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marcie - November 15

Ok here goes. My first question is if you have a misscariage is it possible to have only slight cramping? Not even as bad as a period. Also If you had a miscariage how long would you bleed afterward? The reason for my questions is this: I am 71/2 weeks pregnant. A week ago I started bleeding it was red but not even enough to fill a pad throughout a whole day. It lasted four days. i never noticed any clots (would they be noticable?) And never cramped very bad. After four days it stopped. This started after i had intercourse but my doctor told me my cervix didnt look fragile. I had blood test done and my sonogram is in a couple days. Doctor seemed to be in no rush seeing how I went in l;ast tuesday and he told me to come in this tuesday for my scan. I just am going crazy. One minute I am crying and trying to face the fact that my baby might not make it and the other i am sure its ok and looking at baby stuff. any advice from anyone would be greatly appreiciated. Please help!!


princes518 - November 16

I am haveing the same problems the docotrs dont seem to tell us much do they? Help!


wendy - November 16

I don't think you had a miscarriage. I had one 2 weeks ago at almost 8 weeks and it was very painful. I had no bleeding up until 1 week before the mis. I bled heavy during and up to 1 week after. During this miscarriage you will pa__s the sac and if you haven't had any clots then you haven't pa__sed anything. It took me 2 months to have the miscarriage and I went every 2 weeks for an ultra sound. It is not unusual for the Dr, to take it slow because they want to make sure. If there is no fetus then your miscarriage is on the way. I am sorry. Just relax and let it happen natually, that is what I did. Have them check your progesterone levels and HCG if these are low then you will most likely have the miscarriage. Everyone is different talk to your Dr. and let them know how you feel if you don't think they have your best interest in mind find another Dr. GOOD LUCK!!! God Bless...


Roberta - November 16

Hi Marcie, I can only share with you what I just went through myself. I was only 4 weeks pregnant and with no warning, began to bleed just as I wiped myself after urinating. It was a pinkish colour which eventually turned into a very bright red (the next day). I had no cramping whatsoever and pa__sed no blood clots (as of yet). I went for blood work today and it determined that my hormone level plummeted from 130 on November 11 to 20 on November 16. It was that fast. My doctor explained to me that plenty of women bleed in the first trimester and alot of the time, the baby is fine. Some of this bleeding is a complete mystery to physicians. To my knowledge, our bloodwork is the only way to determine whether or not the hormone levels are increasing at a "normal" rate. I hope all turns out well for you...........


Alison - November 16



Andrea - July 20

Hi! I miscarried at 8 weeks,and did not know it until I went to the doctor at 10 weeks to hear the heartbeat, and thats when I found out. I had cramping on and off for a couple of hours,but never bled. I had a DNC on January 3rd and I did not stop bleeding until March19th. I called the doctor many times about it and they said it was normal,but the put me back on the pill for 1 month to stop it and it did.



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