Methotrexate Shot And Pregnancy After

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Melissa - February 14

Has anyone had to undergo the Methotrexate shot and then how long did it take before you got pregnant after things has healed? Or has anyone had a DNC and then how long did it take before you got pregnant? Or did anyone get pregnant like 2 months after a DNC and methotrexate shot? I have had no preiod yet and am worried. thanks


Kristy - February 18

I had to have 2 methotrexate shots due to an ectopic pregnancy in October/November. While being treated for that I got a large cyst and had to have a laparoscopy to have it removed. At that time they also did a D&C (november). It probably took me a good month to month and a half to get my period after all of that. I have been having regular periods ever since last monday when I missed it..I took a pregnancy test and it said "not pregnant" then I took another one today thinking maybe my levels were just to low for the test and it again said "not pregnant" I dont know whats going on with my body I hope its not another ectopic. I hope this helps a little bit.


Jessica - April 30

I was very fertile before my ectopic pregnancy. I recieved Methotrexate in June and didn't get a period for about 6-8 weeks. I was getting worried seeing as I wanted to start trying again. I finally got one and thought I could start trying again. Month after month I got my period regularly. I was getting very discouraged and finally after about 9 months got pregnant again. It got very stressful and every month I would start my period I would wonder am I ever going to get pregnant again. I am now in my 3rd month and have confirmed that everything is ok with this one. Its very stressful, but just remember you got pregnant once so you know you dont have a fertility problem. It just takes evryones body a little time to heal and bounce back. I hope I could help you.


jackie - May 18

I got an methotrexate inj. 4-13 and4-22 and I have not gotten a peroid yet, but I have been having intercourse I couldn't be pregnant?


lemi - May 18

i had an ectopic preg in february...and got a methotrexate shot.the doc asked me to wait fr 3 mnths b4;2 cycles.i got periods twice and 2-3 days back i ws done an hsg said that my tubes were clear(thank God). the doc gave me a green signal for ttc.hope it works!all the best to u all too!


heather - June 20

i had a metho.inj on Feb 2, 05 and got pregnant March 17, 2005 and all is good


Jami - June 21

I had a methotrexate injection in mid-march. I did not have a period in April, but I have had normal periods in both May and June. Despite my pre-ectopic pregnancy fertility (got pregnant the week of stopping "the pill") I have not been able to become pregnant again. I guess, in short, it just changes things in your body...for some people everything bounces back as before and for others it might take a little longer. Good Luck!


Carolina - June 28

Hi, Melissa! Yes, and I recieved the Methotrexate shot in April . I was told to wait one cycle after that before I tried to get pregnant again . I just took a pregnancy test and it's positive I am also worried . My doctor's appointment is next week.


Julie - July 10

Have you had a period since the methotrexate shot and DNC? Did you go to the doctor twice a week or weekly for a hcg test (to make sure the pregancy hormone is out of your body?) I actually had a DNC and lapascropy the end of May. On June 1, I had a shot of methotrexate. I got my period one month later (July 3). I did go to the doctor twice a week until the hcg hormone was out of my body. I am waiting three months before trying to conceive again.


CHANEL - July 20



Julie - July 21

Chanel, Make sure that your doctor does a HCG blood test at least once a week until the HCG is out of your system. And wait 3 months after the injection to conceive again. Good Luck!


tara - July 28

how fertile are you after a dnc? is it possible to get pregnant before you get your first period?


Kylie - August 1

I had a shot of the metho-trexate on May 24th and then I got my period exactly a month later on June 22nd. I then got pregnant again. I then got pregnant in the beginning of July when I was ovulating. I don't know if I waited long enough after I had the shot. I am almost 6 weeks pregnant now and I am really hoping everything will be okay with the baby.


Julie - August 1

Tara, Yes, you can get pregnant before getting a period after a DNC. I don't advise doing so though. Wait until you get a period and then try to conceive. I did that in May. I was trying to get pregnant before getting a period and it was a MESS! My doctor actually thought I was having a molar pregnancy because my hcgs were not going down. If I would have waited and been patient, I would of been able to try to conceive again in June but, now I have to wait until September because of the methotrexate shot I was given in June. Also now we are not sure if I had one or two miscarriages??? I miscarried in April my hcgs were way low and then in May they were high again but, then dropped again???? Maybe I did get pregnant again but, who knows cuz I didn't wait for a cycle. Also, not waiting a cycle opens yourself for infections. Just wait. Use protection!


Julie - August 1

Kylie, What does your doctor say?


Julie - August 1

Kylie: I had my methotrexate shot on June 1st. My doctor was very firm about using protection for three months. We have been very careful... no s_x during ovulation, condoms,etc. I do hope everything is ok. Talk to your doctor. My doctor was very adament about not getting pregnant within those 3 months. I hope the best for you. Good Luck!


Julie - August 1

Did anyone out there get pregnant within three months of having the methotrexate shot? If so, did you deliver a healthy baby?



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