Mirena Pregnancy

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ladaniels - May 6

Thanks for that,Leealla!!I found out the baby is in the uterus where it should be,and dr. said if he couldn't see the strings to mirena,he'd leave it alone so he wouldn't disturb the baby.He saw no strings,so he said if it is still there somewhere,hopefully it will come out when I have the baby.There is a chance it fell out,which would be the best thing!I'm only 4 1/2 weeks,but I have faith and God wanted this baby to be here or I would not have gotten preggo,especially on mirena and nursing!LOL!!


NedaRenee - May 10

Hello all and thank you so much for sharing all of your experiences. I wish I found this site before i got my Mirena. I got my Mirena on 11/17/2010. But not for birth control. I'm 40 and I have 2 kids (21 and 10 yrs old) My cycles have always been heavy, but summer 2010 I began experiencing non-stop heavy bleeding. I was given Provera by pill form ( same type of hormone that is in the Mirena) for 10 days to stop the bleeding and it kinda worked. and then the bleeding got worse and I pa__sed out due to a loss of too much blood. I had to get a blood transfusion. one doctor said that I needed a hysterectomy immediately but other doctors said I was too young and that my hormones are just out of whack. They say I'm entering peri-menopause so Mirena would help balance the hormones AND help the heavy cycles I've had forever. As soon as I got the Mirena the crazy bleeding stopped. 2 weeks later I experienced excruciating lower back pain where I was unable to move even a little. The dr said oh no it couldn't be the Mirena. sigh... After the 1st 2 months the back pain got better but I've experienced all the other symptoms you have described except the metal taste in my mouth. The pregnancy symptoms started early. Breast milk actual came in! and I was like WTH? Now for the last week I've been having actual morning sickness =( My guy has had a vasectomy so I KNOW I'm not pregnant. But I'm uncomfortable, starving all the time, weight gain sucks, insomnia and migraines are horrible. When I eat I can only eat a little. and I didn;t even have morning sickness like this with either of my kids. I've decided to give Mirena at least until 11/2011 just becuase I finally have a decent period and I'm not bleeding all over the place. but Boyfriend is unhappy becuase he says I've changed. hardly any s_x drive and irritable...sigh. I tried to explain that its the IUD and of course that doesn't really make it better because his simple solution is "take it out". If I were to get a hysterectomy I'd STILL have to be on Hormone Replacement so fo now this is a better solution. Oh yeah I cant really reach/ find my strings but I know that It's still in there because I would start bleeding like crazy IMMEDIATELY if it wasn't. I wish you all luck... but there was someone who said it best earlier in this thread: We are women bron with intuition - you know whether this thing is right for you or not. Our bodies do not like foreign objects inside and I'm sure that most of our bodies are just in the process of trying to reject it. Bottom line these drs are just PRACTICING medicine - they have no friggin clue what this Mirena will and will not do. Hugz to all..


out of control concerns - May 10

i have had the mirena since feb. 2009. When i first got it, it was uncomfortable but as the year went through it was fine. Now a little over 2 years of having it I am having pregnancy signs like crazy. the main thing that is concerning me is the fact that I have been very moody lately. I have been crying so easily, I have also been so tired lately. it's like I dont get enough sleep. I have had a child already and she is 2 years (well 2 years and several months) but anyhow I am feeling the same way I felt when I was pregnent with her. The thing is I went to the doctors, they said my string looked fine, also that my urine test come back negative. I'm just so confused on how this can make me feel this way just within several weeks. I am cramping and constantly feeling like i'm gonna start my period. sometimes I just spot. Someone please help me try to understand this.


orangeburst7 - May 12

Ok so im on Mirena and I did read that the side effects are the same to being pregnant. Ive been feeling just the same as all of you are. Now I went into the Dr.s and got a test done but had to wait 3 days for the results. So I always would rather be on the safe side, and i took an at home test. 3 mins later i went to check the test and it came up negative. So i took one in the morning just to be safe (again), this time it read positive. I took another that night and it read positive. I just got word back from my dr. that they have checked my blood three times and all times have become positive. Though! they did tell me to go to the OBGYN for a second opinion. They said they wouldnt know for sure if it was the mirena causing the test to be a "false positive" or not. Has anyone else been in this situation? Im confused as to if im pregnant or not. Plus the waiting is killing me. ].[ HELP!


ladaniels - May 12

I went to the dr again today to be sure he could see/hear the baby's heartbeat,and he could!If the mirena is still in there,hopefully it will come out when I have the baby.Perhaps it has fallen out,which would be the best thing!To orangeburst7:there are rarley any false positives.I hope everything goes well for you!They had to do bloodtests on me to be sure the baby was not in the tubes and turns out it is not!Everything happens for a reason...


ama78 - June 29

I am reading a lot of different experiences and it is quite alarming i feel! I have had the mirena coil now since 2003 and I have never experienced any of the problems/side effects as seriously as mentioned here. Following the birth of my son in 2002 I was treated for endometriosis with injections to basically start and end menopause to restart my periods, as soon as this treatment ended my first mirena was implanted. I have experienced irregular spotting, sore b___bs, bloating, changes in mood and appet_te but all of these subside within a few days. I have found it to be a very effective way of managing endometriosis and I have it checked by my GP regularly as well as checking the strings myself. All I would say is that as soon as you think something is wrong please see your GP regardless of how minor/major you think it may be after all its your health, at least then you will know either way.


msniks - December 7

I had the mirena put in 5 yrs ago December 2007 and it is 5 yrs this month. I cont to have periods like regular for years. They just recently tapered off, but only to be replaced. For the last 3 months i have been feeling pregnancy type symptons including movement. I want to know if anyone else has had these symptoms and if it could be because it is almost itme for removal. Please advise


msniks - December 7

my mirena is due to be taken out this month and i am feeling symptoms of pregnancy as well. Even movement. I havent taken a test yet, i am scared, but plan to do so soon. One lady hear says she felt the same thing and she was 6 months along!!


jomurphy07 - January 10

I have had the mirena coil in for just over 4 years now and i haven't had a perois since it was put in. I am getting it removed next week. I wasn't active s_x wise since i got it put in. I now have a new boyfriend we have been together for a few months now. A few hours after s_x i bleed and get pains, and now i am starting to think i'm pregnant as i have all the symptoms but again as most of yous to scared to take the test.


NedaRenee - January 11

FYI - Just an update for you guys. On October 17, 2011 My Mirena FELL OUT. Well not all the way out, it got stuck in the v____al ca___l. I had to go to ER to have it removed. Right after I had ridiculous bleeding and by the time 2 months had gone by my Red Blood Cell levels had gone from 11.3 to 6.7 which is near death. 12 is the low side of normal. I'm scheduled for a hysterectomy in February and hopefully this will end all my bleeding nightmares...


ladaniels - January 11

Well,the dr.thinks the mirena fell out.I had my baby at a little over 39 weeks,on Dec. 29 and all is well.Just letting you all know that.I won't be getting a mirena again for sure!To NedaRenee:so glad you are ok;that sounds scary!


rebsett - January 24

Hi everyone. So i had Mirena put in, in about June 2011 and when i had it put it in it delayed my period but it still came relatively around the same time. It was not until last month or so that I am starting to get a little worried. Last month I had my period at around Dec 3rd or so but it only lasted a few days, but this month I am still waiting I had 2 days where there was little and i mean little but of spotting (not even a tampon worth) and I have been having some signs that may indicated that i am. I am extremely tired (even if i get a good nights sleep i am still falling asleep and not even noticing i am falling asleep ) My stomach is feeling harder like it did when i was pregnant with my son almost 2 years ago, Certain foods that have a smell make me a little nauseous and I am constantly peeing and have the sorest b___sts possible plus some pretty bad back pain. I have taken a pregnancy test already about 2 weeks ago but it came back negative i dont know what i should do, im not too sure if i should go to a clinic and get blood work done to find out or if i should go to the ER because from what i have read on here it can be very scary being pregnant with Mirena and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


paorodarte15 - March 3

this is so crazy! i have had my IUD for two years now i got it after i had my son and to be honest i have the metallic taste in my mouth and its so bad sometimes..and last week i did not want to get out of bed at all! all i wanted to do was sleep..i have cravings and i took a pregnancy test and it came back negative but i still didn't feel right about something so i took another one and it came back with the two positive lines but one was really faint but it came up so fast! im confused but happy if i am i just dont know how in the world that happened if im on the IUD...if anyone has gotten pregnant while on the IUD plz tell me what you know about what might have gone wrong..


Ashleyann17 - March 4

Hey I've read all of these comments and i'm only 16 years of age, and scared to death. I had s_x with my boyfriend mid december while i had been on the mirena for a few weeks, here's the symptoms for me: Bloating/some weight gain Increases appet_te Abdominal discomfort/cramps and pains Irritability/crying easily Nausea Tired all the time Metal like taste in my mouth Frequent urination Please let me know whats goin on considering I didn't start feeling this way till about 3 weeks ago. Its still going on too. [Hugs]


beanz - April 1

I have been searching for info on the Mirena since I have been having pregnancy symptoms the last few weeks. I know my body very well and when I was pregnant with my son I knew within weeks, before my period was even due. I have b___st tenderness, nausea, constipation, mood swings etc...most of the things I had with Lucas. I had the Mirena inserted as in May 2011 my period started and didnt stop for 5 months. In this time doctors found a cyst in my abdomen and when they eventually removed it they found lots of endometriosis. Apparently the Mirena is the best thing to stop my bleeding but besides regulating it, it hasnt stopped. I also just read on the Mirena site it should be avoided in women with unexplained bleeding. I have been to many doctors and specialists who cant give me any real direction or help. I have also been having colposcopys for abnormal cervical cells for about 2.5 yrs. Initially the b___st tenderness was mainly in one side, so given my history with scares of cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and hystermectomy...I just a__sumed the sore b___b was another female organ of mine trying to ship out. Now I'm beginning to worry I may indeed be pregnant. I have had a neg at home test but will go back to the dr tomorrow and try and get some answers. My dr was a PITA when dealing with him about my cysts so I'd love to go and demand he take the d__ned thing out. However my history complicates this as endometriosis, cysts and constant bleeding and immense pain will likely return if I'm not on some form of bc. I've tried the depo injection before and that was great except it took 2 years to wear off, the pill doesnt agree with me.... Does anyone know of anything else I can try? My dr's are fairly useless... please help


ChrissyP - April 23

I am loving this forum and all you amazing ladies out there sharing your stories so others can find comfort in their situation. Good on you. I have had a mirena for just over 4 years now. I just had a feeling like it was fading off and the strings were caught up so I scheduled to have a swap over. So that all went fine I thought till I got a call from my gynae who said he actually didn't take the old one out and just put a new one in. I was devestated to say the least and with every pinch of pain my mind just flooded with visions of how horrible it is to have two inside me. So apparently its fine (not sure if that was him trying to cover himself) and Im going back in tomorrow to have both taken out and another new one put in. Has anyone ever had this happen to them before or does anyone know of any potetial side affects of having two in there? Im so used to not having periods and cramps that all this is a bit overwhelming. I know its only been a week but im very protective and cautious of my body (as we all are) and want to make sure I know everything I can :) Thanks



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