Methanphetamine Use

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lisa - June 27

what can happen during pregnancy


duh - July 6

Methamphetamine causes sky rocketing blood pressure and heart rate. what happens to your bod happens to theirs. spontaneaous abortion along with many birth defects. anyone using dope should not be making or raising children.


audry - July 20

please... dont get pregnant if you feel you need meth if you are get help right away this is very selfesh


confused - October 27

I'm 4 months pregnant and have been using meht for 2 months now on and off... what affects does this have on my baby?


- October 27

low birth weight, brain damage, death, loss of eye sight, and hearing. mental retardshion. so just dont do it anymore


To CONFUSED - October 30

You may as well have an abortion now because I'm sure your baby will come out deformed and mentally retarded. You would deserve nothing less anyway.


STOP - October 30

Even if there were no birth defects related to meth - though there are TONS of them - stop! People on meth really suck! Do you enjoy being constipated and not showering?!? Well, I know the people around you certainly don't like your smelly, fidgety, a__s - seriously, stop. I'm a__suming you're already pregnant, which makes me sick to my stomach because god I can't stand meth heads, but stop now, because even if your baby survives pregnancy - you cannot be a proper mother on meth. I'm not saying that as some conservative wacko - I myself have enjoyed lots of drugs - not METH! It turns you into a friggen wide eyed zombie!! PLEASE STOP!!


USE YOUR HEAD! - November 2

You will have a premature baby that will weigh alot less then other babies, may have breathing problems, you will have a hard labor (high blood pressure, baby's heart rate will probably drop, chance baby will come out not breathing and you will be freaking out really bad if you are high while delivering- which you probably will be because labor can easily be induced by using drugs like cocaine and meth) not to mention you will have a newborn addicted to drugs. Please just think about that baby in you and stop!



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