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Mandy - May 27

My doc told me 2day i had a "low layin plencenta" and he is hopin that in 4 weeks when am about 30 weeks, it will move it self higher up.Has anyone had this?or had this and it moved? Cause if it doesnt move and still low i might have to do a C-section! Thanks


Mandy - May 28



tryingx3 - May 29

Mine was low at 16 weeks (which I hear is common) and had "shifted" by week 21. The ultrasound tech told me at that u/s not to worry if it had not shifted that sometimes it was after week 28 before it did. Hopefully yours will shift soon. Also, I started wearing a maternity support belt during that time - was told by Nurse Pract_toner that it sometimes "encouraged" it to shift. Good luck!


Leesa - June 1

Hi Mandy, I am 35wks and was told from 13wks on that I had a low lying placenta it has moved a little, but not enough. The baby's head is still lying right next to it so I have to go in a week for an amniocentesis to see if the baby's lungs are mature enough for delivery at 37wks by cesarian. My doctor told me that if the placenta hasn't risen up away from the cervix by now it usually isn't going to, so to protect you and the baby they prefer to deliver early by cesarian to avoid any bleeding problems if you start to dialate. I wish you the best of luck !


tryingx3 - June 2

Sounds like we should be wishing you good luck as your new bundle will be here soon! Are they giving you steroid shots to boost baby lung development?


lin7604 - June 4

how do you know if it is low? Can you tell by the feeling of the baby's kicks?


funkycatt - June 7

Usually they can tell it is low from an ultrasound (that's how they found mine) or sometimes you will have bright red, painless bleeding. Sometimes it is not found until you go into labor. No, you can't tell by the way the baby kicks, or at least not that i'm aware of.


Mandy - June 11

Well last thursday i had bleeding.Went to hospital.My cervex is still closed and they said my placenta is still low.at 27 weeks now i guess it wont be moving.Been put on bed rest. They told me to only come back if the blood is redder.Well its sunday night and still brownish red blood is commin out.Should i still be concerned? or only when its bright red? They also gave me 2 shots of some stuff to speed up babys lung process...


august baby #3 - June 11

My doctor told me at 15 weeks and again last week at 28 weeks that i had a low lying placenta and not to worry that it may move up. however, since the 15 week u/s it has actually moved farther down and is now completely covering the cervix. so, i have a feeling that i may be looking at a c section as well. good luck


fefer1 - June 13

I was told I had a low lying placenta as well. I have an ultrasound on teh 19th (almost 29weeks) to check it again. They didn't seem too concerned at my last u/s but wanted to check the progress. I also had bleeding early on, between 11-18 weeks but everything has progressed perfectly since then.


Leesa - June 13

Hi Mandy, I went to the doctor today to get the results of my ultrasound from friday and my placenta is still low, right at the edge of my cervix and I am 36 1/2 wks.My doctor scheduled me for a c-section for the 30th of this month which will put me at almost 39wks, as long as I have no bleeding between now and then. I am terrified at the idea of a c-section, but I don't have any choice. Just going to try not to worry about it although sometimes that is very hard to do! Good Luck!


Mandy - June 14

hi Leesa.. sorry to hear about the c-section. I think the same thing will happen with me.Let me know how it went.Am getting nervous. i have an appointment with my doc next wed.Theres still old blood.Hopefully they wont have to take my little bean out early.


falafal0 - June 15

I was told at my 19 weeks unltrasound that the entire cervix was covered by the placenta. I am now 30 weeks and have been checked twice, and the placenta has moved up to the left, out of the way entirely. If yours doesn't move enough for a risk free natural labour, then yes, you'll have to have a c-section.


scarlett - June 20

I'm 21 weeks and have an anterior(towards the front) and low placenta. Will be going for another scan next month and hopefully it's shifted then.


fefer1 - June 20

MIne has shifted completely, at 29 weeks, so I am in the clear!


masublanco - June 24

Was your bleeding on an off during those 9 weeks? Or was it all the time? Were you in absolutely bed rest?. I was diagnosed with low lying placenta ( 2 centimeters separation) last Wednesday, week 14th of my pregnancy. I am bleeding like in a menstruation since then and I dont know what to expect, so if you could tell me a bit more of your experience, I would appreciate it. Thanks


Leesa - June 24

Hi Mandy, Hope all is well with you! I went to a specialist for an amnio Wednesday so I could deliver on the 30th of this month due to the previa and when they did my ultrasound they discovered that my low lying placenta had moved out of the way and I am in the clear for a v____al delivery. The specialist that I went to asked me if I'd had any v____al ultrasounds done and I told him no and he said that this is really the best way to check your placenta which is how he found out that mine had moved.I had a regular ultrasound done a couple of weeks ago and they said it was still there and hadn't moved so maybe that is something that you could ask your doctor about as well! Best of luck to you!



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