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Tonia - February 10

Okay I'm 17 right now, and I'm medicare pending, they have till March 24 to process my case, and there are 54 ahead of me, so it looks like they will take that long. No doctors in this area will see me while I'm medicaid pending, then I'll have a month-2 month wait to get a doctor's appointment and I can't even schedule it while I'm medicaid pending, I'm currently 15 wks. pregnant and at my last doctor's appointment a month ago they were thinking about moving my due date up like 2 weeks, so I may even be 17 wks. The big deal here, is I'm not going to be able to get in to see a doctor till the end of April at the earliest and I'll be at least 25 weeks pregnant by then, aren't there a lot of tests between now and then that I'm supposed to have done? It isn't possible for me to go somewhere else to see a doctor either, I'm in northern Nevada and would have to drive at least four hours each way to get to a real city, plus I'm working and going to school...


kristenk0329 - February 16

You may want to check with your local hospital on any Family Health Clinics or programs. Here, most of our hospitals have the pre-natal clinics which will see you even while medicaid is pending. Some hospitals will even offer different ';charity case' programs which means they will have you see a doctor upfront, then worry about billing later. I know medicaid will cover you up to 30 days prior to being approved, so maybe find a doc who accepts medicaid and will see you asap.


Tonia - February 16

I talked to the medicaid office, and they said that they were aware of it, and there was nothing they could do about it.


My answer - February 17

Wow! That's pretty harsh. I live in WA State and I was able to go see a Dr. before my medical coupons came through. DSHS back-dates the coupons to the day you get the confirmation of pregnancy from the Dr. or clinic, so any care you receive will be covered anyway. I would suggest trying a prenatal clinic at a hospital also... they CANNOT deny you care even if you have no insurance.


kimberly - February 17

I feel talking to a local health clinic or hospital about a prenatal clinic would be a good idea also, like she said a hospital cannot deny medical care to a pregnant women, even without insurance.


Tonia - February 18

Yeah, the hospital would see me, but the real problem is if I don't get medicaid, then there is no way I can pay for my doctor bills, and neither can my parent's. They already have over tons of doctor bills because of a disease that my sister has had for the last 7 years, no cure, no real treatment.... The hospital here charges a ton for anything, I had to go to the hospital last summer because I had bronchitis bordering phnemonia, I was coughing up blood, and they did a pregnancy test then, the pregnancy test was $300.


amberlee - February 18

what is medicaid and how can i get help from them? i'm 17 and could use it...


kristenk0329 - February 18

Medicaid WILL cover you as long as you do not have any other insurance and you are below their income limit. There is also a gov't funded program through medicaid that is there just for pregnant women. Again, as long as you are within the income limit, you will get medicaid. Don't your parent;s have insurance? You are young enough to still be covered on their plan. If they are on medicaid, then you will be approved. Worse comes to worse, you'll have medical bills to pay. Hospitals don.;t come after you all at once, most will work out payment plans. Whats more important, piling up bills or your babys health? Like I said before, hospitals also work with charities.


kristenk0329 - February 18

One more thing, there are Planned Parenthoods all over the country. They do pregnancy tests for free and will charge you according to what you make. Call them, they always see patients right away. They have office hours just for prenatal care.


Tonia - February 19

I literally live in the middle of nowhere, 4 hour drive to Salt Lake, 4 hour drive to Reno, I'm right in the middle. The county that I live in just fired the public health nurse back in October, we have no Planned Parenthood around... My father is thinking about taking me to Reno for appointments, 'cause there should be a doctor there that will see me while I'm medicaid pending, we had one here, but he just closed his practice. I was originally seeing him, but in January he just closed, I guess the hospital ran him out, by saying that he couldn't deliver there anymore. Oh, I'm 16 weeks pregnant, and I just started having this pain on my left side, I mean it woke me up last night because it was so bad and I ended up crying for about half an hour. Should I be really concerned, or could it just be ligaments stretching? I'm just worried about my child's health and also about not getting into debt so much that there is no way I can go to college.


kristenk0329 - February 19

It could really be anything causing the pains. I know its hard not to worry. I am 11 weeks and have been getting tiny sharp pains every now and then. My doctor wasnt concerned since its only short spouts of pain and no bleeding involved. It could be gas, it could be stretching, heck, it could even be stress. I swear I feel things all over the place now, but the doctor insists its normal. Ive felt like I was about to get my period since the day I found out I was pregnant. I have heard of lots of women having menstrual type cramps their entire pregnancy. Everyone is different. According to my doctor, serious pains ar epains you feel in the center, lower ab part of your stomach. If the pains are persistant and are accompanied by bleeding, it could be serious. And by bleeding, they normally mean enough blood to soak a pad in an hour. Remember, spotting is normal for some people. I spotted at 8 weeks and everything was fine.


Jbear - February 20

It sounds like ligament pain. The only test that they won't be able to do on you will be the triple screen, which checks for downs syndrome and some other things. A lot of women choose not to have that test done anyhow. You should be checking your blood pressure whenever you go somewhere with a machine (like the drugstore) because that is one thing the doctor would be checking. When you do get to see a doctor, they will probably do basic bloodwork (find out your blood type, check for std's, etc) and an ultrasound. If you're overweight, they might do a glucose tolerance test, otherwise, they'll do that later on. What the doctor does during office visits is: check urine for protein and sugar, check blood pressure and weight, measure uterus (with a tape measure on your tummy) and listen to the baby's heartbeat.


info - February 20

I was on medicaid with my first child. I was 19 at the time. I live in Florida and it took them no time to give me medicaid. I went to the Health Department until I had medicaid. I hope you find someone who will take you, and if you are approved for medicaid, it will go back 3 months and cover any medical bills. If you have any doubs and concerns about your pregnancy, go to the ER and then when they approve your medicaid just take the ER bill to your caseworker and they will take care of it. Good luck.


sheewoo - February 21

If think if you call your medicaid case worker and let her know that you need to see someone now you should be able to get pushed up. they tried to do me like that and I told the I have a doctors appointment on that monday and need my medicaid i was approved and had medicaid with in two dys.Where do you live they should have a doctor that would see you while you are pending.


Tonia - February 22

I asked my case worker if there was anything I could do to make it go faster, and she was like, I go in order that I get your case and I have 54 cases ahead of you... I was like okay, well I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant, and once you go through my case I'll have to schedule an appointment and the doctor's office has a 4-8 week wait, so I'll be around 25 weeks pregnant by the time that I'd be able to see a doctor... She was like I realize that once I get done with your case you can call your doctor and schedule an appointment and hope that it doesn't take that long to get in... She was really annoying, and I live outside of Elko, Nevada. We only have 2 doctors to choose from now, and neither will see you while you're medicaid pending. I could go to the Northeastern Nevada Health Center, but they wouldn't even be able to give me prenatal care, they would just be charging me to take my blood pressure, do a urine sample, and listen to the baby's heartbeat.


woohoo - March 8

your prenatal check-ups only usually consist of blood pressure check, fetal heartbeat check & urine samples. at 18 weeks, they would of done a ultrasound check on you. other than that, the appointments are really short. as long as your baby's moving around & your belly's getting bigger. you shouldn't have to worry about anything. i know it's hard not to worry though. :)


woohoo - March 8

p.s. just to let you know, that's really ALL they do after the first appointment & ultrasound (at 18 weeks). there's not much else they do, but just check your pressure, fetal heartbeat & urine. then, they'll ask the regular doctor questions to be sure you're not experiencing any physical problems & whatnot.



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