Mirena IUD Out Of Place Pregnant

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HeatherR - April 1

Okay, about a week ago I was cramping up, I had just recently stopped BFing my son and have had an IUD (Mirena) in for about 2 and a half yrs. I assumed it may have been my period comming back since I haven't had one for years (with the Mirena and BFing on top of it I figured I wouldnt). But I didn't get my period. I know Mirena can stop periods so thats not a major concern. But I was worried about why I was cramping and I checked my strings. They're longer and I think I feel the bottom of my IUD! Of corse I did this on friday, but only after I had been intimate with my husband. I also noticed I was ovulating....uh oh. So, What're the chances of getting pregnant with a displaced IUD and doing "it" while ovulating? I have a docs apt on wednesday, but that will only be 5 dpo so I wouldn't know if i was preg or not and if I am I don't want another IUD put in when they take this one out ( I already know its out of place). Any ideas? Should I reschedual my apt or just go and get it taken out and wait before I get a new one put in? Should I just not worry and issume its still doing its job? If for some reason I am preg I don't want to cause anything to happen to the baby, but if I'm not I don't want to become preg. Also, when do blood preg. tests pick up on HGC? Would 5 dpo be to early? (Thats what I'll be...) Thanks!!!


Curtrinalewis - September 30

You should check I cant tell you how many stories I have read about women who were pregnant with IUDs both the copper and Mirena. The number one reason for your IUD to be misplaced is a pregnancy. A blood test at the doctors office will probably turn up nothing if your not at least 2 weeks pregnant. The best thing to do is an sonogram. that whay you will knowfor sure and wont have to wait til your too far along to do anything about making sure the baby is okay if there is a baby. If there is there are tons of blogs, boards, websites, support groups etc. on the internet where your can get all your questions answered.



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