control (diet, excersise, stress level, rest) and do your best to manage those.


dukele - October 26

Hi I had placenta previa ladies, which is like extreme low lying placenta that usually causes bleeding. I was diagnosed at 11 weeks and by 20 weeks my placenta had moved up to the position it is in now, still low lying, but not dangerously low. This usually resolves itself. It is a risky condition, because it can cause premature labor and will require a c-section in the rare instance that it doesn't correct itself. If the doctors were very concerned they would have put you on bedrest. Try not to worry, this is a fairly common complication. The placenta will naturally "choose" to migrate upwards because the blood supply is much better at the top of the uterus than at the bottom. You might be asking, "Well, what if mine doesn't move up?". Well that is probably going to be okay too. You do not have previa so I think you should be out of the clear for a c-section. Your placenta will not migrate further down, either. It only moves one way, and that's up. So your condition will likely not get any worse, it can only get better.



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