Merina IUD Complications Maybe Pregnant

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Kathy - October 19

I had the merina iud put in this past Spring. (very very painful--worse than I thought it would be) The last month I have had bad lower abdominal cramping. Nothing that makes me think its an emergency, but bad enough that it drives me crazy. Feels like I'm getting my period, but I don't. My last period was very light. I have a dr. appt tomorrow and I think I want the thing OUT. Anybody with similar symptoms? What was the outcome? Could I be pregnant? This would be my third. Also, how painful is it to have it removed? Thanks, and all the best to you.


Kathy - October 23

Hi Kathy, I had mine removed two months ago and it didnt really hurt, its a bit uncomfortable but thats it.


Kathy - October 23

Just to let everyone know, I had the IUD removed, and it didn't hurt at all like when it was put in. My constant cramping, has STOPPED, almost as soon as it came out. Just an fyi in case anyone else shares this problem.


Jennifer - November 1

I've had mine in for a little more than a year now and like you, in the beginning I thought of having it removed. I felt crampy, I could feel it sometimes, etc., but now it's great! I don't feel it at all, my periods are so light I only need a pantyliner. Don't give up. I called the Dr a few times during the first few months and she told me the same's worth it if you just hang in there!!


Jenn - November 14

I have had a Merina Iud in for over a year and in the last few months I have had cramping and abdominal pain. Last Friday I had an ultrasound and they found that my IUD has embedded in my uterus. I am scheduled to have it taken out today.


claireg - January 14

hi jenn. was your abdominal pain constant? im in the same boat, ive had my merina in for just short of 1 year, had no problems when fisrt had it fitted but now im experiencing lots abdominal pain & cramping constanly! im being sent for a scan so maybe the same has happened to me. how did you get on in getting it removed? what did they have to do?


najla - January 30

i had a bicornuate uterus andi had the merina but after ultrasound it's in place ma i safe ?


Mary - March 22

I had a merina iud put in a month ago and couldn't tolerate it because of bleeding, cramping and b___st tenderness. I had to get it out and did so yesterday.


nashwa - June 24

The removel off the iud is not painfull at all i had my iud 5 years ago then i have the merina 4 month ago so it is good at leat i,m not prgnant now becouse i had my 4 kids on the pills just i forget all the time thank god my last kid is 3 now good all the best to u all.


nashwa - June 24

just this month i fell so sick i have a abdominal pain all the time i,m havy all the time ,i,m just not in good mood most off the time i dont know is that from the iud .


marisa80 - July 4

I had Merina put in 8 months ago. I really haven't had any problems with it. The past week I've had cramping and abdominal pain. My husband thinks I'm pregnant. I'm not sure what do to.


Nadia2 - February 17

I feel the exact same way and I have had mine in for almost 3 years. The doctor checked it once after I started bleeding after s_x but she said it was still in place. I am thinking of having it taken out but i am nervous because I got pregnant on the pill twice. My doctor said I ovulate twice a month and the pill can't regulate me.


melissap - February 17

I felt the same way and had it removed but it was just side effects of the IUD. Check with your doctor to make sure it is in place. I also got preggo on the pill and I am TTC again but I will get another IUD as it does a great job on controling my hormones. Good Luck


jennifer - September 17

I just recently had my IUD removed as well.. Its been about four months now and my periods are still abnormal, if I even get one at all..I'm really concerned that it has damaged my body.. Hopefully I will be able to conceive after having the IUD.. I am still having severe abdominal pain and cramping, I'm hoping my body will be normal again soon.


JenniferE - January 18

I had put up with painful s_x, mucus (read that it was normal, how did I know?) and cramping until I decided enough was enough! Found out the string had gotten into my uterus and irritated the organ causing all those symptoms. 2 days out and I feel so much better already. I got away without an infection, thankfully! I will never do that again....


sapple - May 20

I am going through the same thing and my problem is I do not have insurance now and Im being treated like a second cla__s citizen. It cost 195.00 to be removed and I asked if I payed half could they remove it and I would pay the rest because I have had to take off from work for the past 3wks because of an infection that I got from having it put in and they said NO. I told them that I would pay the rest just as soon as I went back to work and they still refused. I have had it in for a total of 6wks now and I have started my period and this is my 7th day on which is why I got the IUD in the first place for lighter periods. I also asked my doctor for an excuse for work until I could get over the infection and they told me no not with out seeing me and they will not see me with out insurance. Doctors get a kick back on everything they do to us or for what ever medication they write for us its really all about them. Im just so scared that in the end Im going to have to end up having erreverable damage from this.


Teddyfinch - May 20

and doctors wonder why we'd rather go up to canada to be seen than see a money grubbing quack here. are there any clinics? i say go to the ER and tell them you're in horrible pain and i mean yell it and maybe they'll take it out.



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