Mirena Pregnancy

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mom2610 - May 22

I have had the Mirena IUD since May of 2007. I have been a single mom pretty much the entire time, and I really haven't slept around to know whether or not the thing was even effective until now...I've been seeing someone for a few months. I have not had the slightest sign of a period since August of 2007, but when the new guy and I started having s_x, there was a little bleeding, strange color....well, i guess three weeks ago we started having unprotected s_x because I have this birth control that is supposed to last FIVE years....Now, my b___bs hurt and I swear they are bigger, my back hurts, my stomach feels firm, and my pants are getting tight...after i just lost weight...I am soo paranoid....I just finished my bachelor's degree and landed a great job, and things are finally looking up. Another baby is the last thing I want/need right now. What should I do...I can't believe I am just now reading this stuff...


NavywifeMea - May 23

I check my email every day and get the notifications of new posts on here about the Mirena. I am about to be 23 in a month and I have a 3 year old daughter. I have had Mirena since Jan 2007. I have been having all the same things happening and not really worrying much about it. Take a test and go to the doctor. I currently don't have insurance so I can't go for the time being. I am planning on having the Mirena taken out since I have had some many complications with it. Wish everyone the best of luck!


Megs321 - June 23

I read at least 20 Mirena user comments and all said "I'm feeling symptoms of pregnancy." Most likely it is the side effect of Mirena. We shouldn't be worried, best bet is to take a Home Pregnancy Test and keep feeling for the string. The string that your partner gets poked at everytime you two have s_x. I have been a Mirena User for almost 4 years (since 02/06). I myself feel dizzy, nauseus, fatigue, sharp back pain, b___st tenderness, and etc. After reading the comments, it made me feel better that a lot of us Mirena users have these similar symptoms. I'm convinced I'm not pregnant anymore but of course it is safer to make sure. I have loved this IUD for the fact of having little to no period at all. If I am pregnant I guess it's God's choice.


catgirl - July 3

WOW...i'm glad i'm not the only one suffering. i've lately been going thru the worst of it, the feeling of being pregnant too. but that metallic taste is the worse. it got so bad i had to pop a piece of gum in my mouth, EVENTUALLY it went away after that lol. but now my biggest problem is my stomach growing as if i'm bloated from my period,cramps,gas,etc. i've had that mirena since 4/09 and never had it checked. the only reason why i got this thing, is because my periods were like i was bleeding gallons and gallons of blood and waste. so...this thing slowed that wayyyy down. i'm grateful for that, but all these side effects...it's just not worth it. :*(


Sophie78 - July 8

Thought I would share my story on here, seeing as many people seem to be having the same experience, but with no answers. I had the mirena in for just over a year, and found that instead of the side effects settling down, they got worse over that time. Towards the end my period stopped completely, I had a metallic taste in my mouth, swollen, very sore b___sts, extremely bloated (looked about five months pregnant), tired, intense nausea and I felt pregnant. I 'knew' I was pregnant, even though I wasn't - if that makes sense. Got through a whole load of home pregnancy tests! I read about a million of these forums to see how likely it was that I could get pregnant, and whether these symptoms were common. I know that the mirena works by thinning the womb lining and preventing implantation if an egg is fertilised, but I am wondering if conception can still take place, even though the fertilised egg doesn't implant in the womb. This could explain all the pregnancy 'symptoms'. Either way, I decided that the combinations of all of these symptoms with the knowledge that in the unlikely event of a pregnancy taking place, the outcome could be an ectopic pregnancy was just too much for me, and I had it removed. Was quick, painless and my body settled down very quickly. Unless you have some medical reason for keeping the mirena (heavy periods etc), if you are having these symptoms, I would recommend getting it taken out.


iris251 - July 8

i posted about two months ago that i though i was pregnant while on mirena, had all the symptoms and what not.well im not pregnant. but i decided that all these syptoms that everyone keeps having are not symptoms of pregnancy but rather symptoms of not having a period, mixed with your mind playing tricks on yourself. i mean, i had a ton of syptoms including, cramps, sore/swollen b___sts, nausia, fatigue bloating, and the metallic taste. but the day i took the pregnancy test all of my symptoms went away. so i think my mind was making my body do that. i hope this helps someone


kzp78 - July 19

I don't want to scare anyone, but after reading your posts I wanted to share. I had a Mirena IUD placed in February 2007 after the birth of my fourth child. I didn't have any complications with Mirena and was loving it. I hadn't had a period in over two years. In November 2009, I had light spotting for two days, my b___sts were extremely sore and I had frequent urination. My annual exam was coming up, and my husband and I decided to inquire about a tubal ligation because we were finished having children. On December 22, I had my annual exam and was extremely surprised to find out that I was 11 weeks pregnant with twins. I had the Mirena removed and had an uncomplicated full-term pregnancy. We welcomed our fifth and sixth children, London and Levi, on June 29, 2010-only two weeks early. Happy to report they are completely healthy!


christindestani - July 19

GIRL! You just had to go and freak me out! lolol No jus kidden but really congrats on your twins!!!! Glad that they are healthy but I am concerned because I go to get mine out on the 2 of august and I always feel pregnant so I don't know what they will find but as long as I get it out I will deal with whatever else! I just want to be myself again! I am truly happy that you had no complications! What a blessing!


click - July 21

I have had my Mirena in place since my miscarriage this time last year. I have 8 kids, the last three of which were born in 06, 07, 09. i have literally been pregnant since 05. When i got pregnant last mother's day and lost the baby a couple of months later, AND as it was my 1st miscarriage, i decided i didn't want to go thru that again. I will be 40 in december and i think 8 IS enough. well, i have been extremely tired and irritable, and i have been feeling bloated. i took a pregnancy test last month and it was negative. the test i took a few hours ago, however, was positive. i am planning to go to my doctor's office as sson as they open to have a test done there and if it is postive, have the device removed since i read that it is extremely dangerous to have the iud and be pregnant. after almost a year of mirena, this was the only month i didn't have a period. figures it is because i might be pregnant.


christindestani - July 21

Most say that if you get a positive result your are preggo's so good luck! And I know everything will work out for the best for you! I just cant wait to get my mirena out and live normally again!


click - July 21

well, i am definitely pregnant. they r guesstimating that i am at least 10 wks along. i have another appt on Monday. *sigh* I hope everything is okay.


christindestani - July 21

AW..Well I don't know if thats a sorry or a congrats! I'll just say both and you will be fine since you got it out so early! Great job for listening to your body! I know it's undesirable to be preggos again but when you look at your little baby in a few months it will be ok


christindestani - August 3

Hey ya'll, here's my update! I had mine removed yesterday 8/2/10! Yeayaya woooohooo! The removal ( mine had no strings and was too far up, so I had to have a procedure to get it out) wasnt too bad! It was only a 10 minute thing once they actually set me up. I had an IV and they gave me a sedative in the IV that didnt totally knock me out but I felt no pain. they inserted some sort of extra small camera (I didnt know this, it's just what they told me, I was close to knocked out) and went in v____ally and removed it. She showed it to me and I waited for about 15 minutes before they stuff wore down a bit before I left. It didnt hurt, I cramped and was a little sore and still a little sore now but nothing major. Lite bleeding right now and the nurse said I could do a 7 day cleanse to help clear out any toxins. I got yasmin birth control pill and I feel fine. I take the GNC multivitamin along with fish oil to keep my mind clear and B-12 (1500 strength) for energy. I feel grrreeeaaattt and I already lost 1 pound, prob water weight. I'll keep posted!


click - August 5

glad everything went well. the docs tell me that my mirena fell out because they couldn't find it during my physical exam or ultrasound. my due date is 03/22/11. my baby will be a year younger than my grandson. how crazy is that?!?


christindestani - August 5

That is crazy!!!!! Still congrats on number 9 is it? Wow girl you are a soldier!!!lol but really I know you will do great!!!!


DaeLynn - August 5

A couple of nights ago, the guy I'm dating casually told me, "I hope you aren't pregnant." I asked why and he said because he was a little late pulling out, but he didn't seem to mind. WELL I MIND!! I already have a daughter and she's 5 and if Mirena is supposed to be 99.9% effective and all these women are feeling these symptoms of pregnancy...I'm not likin this thing. It's already been 5 years for me and I'm supposed to change it out in October. I am not ready to have a child. I don't think I want another child. This is why I have this, but I'm getting some weird symptoms like I am pregnant and I'm afraid the chances are getting slimmer. Not what I signed up for.



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