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jannbond - March 12

Hello ladies! I'm going crazy here and I was hoping for at least someone to talk to if I can't find answers just yet. It's hard, because my fiance doesn't want me to be pregnant and so doesn't want to talk about it. I've had the Mirena IUD for 7 months (I have an 8 month old!) and have had a light period about every 28 days that lasts about 5-7 days. I skipped an entire period in February (which I know can happen on the Mirena) and since have had pregnancy syptoms: larger br___ts, nausea off and on, lower back pain, mood swings, acne only the month of Feb to now, severe headaches when I wake up, food cravings and aversions, advanced sense of smell and a few days this month of spotting old blood. I took tests about 11 days after I should've started my period, and I got two positives with Fact Plus, and what I thought might be a positive with Answer. When I went to the doctor, I tested negative on theirs so they wouldn't entertain an ultrasound. I had them draw blood and I get the results back later today. In the meantime, I'm wondering what's going on! How could I get two positives at home and then neg at the doctor? Is this all in my head? Is it the IUD causing all these symptoms? I don't think so, because this is the first time I've had all these since having it in. I'd love to hear from people this has happened to or who have the IUD in. The really weird thing too, is I'm not gaining weight. I'm staying right around where I've been, but my belly itself is getting bigger and rounder like when I was pregnant with my first. Pants that fit a week ago, don't fit now. And it's different from period bloat. My belly is getting firm. I'm worried about something else if I'm not pregnant. But has anyone else got positives at home and then negatives at the doctor only to find out they were pregnant? Help and thanks!!


emunah - March 12

That is indeed strange that you would get positives and then a negative. The only explanation I can come up with is perhaps when you took the test in the Dr's office, your urine was not inside your body for the time they recommend, so your urine was not concentrated enough to register a positive. Let us know once you receive your bloodwork back. Of course, if your symptoms persist, insist on an ultrasound. Good luck!


jannbond - March 12

to emunah: Thanks for replying! They called me and told me they just drew the +/- level and not the quantative levels. But it was negative. So I asked for an ultrasound because something weird is going on in there. Even if my body just doesn't want the IUD anymore. Still gotta wait for the doctor to call back with yes or no though. It's always so hard to wait! And the crazy thing is, I got ANOTHER positive with fact plus this morning. It was about six minutes in, though. Except that's still between the 2-10 minute time window they tell you about in the directions. So I'm not sure WHAT to think... I'm just hoping I can get an ultrasound so I can figure out what's going on. The doctor didn't want to give me one until Friday if symptoms persisted, but I'm asking for one earlier.


jannbond - March 12

I have an ultrasound scheduled for friday! The doctor started me on antibiotics in the meantime because he thinks it sounds like a urinary tract infection. I ordered those tests on-line that test as low as 20 hcg and got a VERY faint positive. I'm not even sure if it really was a positive, but I did see a really faint line. So something odd is going on here.! Can't wait until Friday to figure out for sure.


emunah - March 21

Just following up jannbond, what ever happened with your ultrasound?


jannbond - March 21

I didn't find anything out at all. She only looked at my ovaries and an overview of my uterus. She wasn't very friendly and I was afraid to ask her to look closer. I got my results back and it turns out they were only looking to see if my IUD was in place, which it was... Which isn't what they told me I was going about. I kept getting faint positives at home and a second negative blood test and urine test at the doctor. I took in my HPT to have them look at it and the nurse said she would read it as negative because the line was VERY VERY faint and thin. She said that the positive line for a + has to be as big as the horizontal line that's always on there. I'd never heard of that... But I guess I'm not pregnant and it's just my body going crazy on the IUD. I'm having it taken out Monday. Though I did do another pregnancy test this morning and it gave me ANOTHER thin line. But it was darker than the one that was on the test I took to the doctor (Fact Plus) and was Clearblue Easy. So... I don't know. But it wasn't a fat line, but a line. Still, I guess I'm not pregnant. Just crazy! :)


emunah - March 21

It really is strange that you should get the positives. I have had very faint lines with positives when I was pregnant. How long has it been since you haven't had a period? You must be going nuts with the uncertainty.


snugglybugglys - March 22

I got prengnant whith the Mirena, it was a chemical prengnacy, I had positives, then negetives, and a negetive US. I was reading somewhere that the secondary form of BC with the Mirena is to not allow a fertilized egg to implant. I'm getting mine removed...I was stupid and got it a second time.


jannbond - March 24

to emunah: It is definitely driving me crazy! I didn't have a period at all for February and March, but since I have the Mirena IUD and that can be normal, I don't know if I could go by that. I'm still getting symptoms, but it could be something else. I keep getting a dull throbbing in my lower right side around my pelvis too. I'm worried about ectopic, but the doctor doesn't seem to be. They gave me the ultrasound for that, but never told me what they saw, only that my IUD was in place.


jannbond - March 24

to snugglybugglys: I wonder if that's what happened to me then. I hope so. I'd rather it be chemical than ectopic! I'm getting mine out this Monday too, and I can hardly wait. It's just given me all kinds of off symptoms since I got it in. Including weight gain, though they try to tell you it doesn't. I gained 15 pounds with this thing and can't lose it no matter how well I eat.


snugglybugglys - March 26

hi jannbond...just wondering how your appt went? Did you get it out? My appt isn't until the 4th! I can't wait. I have all early preg. symptoms from this POS.


jannbond - March 27

to snugglybugglys: I just got it out earlier today, and it didn't even hurt. Afterward I took some tylenol and it took care of the slight cramps it gave me. They said I might bleed, but I haven't. I'm just glad to have it out.


mom23 - April 4

My husband and I are wanting to ttc. First things first, my IUD must come out. I went to the doc. last week to have it removed and the dr. couldn't find the strings. After lots of digging, ouch, and dilating the cervix she decided that the only way to get it out is through hysteroscopy. They do it outpatient at the hospital with me under anesthesia. (Thank goodness). Has anyone else had this done before? I am a bit nervous. Also, does anyone know how long before I can get pg., I am 42 and time is ticking fast. I know I used to get pg at the drop of a hat, but I am not sure it will work that way now bc of my age, but I am hoping.


snugglybugglys - April 5

hi mom23...well when I got prego the first time while on the Mirena, the dr removed it at my first appt, and had no problems, so I don't have anything to offer there. Anyway it ended up being a chemical pregnancy, and it took me about 3 months to get prego after that. I had very irregular periods after that...so I got on BCP for a month, to help regulate, and got prego 2 weeks after I got off the BCP. Good luck!



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