Macrobid Safe

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mother2b31987 - March 7

they said i had a UTI and needed the meds told me it was safe during pregnancy but now im not so sure it is--- they sent it away for a culture i am going to call dr to get results and see if its bad enough that i need these meds


jenicelopez42102 - April 16

Hi, im currently a mother to a beautiful little princess whom we named Alexis (6yrs old) and was exited to know she was going to be a big sister.. she was my first pregnancy before i found out i was pregnant at 7 weeks 2 days (apr.2,2013) via ultrasound after experiencing minor bleeding during intercourse two days prior, and was told everything was good, heard the baby's heartbeat and it was great, they checked for any bleeding in my uterus i believe and found nothing wrong. I had my first checkup done the same day.. on tuesday the following week i received a phone call from the clinic saying i had to come in to pick a prescription (NITROFURANTOIN MONO/MAC 100MG CAPS) for a possible UTI, so i did and started taking them immediately (apr.9,2013) i was 8 weeks 2 days. Today (Apr.16,2013) at 9 weeks 2 days during a second ultrasound my husband and i found out that our baby had no fetal heartbeat and are devastated!! i had what they like to call a "missed miscarriage" and am scheduled to have a D&C done on friday. My baby measured at exactly 8 weeks 3 days meaning the fetus heart stopped beating the day after i started taking NITROFURANTOIN (apr.10, 2013). COINCIDENCE??? I THINK NOT!!! DO NOT TAKE MACROBID OR NITROFURANTOIN they are bad for you.. next time we decide to get pregnant again i will be trying homeopathic medicines instead.. I'm 26 years old and have no history of miscarrying, with both my pregnancy i conceived right away.. no complications.. i just cant think of anything else that could have caused this.. :'(


Vonkia9 - March 11

If you have taken Microbid during pregnancy and it resulted in a loss pregnacy please contact me ASAP. It just happened to me while pregnant with Triplets and it could be a lawsuit.


Quay427 - October 10

I’ve taken it and was told I actually didn’t have a UTI 3 days later I started bleeding badly which resulted in a miscarriage. It may not be for everyone 



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