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Nadia - April 29

Im going on 5 weeks and found out today that my hcg blood level has doubled, but that my progesterone level is low it's 9. They wanted me to go pick up a prescription for progesterone suppositories of 100mg. After crying all day I decided to research progesterone levels and the suppositories and there was no comfort for me, there is no clinical or scientific facts that it will hold the pregnancy or that if it does hold there's no facts in the the damage progeseterone might have on the fetus. So I searched all over to see if anyone who has been on progeseterone has had a healthy baby, with no birth defects. Please someone help..


leslie - May 10

I am at the same point as you only mine was a 14 and I have the same fears as you do. I worry about side effects from the drug on the baby even if it saves the baby. I can't find out how bad a 14 is, and the whole time will tell thing isn't helping either. I will pray for you and hope that helps. Good luck!


Maria - May 10

Yes, yes, I took progesterone supplements (mine were oral) in early pregnancy, and my beautiful baby is 2 now, smart and healthy! No birth defects. I hope this helps. Praying for both of you.


Judy - May 19

I am going through the same thing. I am on 6 progesterone supplements a day, and just found out my progesterone has dropped again. I now have to add an injection to the supplements I am already taking. I am 6 weeks pregnant. My prayers are with all of you going through the same thing.


Jo - May 25

I am 10 weeks pregnant with my 4th. I also am taking Progesterone orally. 300mg a day. I took Progesterone with my last 2 pregnancies and I had 2 perfectly healthy baby girls. My levels with this pregnancy started at 6, went up to 17 and then down to 11.8. I haven't checked them again. I have had 2 u/s and everything is going well. Strong heartbeat. Hope this helps


donna - June 3

i agree, i read the warnings on the box of crinone and decided against taking it.


J-Dub - June 10

I just had my progesterone level checked today - Mainly because I was in the ER yesterday with bleeding and cramping - Vaginal u/s revealed heart rate, 6 wk 2 day old embryo but a small sac. Hcg was also low yesterday at 3,471. Today my Progesterone is at 3.6 extremely low and my hcg level has dropped to 3,214. This is my second miscarriage within 6 months. Im devastated - but was told that next time i will be prescribed the progesterone suppositories - which Im all for. Its worth a shot. I doubt our doctors would put something out there for us to try during this time and yet have it hurt us or our baby.



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